October 19, 2014 - Saint Mary Cathedral

Saint Mary Cathedral, Austin, Texas
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Weekly Calendar
7:00pm... Austin Rosary Crusade, Bishops
6:00pm... Rite of Christian Initiation of
Adults (RCIA), Donahue Cafeteria
Dear Parishioners,
The initial phase of our Capital Campaign is off to a great start. Over the
past month, we have recruited volunteers and produced our case statement.
Over the next two weeks, we will continue recruiting chairs and volunteers
to help with the campaign. Please consider working as a campaign chair or
volunteer when asked. If you have not been asked, please offer to
volunteer. To reach our goal, we will need the help of the entire parish.
If you are interested in volunteering on the campaign, please contact Ric
Rodríguez at Rrodriguez@steiergroup.com or call the Cathedral office at
God Bless,
Fr. Albert
8:30am... CSSM Mass, Cathedral
12:00pm. CFF Independent Studies Class
5:30 pm.. Confessions for Legatus, Austin
Chapter, Cathedral
5:30pm... PTC Officer Meeting, School
Upstairs Conference Room
6:00pm... Mass for Legatus, Austin Chapter,
6:00pm... Schola Rehearsal, Bishops Hall
7:00pm... St. Augustine Choir Rehearsal,
6:30pm…Legion of Mary, Library
7:00pm... Catholic Scripture Study, Bishops
7:30pm... Rite of Christian Initiation of
Adults in Spanish, Library
5:00pm... Wedding Rehearsal, Cathedral
6:00pm... Wedding Rehearsal, Cathedral
6:30pm…Spanish Choir Rehearsal, Sheehan
Queridos feligreses,
CSSM Fall Festival Set-Up
La fase inicial de la campaña de recaudación de fondos ha comenzado
con gran éxito. En el mes pasado, hemos logrado reclutar la asistencia de
varios voluntarios y terminar la declaración de detalles de la campaña.
1:00pm... Divine Mercy Cenacle, Library
2:00pm... Wedding, Cathedral
7:30pm…Wedding, Cathedral
Esta semana y la próxima, vamos a seguir reclutando la asistencia de
varios líderes y voluntarios para ayudar con la campaña. Por favor
considere servir como líder de uno de los comités o ser voluntario cuando
se le pregunte. Si no le hemos pedido, por favor considere ser voluntario.
Para llegar a nuestra meta, necesitamos la ayuda de todos en la parroquia.
CSSM Fall Festival
Si usted está interesado en ayudarnos con en la campaña, por favor
póngase en contacto con el señor Ricardo Rodríguez por correo
electrónico a Rrodriguez@steiergroup.com o llame a la oficina de la
Catedral 512-476-6182.
8:00am…Sunday Breakfast (PTC), Bishops
10:45am.. CFF Classes, Classrooms
3:00pm... Domingo de Comunidad, TBD
4:30pm... Latin Mass Community Coffee,
Dios los bendiga,
Padre Albert
Rose Window Sun-Catcher
Ornaments are available for $30 (sales tax
included). Purchase them during the week in
the Cathedral Office or weekends in the Ave
Maria Gift Shop.
Follow Us:
Twitter: @StMaryCathedral
Facebook: Saint Mary Cathedral
Daylight Savings Time ends
Sunday, November 2.
Remember to set your
clocks back one hour.
October 19, 2014
Please pray for:
S. Alcala, Jesus Alvarado, Sofia Alvarez, Ryan Arredondo, Hang Au, Baltierra Family, Aaron
Carroll, Kathy Casarez, Sofia De Luque, Amanda Farmer, Ramon Galindo, Glenn Gardner,
Carmen Gonzales, Rhonda Hernandez, Mary Latal, Ledesma Family, Feliza Lewter, Javier
Limones, Beverly Longoria, Juan Lujan, San Juanita Martinez, Consuelo Medina, Raymundo
Medina, Stephanie Merenda, JoAnn Pridgen, James Roberts, Jorge Rodriguez, Sr., Loerine
Smart, Belen Sullivan, Bill Tarpley, R. Joseph Terra, Nina Thies, Jesse Vielma, Thomas
Walker, Carol Young
Please pray for our honored loved in the military:
1 LT Kyra Barone
Capt. Mary E. Boyle
1LT Cory Houck
HN2 Jinuel Jehlen
HM3 Joseph Jehlen
1LT Patrick Kuiper
PVT Christopher Madere
Capt. Thomas H. Marrs
Capt. David McGuire
Capt. Lawrence McNamara
Capt. Chris Morrow
Ensign Evan Moses
LT Shane Moses
Lance Corporal Eric E. Muñoz
2LT Nicholas
Spec. Philip Rivera
Capt. Sean Snook
LT Ladd Spears, USN
Sgt. William Speer
Spec 4 Chris Trevino
Christopher Ty Trevino
CPL Rory J. Vielma
and for those who have died
Today is World Mission Sunday! We are invited today to reach out and
help build the Church in Mongolia, the world’s youngest Catholic Church, as
well as local churches throughout the Missions, in the most remote areas
across our world. Your prayers and generous gift to the Society for the
Propagation of the Faith help the work of priests, religious and lay leaders in
Mongolia and throughout the Missions who offer the poor practical help and
the experience of God’s love and mercy, His hope and peace. Please keep
the Missions in your daily prayers. Please be as generous as you can. For
more information, please visit www.IAmAMissionary.org.
¡Hoy es el Domingo Mundial de las Misiones! Se nos invita ayudar a
construir la Iglesia en Mongolia, la iglesia católica más joven del mundo, así
como a iglesias locales en las zonas más remotas de nuestro mundo. Sus
oraciones y donaciones en la colecta hoy para la Sociedad para la Propagación de la Fe, ayudarán a los sacerdotes, religiosos y líderes laicos en Mongolia y en todas las misiones, quienes ofrecen a los pobres ayuda práctica y
la experiencia del amor y la misericordia de Dios, su esperanza y su paz. Por
favor, rece diariamente por las misiones y tenga un corazón generoso para la
colecta. Para obtener más información, visite www.IAmAMissionary.org.
All Saints Day
Saturday, November 1, 2014, is not a holy day of obligation in the
Diocese of Austin. The Cathedral will observe the regular Saturday
Mass schedule, and the Solemnity of All Saints will be celebrated at the
12:05pm Mass.
El sábado, 1 de noviembre no es día de obligación este año en el
diocese de Austin. La Solemnidad para el Día de Los Santos será
celebrada en la misa de 12:05 p.m.
Marian Mornings: Saturday, November 1, and the First
Saturday of every month. The morning begins with Holy Hour in
the Cathedral at 8:00am. All are invited.
Mass Intentions
Monday, October 20
6:30pm………………………Pat Myers†
12:05pm…………………Jeano Porfirio†
Tuesday, October 21
6:30am………………….Billie Johnston†
12:05pm……….Martin Esteban Aleman†
Wednesday, October 22
6:30am…………………..Madere Family
8:30am………………………Ann DeLee
12:05pm………………….Joseph Gieske
Thursday, October 23
6:30am…………………..Madere Family
12:05pm……...Msgr. Harry Mazurkiecz†
Friday, October 24
6:30am…………………...Therese Miller
12:05pm……………Rev. Walter Matus†
Saturday, October 25
12:05pm……………………..Petra Jalifi†
5:30pm……………….Martha W. Lewis†
Sunday, October 26
8:00am…….Msgr. Harry Mazurkiewicz†
9:30am ………………..Rev. Walter Matus†
12:00pm…………Cathedral Parishioners
1:45pm……..Maria Madalena Sinh Tran†
3:30pm………………………Carlos Gort
5:30pm…………………………Ann Fayad†
Stewardship of Treasure
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Each year at tax time, we conscientiously
give “to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”
Does my stewardship indicate that I am as faithful
about giving “to God what belongs to God”?
Budgeted amount needed each week $23,500
Week ending October 12, 2014
Actual Collection……………………$13.219
Second Collection…………………...$ 3,350
Cathedral Restoration Debt Reduction
FY 2014 Year to Date Budget……….$352,500
FY 2014 Actual Collection…………$303,358
Over/(Under)……………………….($ 49,142)
Debt Balance as of 7/1/2014………..$821,383
Mass Attendance………………………..1,425
In Thanksgiving from the Madere Family
from September 21-October 25, 2014
Sanctuary Candles are available for those who would like to
honor their loved ones. Contact the Cathedral Office for
more information: 512-476-6182.
(October 25-26, 2014) will be for
Cathedral School of Saint Mary
Thank you for your generosity!
Saint Mary Cathedral, Austin, Texas
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
More Cathedral News
WELCOME, NEIGHBOR! Foundation Communities helps
provide affordable housing to individuals and families. They
have built a new 135-unit housing facility, Capital Studios, at
11th and Trinity. We invite you to help us welcome these new
neighbors into our neighborhood by providing some of their basic
needs which will be included in a welcome basket, sponsored by
St. Vincent de Paul of Saint Mary Cathedral in a cooperative
mission with First United Methodist Church; St. David’s
Episcopal Church; Central Presbyterian Church; First Baptist
Church and St. Martin’s Lutheran Church.
Clases de Bautismo en español para los
padres y padrinos se ofrece el segundo
sábado de cada mes a las 9:00 de la
mañana. Las clase dina toman tres horas.
Para mas información, visite el sitio web en
Containers with paper strips listing needed item(s) (shampoo,
conditioner, bar soap, toilet paper, bathroom plunger, toothpaste,
toothbrush and deodorant) are available in the narthex. Please
select a paper strip from containers and return your item(s) to
the box in the Bishop’s Hall marked “WELCOME NEIGHBOR”
by Oct. 26, 2014.
Diocesan Guidelines for baptizing a child:
 If the PARENTS are not members of the Cathedral, a
letter from the parish in which the parents reside or are
registered must be presented, giving permission for the
child to be baptized at Saint Mary Cathedral. This must
be done prior to registration for Baptism.
 Copy of the state birth certificate or hospital birth
certificate for the child being baptized.
 Single godparents must be practicing Catholics living
according to the norms of the Church.
 All married godparents must be married by the Catholic
 Parents and godparents must attend a Baptismal class
prior to the Baptism. If the class is taken in another
parish, proof of attendance must be presented.
 Godparents must have received all the Sacraments of
Initiation: Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.
 All Baptism documents must be received in the office
before a Baptism date can be set.
Together in God’s Love: Catholic marriage preparation
program will be offered in November. This four-part series
presents an overview of the Church’s teachings on the
sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Couples will explore the
sanctity of marriage within the four key aspects of faith,
communication, sexuality and stewardship. Sessions will be
held Sunday: Nov. 2, 9, 16, and 23, from 6:45-8:30pm, in the
Bishops Hall. The registration fee is $90 per couple. To
register, contact John Paul Perales at 512-476-6182 or go
online at www.smcaustin.org to obtain a registration form.
Ethics in Ministry
All parishioners who desire to minister within the Diocese of
Austin are required to complete an EIM Application available
online at: http://www.austindiocese.org/offices-ministries/offices/
Dates for Basic Ethics in Ministry Courses available online.
Requisitos de la Diócesis para bautizar a un bebe:
 Si los PADRES no son miembros de la Catedral,
necesitaran presentar una carta de la Parroquia a la que
pertenezcan, ya sea por residencia o donde se encuentren
registrados, dando permiso para bautizar al bebe aquí en
la Catedral. Esto se requiere antes de registrarse para
 Copia del acta de nacimiento del Estado del niño(a)
 Padrinos/Madrinas solteros(as) deben ser Católicos
practicantes viviendo según las normas de la Iglesia.
 Todos los padrinos casados deben estar casados por la
Iglesia Católica. Se deberá presentar una copia del acta
de matrimonio por la Iglesia.
 Padres y Padrinos, deberán atender la clase de Bautismo
antes de bautizar. Si la toman en otra parroquia, se
requiere presenten comprobante de atendencia.
 Padrinos tienen que haber recibido todos los Sacramentos
de iniciación: Bautizo, 1ª Comunión y Confirmación.
 Antes de que la fecha del Bautismo se pueda fijar, la
oficina necesitará obtener el paquete completo
satisfaciendo todos los requisitos.
Ethics in Ministry Refresher Courses—Sign up online at http://
11:00 AM to Noon
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
*St John Vianney Parish,
Round Rock
*St John Vianney Parish,
Round Rock
St Julia Parish, Austin
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Parish, Austin
St Louis Parish, Austin
Baptism classes for parents and godparents
are held in English each month on the first
weekend of the month at 9:00am. The
course is three hours long. For more
information, visit the website at
*Workshop to be held at new facilities at 8 Lake Drive,
Round Rock.
October 19, 2014
Natacha Wagner
npdubya@gmail.com, and
Robyn Diaz ryoung6@gmail.com
Jeanne Crawford
Oct. 18-19, 2014
Saturday 5:30pm Vigil
Check the Lector’s Google
Document Schedule for the
most current Lector Schedule.
Coordinator: Rudy Gonzales
Saturday 5:30pm Vigil
Gary Porfirio (Head Usher)
Sunday 8:00am
Jesse Vielma ( Head Usher)
Sunday 9:30am
Rudy Gonzales (Head Usher)
Sunday 12:00pm
Fernando Cortez (Head Usher)
A.J. Jalifi
Sunday 1:45pm (Spanish)
Jesse Alvarado (Head Usher)
Sunday 3:30pm Latin Mass
Ed Check (Head Usher)
Sunday 5:30pm
George Hindman (Head Usher)
H2—Joseph Bolot
C1—Steve Tomaino
C2—Brian Trinque
C3—Donna Morris
C4—Jim Morris
Sunday 8:00am
H2—Margaret Myers
C1—Steve Dickman
C2—Ken Craig
Sunday 9:30am
H3—Rudy Gonzales
H4—Ali McGraw
C1—Lee Smith
C2—Mike Nicklaus
C3—Alex Pong
C4—John Posey
Sunday 12:00pm
H3—Rosy Jalifi
H4—Jose Poutou
H5 Choir—R. Walker
C1—H. Crawford
C2—L.J. Smith
C3—Rachel Cortez
C4—J. Crawford
Sunday 1:45pm
Altar Servers
Joseph Bolot
Ministry News
H2—C. G. Sanchez
C1—Claudia Martinez
C2—J. Alvarado
Sunday 5:30pm
H2—Denise Spangler
H3 ChoirC1—Marsha Mitchell
C2—F. Fuentes
Oct. 25-26, 2014
Saturday 5:30pm Vigil
H2—Donna Morris
C1—Jim Morris
C2—Joseph Bolot
C3—Ali McGraw
C4—Judith Constantin
Sunday 8:00am
H2—Sulema Vielma
C1—Steve Dickman
C2—Margaret Myers
Sunday 9:30am
H3—John Posey
H4—Jaga Murphy
C1—Mike Nicklaus
C2—Rudy Gonzales
C3—Elda Arellano
C4—Bob Baker
Sunday 12:00pm
H3—Philip Williams
H4—Jose Poutou
H5 Choir—E. Guevara
C1—JoAnne Arroyo
C2—Rosy Jalifi
C3—Charlene Morris
C4—Larry Morris
Sunday 1:45pm
H2—Maria Ortega
C1—Claudia Martinez
C2—C. G. Sanchez
Sunday 5:30pm
H2—Holly Alt
H3 ChoirC1—Kelly Linden
C2—Steve Tomaino
Spanish-Language RCIA (Rite of Christian
Initiation of Adults) Class has begun; it
meets on Thurs. evenings in the Library
from 7:30-9:00pm. To register or for more
information, contact Ignacio Moreno at
Catholic Scripture Study—
Join us as we explore the
Sunday readings for Ordinary
Time and the upcoming
Solemnities. Group meets
every Thurs., usually in
Bishops Hall, from 7:009:00pm. Contact LJ Smith for more
information or questions about meeting
location: ljsmith78704@yahoo.com.
Cathedral Women’s
Group meets Tuesday,
Nov. 4, 7:00-9:00pm, in
the Library. We invite
you to join us. For more
information, contact
Michelle Estep,
mkestep@gmail.com. Enter campus via the
San Jacinto Gate, where someone will let you
into the Library.
Ave Maria Gift Shop
Hours of Operation
H = Host Minister
C = Chalice Minister
Did you forget your checkbook and have no cash? You
can securely donate to the
Cathedral by scanning the QR
Code with your phone. Thank
you for your stewardship!
Desea saber más sobre su fe Católica? Le
hace falta la primer Comunión y Confirmación? RICA (Rito de Iniciación Cristiana de
Adultos) Clase, en español ha comenzado.
Se reúnen cada jueves en la Biblioteca a
las 7:30 de la noche. Para registrarse o
para más información, póngase en contacto
con Ignacio Moreno 512-295-2320.
A volunteer ministry of
Saint Mary Cathedral
Readings for the Week of Oct. 20-26 2014
Mon…. Eph 2:1-10 Ps 100:1b-5 Lk 12:13-21
Tues…. Eph 2:12-22 Ps 85:9-14 Lk 12:35-38
Wed... Eph 3:2-12 (Ps) Is 12:2-3,4c-6 Lk 12:39-48
Thurs…Eph 3:14-21 Ps 33:1-2,4-5,11-12,18-19 Lk 12:49-53
Fri…... Eph 4:1-6 Ps 24:1-4b,5-6 Lk 12:54-59
Sat…... Eph 4:7-16 Ps 122:1-5 Lk 13:1-9
Sun... .. Ex 22:20-26 Ps 18:2-4,47,51 1 Thes 1:5c-10 Mt 22:34-40
Saint Mary Cathedral, Austin, Texas
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Movimiento Familiar Cristiano: El Movimiento es
Cathedral School Raffle
una agrupación de familias Católicas que unen sus
esfuerzos para promover los valores humanos y cristianos
de la familia, para que esta sea en la comunidad:
formadora de personas, educadora en la fe, conciente de su
misión evangelizadora y comprometida en el desarrollo
integral de la comunidad y de la iglesia doméstica.
Invitamos a familias que participen en el Movimiento, un
ministerio que los ayudara mantener la familia unida en
Cristo. Para más información o para inscribir a su familia,
comuníquese con Eliseo o Juanita Tovar, 512-775-4078.
$5 for 1 Ticket; $20 for 5 Tickets
Raffle Tickets available after Mass or from a Cathedral
School student!
1st Prize—Vizio 50” Smart TV
2nd Prize—Tailgating Package
(Yeti Cooler, Folding Chairs, $50 HEB Gift Card)
3rd Prize—2015 Valentine’s Day Weekend Get Away
Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, Bastrop
4th Prize—7” 16 GB Kindle Fire HDX
5th Prize—$150 Visa Gift Card
6th Prize—Alamo Drafthouse Movie & Dinner for 4
Catholic Faith Formation
Drawing held Sunday, October 26. Need not be present to win.
Teens: Reserve your space now for Saturday, Oct. 25,
10:30am to 1:30pm. Join us at the Bullock Texas State
History Museum, 1800 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas
78701 – 4 blocks north of the State Capital Building. 40
tickets have been reserved for our Teen Ministry Retreat
for Jerusalem 3D in IMAX. This presentation features
rare and awe-inspiring aerial footage of the city, and
offers remarkable multimedia access to Jerusalem's
holiest sites. We will be accompanied at the Bullock
Texas State History Museum with Director of the Catholic
Archives of Texas, Marian J. Barber, to explore unique
Catholic artifacts from the founding of Texas. Afterwards,
we will enjoy lunch together at The Story of Texas Café.
Save the Date: Sips and Salsa Soirée! 2nd Annual
Sips & Salsa Soirée on Saturday, Oct. 25, from 7:0011:00pm , at Maserati of Austin, 12925 Pond Springs Rd.,
Austin 78729. To purchase tickets at $75 per person, e-mail
amigasdesaintlouisehouse@gmail.com. To learn more about
Saint Louise House visit: www.saintlouisehouse.org.
Texas Early Music Project Concerts: Celebrate the
Italian Medieval Renaissance, and Baroque music from Italy
with two performances of Italia Mia: Madrigal Mystery Tour,
Saturday, Oct. 25, 8:00pm, and Sunday, Oct. 26, 3:00pm,
at First English Lutheran Church, 3001 Whitis Ave., Austin.
Note to parents: Please arrange to drop off your
children shortly before the trip and pick them up shortly
thereafter. Qualified chaperones will be present.
Permission forms are available on the CFF website
and will be distributed at today’s CFF class.
Solemn Vespers on All Souls Day: Sunday, Nov. 2,
4:00-5:00pm, at Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery,
330 Berry Lane, Georgetown, www.olotr.com, 512-863-8411.
Following Solemn Vespers, celebrated by Fr. Brian
McMaster, together with the Dominican Sisters, there will be
blessings for the families with loved ones interred at Our
Lady along with our annual scattering of wildflower seeds,
and refreshments.
Eagle’s Wings Retreat Center Day of Reflection:
Spirituality of Simplicity, Nov. 4, 9:30am-2:30pm; $35 per
person; lunch included. Presenter: Cheryl Maxwell;
Director of the Office of Worship and Secretariat Director
for Formation and Spirituality of the Diocese of Austin.
For registration please visit our website: www.ewrc.org or
call 512-715-0017.
2014 Hesburgh Lecture Series: What Race Is and What
It Is Not, a lecture revealing the myths and the realities about
human diversity and why this information is very important
to all of us, will be presented by Notre Dame Professor of
Anthropology, Agustin Fuentes, Ph.D., Thursday, Nov. 6,
7:00pm, at St. Edward’s University-Main Bldg.-Maloney
Room. No cost to attend, and all are welcome. Sponsored
by the Notre Dame Club of Austin. For more information
contact Steve Raich at sraich92@alumni.nd.edu
October 19, 2014
Cathedral Staff
Holy Trinity Seminary Discerners’ Weekend: Check-in Thursday,
Oct. 23, 6:00pm; weekend goes to 1:00pm Sunday, Oct. 26. Open to
interested men aged high school and up. Contact Fr. Jonathan Raia by e-mail:
Young Women’s Vocation Discernment Retreat: The Dominican Sisters
of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist are pleased to offer a vocation discernment
retreat in Texas. Join other young Catholic women (ages 14—30) who have an
openness to seeking a deeper relationship with Christ and a desire to know the
path of holiness to which God is calling them. The retreat begins on Saturday,
Oct. 25, at 3:00pm, and concludes on Sunday, Oct. 26, at 3:00pm. Cost is
$50/person. Register at https://www.sistersofmary.org/texas-discernmentretreat.html. Questions or concerns, e-mail missiontxa@sistersofmary.org
Come and See Weekend: A visit to St. Joseph Seminary College to
experience life at a real seminary! Come and see what seminary’s all about.
Open to interested men aged high school and up. Nov. 7, 4:00pm to Nov. 9,
3:00pm. No cost to you. All room and board provided. Contact Fr. Jonathan
Raia by e-mail: fr-jonathan-raia@austindiocese.org
Prayer for Seminarians and Priests: Jesus, I thank
you for your gift of the priesthood to the Church. I pray
for all priests and seminarians today
especially_________________. May they hear your
invitation to “follow me,” in every aspect of their lives.
Bless them with love and joy as they seek to know you
more deeply. Give them courage and zeal as they serve
you and your people. Give them wisdom and trust as they discern your will.
We ask this with confidence in you. Amen. Our Father…, Hail Mary…, Glory
St. John Vianney, patron of priests, pray for us.
Please pray for the Cathedral Seminarians, Miguel Flores and Chris Yeager
on the 19th and 20th of each month, respectively.
Rector……..Very Reverend Albert Laforet, Jr.
Parochial Vicars….Reverend Eugene Nyong
Reverend Kevin Rai
Deacons……………….Deacon Vince Boyle
Deacon Guadalupe Rodriquez
Deacon Ron Walker
Business Administrator...………Greg Vidal
Administrative Assistants….Carmen Duarte
Judy Henschen
Loretta Lozano
John Paul Perales
Facilities Manager………….Harlan Lawson
Facilities Staff……………...Ruben Villarreal
Bookkeeping Clerk…………Yvonne Bedell
Director of Catholic Faith Formation…….
Jaeson Drummond
Director of Music...Dr. Jeffrey Jones-Ragona
Organist and Wedding Music Coordinator
Dr. Brooks Whitmore
School Principal…………….Robert LeGros
Phone Numbers
Cathedral Office…………….512-476-6182
School (Pre-K through 8th)…512-476-1480
Catholic Faith Formation……512-476-4801
Ave Maria Gift Shop………..512-617-5880
Office of Sacred Music……..512-472-4540
St. Vincent de Paul………….512-476-3750