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Saint Raphael Catholic Church
5444 Hollister Ave., Santa Barbara, CA, 93111
Phone (805) 967-5641 Fax (805) 964-2988 Website: www.straphaelsb.org
Second Sunday of Advent — December 6, 2015
The Immaculate
of the
Virgin Mary
Tuesday, December 8
is a
Holy Day of Obligation
Mass Schedule:
8:00 am
6:00 pm
Msgr. Jon Majarucon
Associate Pastor
Rev. Lucio Juarez
Retired Priest
Rev. Frank Colborn
Dcn. Wayne Rascati
Dcn. Stephen Montross
Pastoral Associate
M. Noël Fuentes
Saturdays: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Monday through Friday: 8:00 am
Wednesday and Friday: 12:05 pm
Saturday: 5:30 pm Vigil
Sunday: (English) 7:30 am, 9:30 am,
11:00 am, 5:30 pm Life Teen Mass
(Español) 12:30 pm
Eucharistic Adoration
First Friday of every month for
24 hours, concluding with
St. Raphael School
160 St. Joseph St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2367
Michelle Limb, Principal
(805) 967-2115
Page Two
Saint Raphael Church
December 6, 2015
Mass Intentions
Pastor’s Corner
Greetings! It is already the Second week
of Advent. We remember that the
fullness of God’s love, grace and
presence is manifested in Jesus Christ.
We imitate this great love in a spirit of unselfishness,
generosity and good will to all people we meet this
season. Two great celebrations in which we honor Our
Lady are also just around the corner: Feast of the
Immaculate Conception (December 8), and Our Lady of
Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americas (December 12).
Our Lady, (Theotokus: the God-bearer), was a woman of
great courage and generosity. Knowing the hardship
she would have to endure, she chose to cooperate with
God’s will so that we might encounter Love Personified
in her only Son. Like Jesus, Mary, from the time of her
Conception, was NEVER separated from God. She was
always in a state of Grace. Her manifestation(s) through
Our Lady of Guadalupe demonstrates her love for all
peoples of different cultures, and languages. We are
encouraged to be like her son Jesus: always connected
to our Loving God. May Our Lady, Queen of the Angels
and Mother of the Son of God be with you and guide
you this week! Reconnect with God and Jesus through
the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist.
Msgr. Jon
Liturgical Ministries
Environment: Maria Cabrera 964-9485, Mary & James Lac
964-3592, Sharon Marshall 968-3420
Eucharistic Ministers : Mass: Marcia Greiten, 705-8924
To the Sick/Homebound: Call the Parish Office, 967-5641
Lectors: Charles Kriech, 967-8886
Music: Dorothy Turner 968-0683, Bob & Patty Burnham
569-5858, John Vasellina, 964-3466 x1
Sacristans: Marie Lundfelt 687-4313
Ushers: Parish Office
Eucharistic Ministry to the Sick — If someone is at
Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, a nursing home, or
homebound, and needs Eucharist brought to them,
please call the Parish Office at (805) 967-5641.
Anointing of the Sick — Anointing of the Sick is a
sacrament that is offered to those who may be seriously
ill or dying. Call the Parish Office at (805) 967-5641 and
one of the priests on duty will arrange a time to visit you
in your home, nursing home, or hospital.
Funeral Ministry — St. Raphael Parish Staff is here to
serve you, your family, and friends during this time of
planning. Contact the Parish Office at (805) 967-5641.
December 5-11, 2015
Dec 5 Sat Vigil
Dec 6 Sun
5:30 pm Rebecca Alvarado (D)
7:30 am Fredelito Igarta (D)
9:30 am Eucario & Maria Vazquez (D)
11:00 am Lauretta May (L)
12:30 pm Manuel, David y Celia Delgado
5:30 pm Our Parish Community
Dec 7 Mon
8:00 am Lucy McClintock (D)
Dec 8 Tues
8:00 am Terrie Kimbell (D)
12:05 pm Kovach Family (L)
6:00 pm Katherine Blahut (D)
Dec 9 Wed
8:00 am Antonia & Joe Castillo (D)
12:05 pm No Mass
Dec 10 Thurs
8:00 am Yesenia Mendez (L)
Dec 11 Fri
8:00 am Mary & Milton Prekker (D)
12:05 pm Juana Hernandez (L)
Financial Information
Parish Giving — Sign up for electronic giving! Safe and
secure! Visit our website: straphaelsb.org or call Jacqui
Leicht in the Parish Office, 967-5641 x101.
Property Improvements — If you would like to make an
extra donation to help us pay for parish projects, please
make the check payable to St. Raphael Church and on
the memo line put “Property Improvements” or “Prop
Imp”. Thank you for helping us keep our property in
good working order.
120th Anniversary Pictorial Directory —
We want you to be a part of this special
directory. Sign up now for your FREE 8x10
portrait. An easy way to sign up for your
photo session is through the link on our
Parish website (straphaelsb.org). Click on:
“Schedule Photo Session for Pictorial Directory” at the
top of the homepage. That will take you directly to the
sign-up link. Seniors and first responders receive a 20%
discount. Anyone who participates receives $10 off.
Donate canned food/funds and receive an additional $5
off. Sign up online at http://bit.ly/SRPortraits. For
assistance, call Debby Gerken: (805) 964-3824 or email:
debbygerken@gmail.com. Photos will be taken in Rm. B.
On The Cover — The Immaculate Conception with Saints.
Piero di Cosimo, circa 1505.
The work of art depicted is in the public domain. Commons.wikimedia.org.
Second Sunday of Advent
Help Needed
Attention: All Parishioners — The Lector Ministry
needs new members, especially for the Saturday Vigil,
and the 7:30 am and 11:00 am Sunday Masses. Training
will be provided. Call Charles at 967-8886. Thank you.
Ministry to the Sick Coordinator Needed — We need
someone to coordinate the Ministry to the Sick and
Homebound. It would involve tracking the ministers who
take Holy Communion and to whom they take it, one
meeting a year with Msgr. Jon, and any notice for the
bulletin when more ministers are needed. Call Noël
Fuentes at (805) 683-9090 x7.
Parish Community News
St. Raphael Parish Annual Christmas
Boutique and Marketplace — Today
(Sunday, December 6), from 8:00 am
to 2:00 pm. Children’s Shopping Corner,
Feed My Sheep, Santa Claus, Gift
Baskets, Bake Sale, Plant Sale, Raffle,
Silent Auction and a Vendors’ Marketplace!
Advent Evening with our new Bishop, Robert Barron!
An evening of reflection and prayer on Monday,
December 7, at 7:00 pm at San Roque Parish, 325
Argonne Circle, Santa Barbara. To be followed by
hospitality and a chance to meet our Santa Barbara
Regional Bishop. RSVP to lisa@sbpr.org or call
(805) 569-1135. Suggested donation is $10 per person.
FYI — San Roque Parish offers a 5:30 pm Liturgy for the
Vigil of the Immaculate Conception.
Parish Breakfast — Next Sunday, December 13, the
Knights of Columbus will be serving their “gourmet”
breakfast in the Parish Hall, 8:30 am until 11:00 am.
When accompanied by a parent purchasing and eating
breakfast in the Parish Hall, children ages 12 and under
will receive a free breakfast. Stop by for a free cup of
coffee. Whether you attend the Sunday morning Masses
or not, come enjoy scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes,
fruit cocktail, applesauce, fruit juice, coffee, tea or hot
chocolate — all for only $5. Take-out meals are available.
Proceeds are used to fund the charitable works of the
Knights of Columbus, Council 5300.
“The Gathering” — Widows, widowers, and other
singles are invited to play cards, board games, and other
fun activities on Sunday, December 13, from 12:30 pm
to 3:00 pm in the Parish Center, Room A/B.
Adult Bible Study —Wednesdays, 10:00 am, Room A/B,
Parish Center. Info: call Melissa (afternoons), 964-4570.
Page Three
Faith Formation
Adult Faith Formation (Holy Communion, Confirmation):
Noël Fuentes, 683-9090 x7
Bible Study: Melissa Colborn, 964-4570
Confirmation, Youth: John Vasellina, 964-3466 x1
Early Childhood Education: Cecilia Marks, 968-6008
Preschool: Jo Bittner, 967-4435
Religious Education (CCD):
English Coordinator: Karen Froelicher, 967-1641 x3
Bilingual Coordinator: Ana Cervantes, 967-1641 x4
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA): Noël Fuentes,
683-9090 x7
School: Principal, Michelle Limb, 967-2115
website: www.straphaelschoolsb.org.
Youth Ministry/LifeTeen: John Vasellina, 964-3466 x1,
Vocations, Parish Rep: John Switzer 967-8049
Altar Servers: Bruce Schumikowski, 964-4456 &
Karen Froelicher, 967-1641 x3
Bereavement: Noël Fuentes, 683-9090 x7
Children’s Liturgy of the Word: Nancy Panizzon, 964-5462
End of Life: Noël Fuentes, 683-9090 x7
Thank You! — St. Vincent de Paul Society thanks
everyone who donated food and turkeys/hams for
Thanksgiving. They were able to serve 144 families this
year due to your generosity!
Win a Beautiful Crèche! —
The Youth Ministry is having a
fundraiser raffle to help teens
cover expenses for various
activities. Tickets (only $5 each!)
will be on sale today at the Christmas Boutique.
Food and Toy Drive — St. Vincent de Paul will be
accepting donations of food and toys for the needy on
December 19-22: after Saturday evening Mass,
December 19 and all Masses Sunday, December 20 in the
vestibule of the church and Conference Room; Monday,
December 21, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Tuesday,
December 22, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm in the Conference
Room. There will be distribution of food and toys on
December 21 and 22. This is not open to the public and
is for pre-screened parishioners who are in need.
“Fifth Sunday” Collection (new date) — St. Vincent de
Paul will be having a “Fifth Sunday” Collection after all
Masses on Sunday, December 20.
New Year’s Eve Exposition and Benediction —
December 31, 9:00 pm to midnight. At midnight there
will be Benediction followed by a Rosary for Peace. Come
for the three hours or drop by to thank our Lord for his
blessings. A St. Raphael's tradition since 2000.
Page Four
Saint Raphael Church
Please Pray for the Sick of Our Parish
Judith Aguirre
Deb Altomare
Nick Altomare
Steve Armitage
Stan Barran
Theresa Baran
Arturo Barrios
Donald Benn
Betty Blinde
Kevin Boever
Al Borgaro
Bert Bradley
Fritz Cahill
Carolyn Calandro
Bella Caracheo
Irma Carrasco
David Carrell
Fr. Frank Colborn
Michael Contreras
Juanita Corona
Milagros Crisostomo
Mauricio Cuevas
Marge Dana
Gary Davila
Rocio de la Pena
Kelly Diebold
Irene Dorado
Pat Dzierski
Dennis Dziubek
Joan Easterbrook
Connie Every
Mary Faila
Juan M. Figueroa
Gracie Fisher
Roy Fong
Christian Franzen
Jessie Gonzales
Magdalena Graciano
Maria Elena
Bill Hensel
John Hensel
Roberto Hernandez
Joe Herring
Rocky Honer
George Hopping
Mary Hopping
Phyllis Hudson
Mell Hueston
Yolanda Jimenez
George Karg
Austin Joseph Keefe
John Kelley
June Kelley
Mrs. Charles Lundfelt
Ann Magenheimer
Kristin Mahon
Maria Martinez
Laurie May
Michael Mina
Adam Montross
Byron Montross
Sylvia Montross
Catherine Morris
Camille Moynihan
Roxanne Nomura
Jose Nungaray
Teo Nungaray
Mike Orozco
Lorena OrtizSchneider
Guadalupe Paz
Patricia Perez
Fr. Roy Persich
George Pinedo
Lucy Placencia
Patricia Polzin
Tom Puerling, Sr.
Terry Pugh
Lydia Ramirez
Jean Rich
Socorro Rivera
Delia Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez,
Salvador Roman
Maria Rosas
Donna Saar
Barbara Santos
Suzanne Saunders
David Schrader
Roy Schrader
Bill Shinn
John Sternot
Mildred Sternot
Connie Tafelski
Irene Tiegen
Dennis Tokumaru
Esther Tolis
Juan Valle
Ma. Del Carmen
Velasco R.
Bruce Wilroy
Kay Yuncker
Jose Ayala Zavala
If you need to add or remove immediate family from this list,
please contact the Parish Office: 967-5641.
Boy Scout Troop 105 & Cub Pack 105
Christmas Trees
November 28 — December 18
Monday thru Friday: Noon to 9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
St. Raphael Church Parking Lot
5444 Hollister Avenue
→ Certified Fire-proofing Available
→ Local Delivery Available
Present this coupon for 10% off your
entire purchase!
December 6, 2015
Sociable Seniors — Senior Luncheon will
be held December 16, at 12:30 pm with
Christmas entertainment. Info: Eleanor Keller,
The Senior Travelers —PCPA: Musical “Cinderella”.
December 9. $55 pp includes dinner. We need to be on
the bus at 10:30 am at St Raphael Church. Call Max at
American Queen Steamboat — Three-night BIG BAND
Cruise on the Lower Mississippi, plus one night (precruise) at The Riverside Hilton and two nights (postcruise) at the Park Hyatt Regency. Feb. 18-24. Includes
cabin, all meals, entertainment, some shore excursions
and more. Starts at $1,199 (interior cabin), pp double for
cruise AND hotel stay. Limited availability. Call Trip
Planner/Tour Escort Joan Magenheimer at 967-5444.
Leave name AND phone number. Itinerary, cabin prices,
and amenities list are available when you call.
Call Joan Magenheimer, 967-5444, for “Extended Trip”
Spirituality & Fellowship
Divine Mercy: Martha Avila 964-4945. Meets monthly (usually
3rd Tuesday of the month) at 7:00 pm, in the church.
Eucharistic Adoration/Exposition: Margaret Priest 967-7391
Healing of Families: Dcn. Stephen Montross 964-9152
Intercessory Prayer: Cecilia Marks 968-6008 (English), meets
Tuesday, 7:00 pm, in the church “crying room”.
Marina Rodriguez 722-8933 (Spanish), meets Monday,
6:45 pm, in the church “crying room”.
Operation Outreach: Beth Fairfield 964-7919
Praise and Worship: Barbara Flynn. Meets Wednesdays at
6:30 pm, in the Conference Rm.
Rosary & Divine Mercy Prayer Group: Meets Thursdays,
8:30 am, in the church “crying room”.
Rosary Makers: Janet Fanucci 886-9723
St. Joseph Men’s Prayer Group: Bob Marks 968-6008. Meets
Wednesdays, 6:30 pm, in the church.
St. Raphael Bowling League: Joanne Anderson, 967-8645 or
Eleanor Paulazzo, 968-5240
Sociable Seniors: Eleanor Palazzo 968-5240, Paul Robillard
The Gathering: Marie Mlodzik 967-4330
Service & Outreach
St. Vincent de Paul: 683-8535
Martha’s Ministry: Mary Penza 967-9609
Mary’s Meals: www.marysmealsusa.org
Parish Festival: Ed Leicht 681-0969, Glenn Schiferl 964-6013
Respect for Life: Rita Duley, 964-0121
Safeguard the Children: Msgr. Jon Majarucon 967-5641
Victims Assistance Ministry: Suzanne Healy (213) 637-7650
Second Sunday of Advent
St. Raphael School
Page Five
Saint Raphael Youth Ministry
From the Principal’s Desk
Leading Teens
Closer to Christ
Dear St. Raphael School Families and Friends,
Welcome to the beautiful season of Advent and the
beginning of the Church's liturgical year. The word
Advent means "coming." During Advent we recall the
history of God's people and reflect on how the
prophecies and promises of the Old Testament were
fulfilled. This is the time, just like during Lent, when we
prepare for Jesus' coming. It is my hope and prayer that
this will be a time of reflective preparation for us all.
The Scholastic Book Fair begins this week. All week long,
students, parents and friends can enjoy our Book Fair.
The biggest day of the week is on Thursday,
December 10, in the morning - "Dads and Donuts Day!"
There are books for people of all ages, and many books
make wonderful Christmas presents. Teachers will also
have their "wish lists" at the Book Fair.
Our annual school Christmas program is on Thursday,
December 17 at 6:00 pm in the church. You will want to
mark your calendars for this beautiful celebration. The
title of the show is "Shepherds, Sheep and a Savior."
Important Dates:
December 7-11: Scholastic Book Fair on Campus
December 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
School Mass at 10:00
December 9: Staff Luncheon
December 10: School Celebrates Las Posadas at 1:00
December 14: Jeans for Jesus
December 17: Christmas Program at 6:00 pm
December 18: Noon Dismissal for Christmas Vacation
In Mary’s Love,
Ms. Michelle Limb, Principal
Protecting Our Children
Shop safely this Christmas. If you let your kids go to
the mall by themselves to buy Christmas presents, you
should talk to them about potential dangers they need
to guard against. Christmas is the busiest time of year
for commercial retail, which means that malls and
shopping centers will be more crowded, and younger
kids and teens who are alone may be a target for
kidnappers and other dangers. Talk to your children
about being aware of their surroundings, and where to
go for help. Be in contact with them while they’re
shopping, and have a check-in place and time set if
you’re splitting up. For more information please visit:
High School Life Night: 5:30 pm Teen Mass and then
Life Night. For information on any of the teen programs,
contact: John 964-3466 x1 or Shanelle 964-3466 x2.
For teens interested in getting Baptized
and/or making First Communion:
We have a special sacrament class just for teens. This is
for all teens in 7th grade and older. Call John at
964-3466 x1 for more information or with questions.
♦ College-age Ministry (ages 18-24). All college-age
are welcome. Call 964-3466 x2 and ask for Christie.
Angie Toyama/Terry Strickler Fund — The "Angie
Toyama/Terry Strickler Fund" supports the LIFETEEN®
program at St. Raphael. It helps provide financial
assistance to teens for costs of the different camps and
conferences. Donations can be made to St. Raphael
Youth Ministry with “Angie Toyama” or “Terry Strickler”
on the memo line. Drop off donations at the Parish
Office, or mail to St. Raphael Church. Thank you!
Our Catholic Faith
Did You Know … That the Catholic Church is the
largest re-settler of refugees in the country? That U.S.based Catholic Relief Services serves nearly 100 million
people in need in 93 countries? That the Society of St.
Vincent de Paul serves over 14 million people in need in
the United States each year?
Live your faith. Share your faith. Participate.
Excerpted from an article by Dennis H. Holtschneider, published in the
November 2, 2015 issue of America.
Virgin of Guadalupe...
Teach us to cherish and to care
for family and friends until God
calls them home. Help us never
to see others as burdens.
Inspire us all to bring our faith
into public life, to speak for those
who have no voice.
We ask this in the name of your
Son, Jesus Christ, who is Love and
Mercy itself. Amen.
Page Six
Saint Raphael Church
December 6, 2015
Parish Office and Catholic Community News
Parish Staff and Temporary Office Hours:
Sat. & Sun.: CLOSED. Also CLOSED during lunch
hour on Tues. and Fri., 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Mon., Wed., Thurs.: 8:30 am to 7:30 pm
Tues.: 8:30 am to 11:30 am and 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Fri.: 8:30 am to 11:30 am and 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm
After hours emergency pager: 897-6371.
Bulletin Submissions — Please submit items no later
than Friday, at Noon, nine days prior to the intended
Sunday bulletin. Parish organizations have priority. Items
must be emailed or typed clearly on paper. No phonein announcements please. Announcements may be
edited for space. Email: raphstgo@yahoo.com.
Parish Information
Bulletin: Deborah Correio, hermitagegal@yahoo.com
Business Manager: Noël Fuentes, 683-9090 x7
Finance/Accounting: Jacqui Leicht 967-5641 x101
Finance Council: Ed Leicht—Chairman 681-0969, Robert
Zaida, Joe Salcedo, Andrew Ochsner, John Hoenigman
Online Giving: Jacqui Leicht 967-5641 x101; internet: https://
Parish Council: Pat Pigatti—Chairman 685-8794,
Lee Alfano, Susana Almazon, Kelly Almeroth, Jeff Barkhorn,
Stephanie Carlyle, Mario Coronado, Maureen Dougherty,
Cindy Hagon, Jesus Lopez, Christie Rojo, Bruce
Schumikowski, Linda Varesio, Craig Wines
Reception: Maria Romero 967-5641 x100
Website: Deborah Correio, hermitagegal@yahoo.com
~ Calendar Highlights This Week ~
Christmas Tree Sales: Mon-Fri: Noon to 9:00 pm and
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday, December 6
Christmas Boutique, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Parish Hall
Monday, December 7
Guadalupanos, 7:00 pm, St. Joseph's Room
Tuesday, December 8
Holy Day of Obligation (see bulletin cover for details)
Escuela de Evangelizacion, 7:00 pm, PC, MP Room
Wednesday, December 9
Adult Bible Study, 10:00 am, PC, Rm. A/B
Friday, December 11
Grupo de Oracíon, 7:00 pm, Conference Rm.
Saturday, December 12
Our Lady of Guadalupe: 5:30 am Mañanitas; 6:00 am
Mass followed reception in the Parish Hall
Sunday, December 13
Parish Breakfast, 8:30 am to 11:00 am, Parish Hall
“The Gathering”, 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm, PC, Rm. A/B
In Our Community
24-Hour Help Line/Crisis Intervention: 692-4011 or
(800) 400-1572
Always Our Children: Support group for parents of LGBTQ
children, Joe & Kathie Schneider 687-4338
Catholic Charities Santa Barbara: 965-7045
Community Counseling Center: 962-3363
Engaged Encounter: http://www.ceeofla.org
Hospice of Santa Barbara: 563-8820
Jail Ministry (Restorative Justice): Michael Ledisa
(213) 705-5510
Knights of Columbus:
Grand Knight: John Kirk 967-5996
4th Degree: Ed Barrier 886-0190
Marriage Encounter: Jeanine and Russ Walker 648-4244
Medical Network: Supporting unplanned preganancies,
Rachael’s Vineyard: Post-abortion support for women and
men (866) 272-2435
Rescue Mission: 966-1316
St. Vincent de Paul Society: 683-8535
Santa Barbara Pastoral Region Office: Bishop Robert Barron,
Boy Scouts: Glenn Schiferl, 964-6013,
Cub Scouts: Ryan Eardley, 651-9629
Girl Scouts: Stephanie Carlyle 968-6505, Jame Flint 962-6395
Venture Crew: Joe Bauer, 967-2211
Visiting Nurse and Hospice: 965-5555
Wider Catholic Community
26th Annual National Night of “Prayer for Life” —
Tuesday, December 8 at 8:00 pm (immediately after
7:00 pm Mass) to midnight at Holy Cross Catholic
Church, 1740 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara. Eucharistic
Adoration, Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Prayers
of Reparation.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter — The next WWME
weekend is February 26-28 at the Best Western Canoga
Park. www.twocanlove.org, or contact Jeanine and Russ
Walker at (805) 648-4244.
Bishop Diego High School — Schedule a “Shadow Day”
for your student or learn more about Bishop Diego at a
Parent Information Night. Details can be found at the
website www.bishopdiego.org. For additional info.,
please contact Lori Willis, Director of Admission, at
(805) 967-1266, ext. 118 or lwillis@bishopdiego.org.
In Need of Help?
Call St. Vincent de Paul 683-8535.
Segundo Domingo de Adviento
La Iglesia de San Rafael
Pagina Siete
Noticias de la Parroquia
Vístete de Gozo
Hoy Baruc nos habla del esplendor que se acerca para la
ciudad de Jerusalén y para todos nosotros, sea donde
fuere nuestro hogar. Despójate de conflictos, nos dice, y
vístete de gozo. Como una vieja cobija favorita, el gozo
nos queda a la medida, y qué bien nos mantiene
calientes, por muy frío que sople el viento.
Pablo sabe de ese gozo cuando escribe su carta a los
filipenses, orando para que crezcan en su habilidad de
discernir lo que es bueno y justo. Y Lucas nos habla de
Juan, el que fue anunciado por Isaías y que canta una
canción parecida: “Preparen el camino del Señor” pues la
salvación está al llegar.
Hombre adelantado a su época, Baruc se pasó la vida
alegremente esperando una gloria lejana. En este
segundo Domingo de Adviento, Pablo y Juan saben que
esta gloria se acerca.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Lecturas De Hoy
Primera lectura — Sube a la altura, Jerusalén;
contempla a tus hijos gozosos porque Dios se acordó de
ellos. Un Dios misericordioso y justo guía a Israel con
alegría (Baruc 5:1-9).
Salmo — Grandes cosas has hecho por nosotros, Señor
(Salmo 126 [125]).
Segunda Lectura — Que su amor siga creciendo más y
más y se traduzca en un mayor conocimiento y
discernimiento de lo que vale la pena para que lleguen
irreprochables al día de Cristo (Filipenses 1:4-6, 8-11).
Evangelio — Juan proclama un bautismo de
arrepentimiento para el perdón de los pecados. Todos
podrán ver la salvación de Dios (Lucas 3:1-6).
Salmo responsorial: Leccionario I © 1976, Comisión Episcopal de Pastoral
Litúrgica de la Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano. Usado con permiso. Todos
los derechos reservados.
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe — sábado, 12
diciembre. 5:30 am: Mañanitas; 6:00 am: Misa.
Directorio Pictórico de la Parroquia — “Lifetouch”
tomara las fotografías en nuestra localidad.
En su sesión de una hora, usted podrá:
registrarse; ser fotografiado
profesionalmente; ver sus retratos
fotográficos inmediatamente; contar con la
oportunidad para comprar fotografías
adicionales. Cada familia recibirá por su participación un
retrato en tamaño 8x10 y un directorio de cortesía. Para
mas información: llame la oficina de Parroquia, 967-5641.
Información Parroquial
Escuela de Evangelización (EDE): Sergio Lopez, 569-8726,
Andres Flores, 683-0389
Guadalupanos: Carlos Valenzuela, 680-5990
Comite de Liderazgo Hispano: Jesus Lopez, 895-4099
Ministros de la Eucaristía: Misa: Carlos Sanchez, 570-1838, y
Estela Santos, 683-6542
Para Los Enfermos: Carlos Sanchez, 570-1838 y Anna
Lopez, 689-5087
Liturgia Dominical Para Niños: Ester Lopez, 895-4099
Ujieres/Hospitalidad: Bernardo Lule, 964-9194
Grupo de Oración: Jesús Lopez, 895-4099
Horas de Oficina (horario temporal) —
lunes, miércoles y jueves: 8:30 am a 7:30 pm
martes: 8:30 am a 11:30 am y 12:30 pm a 7:30 pm
viernes: 8:30 am a 11:30 am y 12:30 pm a 5:00 pm
sábado y domingo: CERRADO
Formación en la Fe — La Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles
a través del Instituto de Pastoral y Evangelización
(IPE), un programa de formación en la fe de tres años,
ofrece clases mensuales de un fin de semana al mes en
el área de espiritualidad, teología, pastoral y formación
humana. La sede de reuniones es en la Parroquia de
San Rafael. Para más información: Sergio López
(805) 689-5087 (sergiolopez@cox.net) y Ana López
(805) 895-2027 (anallopez@cox.net).
Protegiendo a Los Niños
Consejos de seguridad para ir de compras esta
Navidad. Si deja que sus hijos vayan al centro
comercial (mall) ellos solos para comprar regalos
navideños, usted debe hablar con ellos sobre los
peligros potenciales de los que ellos deben
resguardarse. La navidad es la temporada más ocupada
del año para las tiendas, lo que significa que los
centros comerciales estarán más llenos y los niños más
pequeños y los adolescentes que estén solos podrían
ser un objetivo para secuestros u otro tipo de peligros.
Platique con sus hijos sobre estar alertas de sus
alrededores, y donde ir para recibir ayuda. Permanezca
en contacto con ellos mientras estén de compras y
tenga un lugar y una hora fija donde deben ir a
reportarse si usted se separa de ellos. Para más
información, por favor visite http://
¿Necesita Ayuda?
Recuerde llamar al 683-8535, San Vicente de Paul.