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St. Joseph Catholic Church
330 E. Fullerton Ave., Addison, IL
P. 630-279-6553
F. 630-279-4925
Parish Office Hours - Horario de Oficina
Monday - Thursday/Lunes - Jueves
9 am - 4 pm
Friday/Viernes & Saturday/Sábado
9 am - 12 Noon
Weekend Masses
Saturday Vigil 4:30 pm
Sunday 7:30 & 10:30 am
Weekday Masses
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30 am
Communion Service
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 am
Parish Office Hours/
Horario de Oficina
Monday - Thursday/
Lunes - Jueves
9 am - 12 pm & 1 - 5 pm
Friday/Viernes &
9 am - 12 Noon
Luís Gutiérrez
Saturday Vigil 4:30 pm
Sunday 7:30 & 10:30 am
Weekday Masses
Monday - Friday 7:30 am
Misas en Español
3:30 - 6:30
4:15 pm
Domingo 9 am y 12:30 pm
Rosary entre Semana
Misa en Español
Jueves 8:00
7 pmam
Monday - Thursday
Saturday 3:30 - 4:15 pm
Adoration/Exposición del SantísimoAdoration/Adoración al Santísimo
Friday 8:00 am - 7 pm
Fridays 8 am – 6:00 pm
Misas en Español
6:30 pm
Rev. LuísDomingo
9 am
y 12:30 pm
not be amazed!
Mr. Philip
Mrs. Edna Pasillas
Misa en Español
entre Semana
seek Jesus
of Nazareth,
Faith Formation Office/Oficina
de Fe
Jueves 7 pm
Mr. Carlos Roman, DRE
Mr. Philip
- Thursday 8:00 am
Our Parish Mission Statement
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon us,
because the Lord has anointed us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ!”
(Inspired by Jesus’ Mission Statement - Luke 4:18)
de laMission
Misión Parroquial
“The Spirit
of the esta
is upon
“¡El Espíritu
del Señor
us toproclamar
Ungido para
News of
de Jesus
(Inspired by Jesus’ Mission Statement - Luke 4:18)
(Inspirado por el Lema de la Misión de Jesús - Lucas 4:18)
Nuestro Lema
de la Misión Parroquial
“¡El Espíritu del Señor
esta sobre
la Sagrada
el Señor
nos ha
Mrs. Corinne
la Buena Nueva de Jesucristo!”
he is not here.
Web de
por el~Mark
Lema de 16:6
la Misión
- Lucas 4:18)
April 19-26, 2015
4:30 pm: †Mary Mattes
6:30 pm: †Cruz y Angel Arteaga
Por las Intenciones de Gustavo Ortega y Martina Mandujano, Por las Intenciones de Braulio y Diego Ortega
en sus cumpleaños
Third Sunday of Easter
Sunday, April 19
7:30 am: For the Intentions of Mark Colletti
9:00 am: †Belen Cabral
†Juan, Manuel, Javier & Carmen Hurtado
10:30 am: For the Int. of Mark Colletti’s children
12:30 pm: Spanish-Community Mass
†Miguel Angel Montano †Estela Bolivar
†Gumercinda Chaidez †Tony Garcia
Por las intenciones de Genaro Paz, Gloria y Ana Gloria Negrete, Martin Vieyra, Chayito y Tony Perezchica
y Javier Garcia en sus cumpleaños
Monday, April 20
7:30 am– †Beatriz Franco
Tuesday, April 21, St. Anselm
8:00 am– Communion Service
Wednesday, April 22
7:30 am– For all Souls in Purgatory
Thursday, April 23, St. George & St. Adalbert
8:00 am– Communion Service
7:00 pm: Spanish Mass– Por las int. de Sergio & Manuel
Rodriguez en sus cumpleaños
Friday, April 24, St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
7:30 am– For all St. Joseph Parishioners
“I would therefore like us all
to make the serious commitment to respect and care for
creation, to pay attention to
every person, to combat the
culture of waste and of
throwing out so as to foster a
culture of solidarity and encounter … ”
- Pope Francis
“Por tanto, quisiera que
todos nosotros hagamos el
compromiso serio de respetar
y cuidar la creación, a prestar
atención a cada persona, para
combatir la cultura del
derroche y de tirar con el fin
de fomentar una cultura de
solidaridad y de encuentro…”
- Papa Francisco
Maria Eugenia Ruiz, Angie Perez, Nick Neri,
Magdalena Saucedo, Bonnie Jean Gorski,
Marcos Felix, Patricia Seriano,
Ken Jensen, Aracely Portero,
Anita Magaña & Jenni Vasquez
†Rest in Peace
Fidencia Torres, Javier Garcia, Alois Ganik,
Zeferino Ascensio Avila, Ramon Barajas,
Ana Martinez Flores, Leonel Esparza,
Isaura Gonzalez, Reyes Resendiz & Sergio Rodriguez
Monday: Acts 6:8-15; Ps 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30;
Jn 6:22-29
Tuesday: Acts 7:51 — 8:1a;
Ps 31:3cd-4, 6, 7b, 8a, 17, 21ab;
Jn 6:30-35
Wednesday: Acts 8:1b-8; Ps 66:1-3a, 4-7a;
Jn 6:35-40
Thursday: Acts 8:26-40; Ps 66:8-9, 16-17, 20;
Jn 6:44-51
Acts 9:1-20; Ps 117:1bc, 2; Jn 6:52-59
Saturday: 1 Pt 5:5b-14; Ps 89:2-3, 6-7, 16-17;
Mk 16:15-20
Sunday: Acts 4:8-12;
Ps 118:1, 8-9, 21-23, 26, 28, 29;
1 Jn 3:1-2; Jn 10:11-18
Monday, April 20 - Lunes
7 pm
7 pm
Historia de la Salvación
7 pm
K o C Open Meeting - Parish Hall
Tuesday, April 21 - Martes
6:30 pm Choir-church
6:30 pm Faith Formation-St. Mary’s Rm. & Rm. 5
6:45 pm Marriage Koinonia-P.H.
Koinonia de Parejas
7 pm
Worship Commission - St. Francis Room
Wednesday, April 22 - Miércoles
5:45 pm Faith Formation Classes
Clases de Catecismo
7 pm
Historia de la Salvacion - Parish Hall
Thursday, April 23 - Jueves
7 pm Misa - (Spanish Mass) Historia de la Salvacion
7 pm
Deacon Phil’s Group-St. Francis Rm.
Friday, April 24 - Viernes
8 am-7 pm
Benediction/Adoración al Santísimo
7:00 pm
Historia de la Salvacion - Parish Hall
Saturday, April 25 - Sabado
3:00 pm
Faith Formation - school building
Sunday, April 26 - Domingo
4:00 pm
Faith Formation Integrated Seminar
Around the Parish
Thanks for making the blanket
drive such a success for Franciscan Outreach!
Collection information:
~ St Alexander Parish 140 blankets
~ St. John Parish 30 blankets
~ St. Joseph Parish 38 blankets,
11 sets of sheets and 4 - 60 x 80
Totals: 208 blankets, 11 sets of
sheets and 4 throws
In the next few weeks we will be presenting to you a summary of the Publication: Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity, by the
USCCB. We will be discussing the following topics:
• An Immigrant Church,
Then and Now
• The Calling of the
• A Call to Conversion
• A Call to Communion
• The Call to Solidarity
• A Call to a New Evan-
On June 2, 2000, the Jubilee Day for Migrants and Refugees, Pope John
Paul II celebrated the Eucharist in St. Peter's Square for over 50,000 miDoors and Lights
grants, refugees, people on the move, and their chaplains from all over the
world. The Eucharist drew that great diversity of people into unity in the
Change for Change
communion of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, realizing a Jubilee Year hope
The final fundraising event for the
for the Church: "to gather into one the dispersed children of God," "to sum
Doors and Lights campaign began
up all things in Christ, in heaven and on earth" (Jn 11:52; Eph 1:10).
last weekend – Change for Change. Unity in diversity is the vision that we bishops, as pastors of the Church in
Plastic cups were passed out to be
the United States, offer to our people as they welcome the new immigrants
filled with coins and returned to church
by May 10. Inside each cup is a raf- and refugees who come to our shores. This diversity of ethnicity, education,
and social class challenges us as pastors to welcome these new immigrants
fle ticket to be returned, with your
name and phone number, with the cup and help them join our communities in ways that are respectful of their cultures and in ways that mutually enrich the immigrants and the receiving
of coins. A drawing will be held in
May for numerous gift cards. Cups
will be available every weekend.
To pursue this vision of unity in diversity, we have chosen the way marked
out by Pope John Paul II as he stood beneath the figure of Our Lady of
Guadalupe in Mexico City on January 22, 1999, and announced the sumMontini Catholic
mary of Ecclesia in America: namely, the call to conversion, communion, and
Honor Roll
Third Quarter 2014-2015
The presence of so many people of so many different cultures and religions in so many different parts of the United States has challenged us as a
High Honor Roll – 3.5 and Above
Church to a profound conversion so that we can become truly a sacrament
Jacob Richardson
of unity. We reject the anti-immigrant stance that has become popular in
Honor Roll – 3.0 to 3.49
different parts of our country, and the nativism, ethnocentricity, and racism
Valerie Sanchez
that continue to reassert themselves in our communities. We are challenged
to get beyond ethnic communities living side by side within our own parishes without any connection with each other. We are challenged to become an evangelizing Church open to interreligious dialogue and willing to
proclaim the Gospel to those who wish to hear it. The new immigrants call
most of us back to our ancestral heritage as descendants of immigrants
and to our baptismal heritage as members of the body of Christ. "For in
one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks,
slaves or free persons, and we are all given to drink of one Spirit" (1Cor
Article copied from:
REGISTRATIONS for the 2015-2016 school Student Reviews:
year are still available!
"Holy Family is a great school. We had many opportunities to practice our
Catholic faith. We had school masses once a week. our teachers prepared us
Registrations are available in the School Office
well for high school. We had may special classes, like art, computers, and
and online! Visit our website to view our school
library and a very good sports program. We also had other programs
and what we offer, If you
throughout the year, like our Christmas program, Science Fair, Geography
would like a tour of the school, please give us a
Bee and May Crowning." - Max (class of 2010)
call at 630-766-0116.
Parent Reviews:
Annual School Fund-You can still donated to our
"We elected to send our granddaughter to Holy Family Catholic School
Annual Fund, please return your pledge/donation because we feel she needs a strong foundation to carry her through her life.
envelope in the collection basket, you can mail it
We value the teachings of the Catholic Church and put a very high value
or drop it off in the school office.
on a solid Catholic education. The foundation of our faith will carry her
forward through all the challenges she will face in life." - Harold Bakos
Holy Family Catholic School Mission Statement
Holy Family Catholic School is a diverse community working together as a vital part of the mission of the Catholic Church.
We strive to grow in our relationship with God and each other by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through religious
instruction, faith development, and academic excellence.
Around the Diocese
new facility. In addition, WCS will be
conducting is annual summer fundraiser
“Walk for Life” commencing
after the blessing and tour. Walkers
are asked to register in advance and
For students entercollect pledges in support of the proing grades: 6-8 this fall
grams and services of WCS. Proceeds
When: June 22-26, 2015, 9 am-12 pm from the walk will be used to provide
clinical services including pregnancy
Where: Montini Catholic High School,
testing and ultrasounds and follow up
Lombard- Science Lab S-2
supportive educational programs.
Looking for a fun and educational sum- The center is located at 682 W. Boughmer camp for your young scientist?
ton Rd. Suite B, Bolingbrook, Illinois.
Check out Montini’s Incredible Mad Sci- For more information about the WCS
ence Summer Camp, where young sci- ministry blessing and open house and
entists will enjoy a week of scientific
the Walk for Life, contact Mary Grifexploration, cool experiments, new
fith, WCS Director of Resource Develfriendships and lots of FUN! Campers
opment at 630-261-9564.
will participate in a wide range of engaging activities from across the sciLearn Scripture with
ences, both in the science lab and outthe Biblical Institute
doors. Enrollment is limited to 24 stuof the Diocese of
Some of the fun labs your young scientist will enjoy:
• Forensics
• Cool chemistry experiments and demonstrations
• Meteorology experiments - Lab
Quest 2 hardware
• Create your own crystals, slime, and
Please contact Mrs. Sandra Deiber,
Science Department Chair at or (630)6276930 Ext. 344 for more details.
Woman’s Choice
Services Ministry
Blessing, Open
House and Walk
for Life Lombard, IL April 15, 2015:
Woman’s Choice Services (WCS) is excited to announce the opening of their
new Pregnancy Resource Center in
Bolingbrook Illinois. On Saturday, June
20, 2015, they will be celebrating with
a Ministry Blessing and Open House.
The festivities begin at 10:00 am with
an honor guard of local Knights of Columbus Councils welcoming the Most
Rev. Joseph M. Siegel, Auxiliary Bishop
and Vicar General of the Diocese of
Joliet, who will perform the blessing.
Following the blessing, ministry staff
will welcome guests for tours of the
Joliet: Observe a
Class this Spring at One of our
For the first time ever, those interested
in Catholic Scripture study are invited
to sit in and observe an actual session
of the Biblical Institute of the Diocese of
Joliet! This could be helpful in determining whether or not to register for
the Biblical Institute next fall.
The acclaimed Biblical Institute of the
Diocese of Joliet holds classes at the
following sites:
Year 1 Old Testament Foundations
Tuesdays 7-9 p.m. at Assumption
Parish in Coal City.
Year 1 Old Testament Foundations
Thursdays 7-9 p.m. at St. Matthew
Parish in Glendale Heights
Year 2 New Testament Foundations
Fridays 9:15-11:15 a.m. at Ss.
Peter & Paul Parish in Naperville
Year 3 Old Testament Continued
Wednesdays 7-9 p.m. at Notre
Dame Parish in Clarendon Hills.
Year 3 Old Testament Continued Saturdays 9-11 a.m. at St. Anthony of
Padua in Frankfort.
If you want to learn Scripture in a truly
engaging manner, with a skilled
teacher and from a solidly Catholic
perspective, the Biblical Institute promises you an enriching experience! Want
to learn more? Visit a class and meet
teachers and current students. And for more information about the Biblical
Institute, go to:
reo and click on Biblical Institute. To ask
questions or to sign up to observe a
Biblical Institute session in person, contact program coordinator, Dr. Joan
Gorski, 630698-8961).
Woman’s Choice
Services is currently seeking English and
Spanish speaking volunteers for our
Bolingbrook office to help with Mothering Program appointments and pregnancy testing. We are also looking for
Certified Sonographers to assist in our
Bolingbrook office to provide ultrasounds for abortion minded and abortion vulnerable women facing crisis
If you are interested in providing hope,
support, and modeling Christ for young
moms at risk, please contact Director of
Client Services, Lisa Van Dyke at
815-725-7732 or
WCS provides services to women facing unintended, and/or crisis pregnancies residing within the boundaries of
the Diocese of Joliet. Nearly 100% of
our clients reside in DuPage or Will
Counties in Illinois. We are dedicated
to building communities of comprehensive support and healing for women
facing the choice of abortion and the
challenges of motherhood.
WCS currently has offices in Bolingbrook and Lombard to better serve our
communities of focus.
If you are or know someone who is facing an unintended or crisis pregnancy,
please call us for an appointment. Our
convenient locations are listed below.
• 682 W. Boughton Road, Suite B
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Office: 815-725-7732
• 929 S. Main Street, Unit 103
Lombard, IL 60148
Office: 630-261-9564
Pregnancy Help Line: 630-261-9221
Spanish Pregnancy Help Line: 630-2011202
Stewardship Thought for the Week
Our Lord’s call to us to forego sin by following His commandments, to repent, and to seek forgiveness connect
today’s Scripture passages. St. Peter, in the Acts of the
Apostles, calls us to reform our lives and turn to God. Likewise, St. John reminds us that Jesus is an offering for our
sins. Through His death and Resurrection, Jesus freed us
from sin. Faithful stewards acknowledge His true presence
in the Eucharist, as did the disciples on the road to Emmaus after His Resurrection in the breaking of the bread.
The Church has long taught that partaking of the Eucharist
strengthens us on our journey as Christ’s disciples, and that
participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the
forgiveness of sins can draw us closer to Him, bringing
peace to our lives.
April 12, 2015
278 Envelopes
Children’s Env.
Our Goal each Week to cover our expenses is $11,500.
Thank you for your kind generosity and your deep love of
Saint Joseph.
Nuestra Meta por Semana para cubrir los gastos es de:
$11,500.Gracias por su Generosidad.
Sacrament Procedures
Baptisms: Pre-baptism Class is required before your
date will be set. Please register two to
three months in advance.
Weddings: Spiritual Preparation begins at least SIX
months in advance. Do not make your
reservations until you have met with the
Sacrament of the Sick:
First Friday of the month at 7:30 am.
Communion Visits: Call the Parish Office.
Requisitos para Sacramentos
Las Charlas Pre-bautismales son
requeridas antes de fijar la fecha de
Bautismo. Favor de inscribirse con dos a
tres meses de anticipo.
Preparación Espiritual empieza por lo
menos con SEIS meses de anticipo. No
haga preparaciones para su Celebración
antes de reunirse con el párroco.
Sacramento de los Enfermos:
Primer Viernes del mes a las 7:30 am.
Visitas de Comunión: Llame a la parroquia.
Quince Años: ¡Solamente para miembros activos de
la parroquia!
Pantry News
Thank you to all who have so generously supported the pantry.
We are in need of paper bags.
Wednesday April 15, we gave out 43 bags.
Gracias a todos los que generosamente han ayudado con
la despensa.
Children’s Faith Formation Office
Oficina de Formación de Fe-Catecismo
Mr. Carlos Roman - DRE
Office Hours/Horario de Oficina
Sunday & Monday/
Domingo & Lunes
12-7 pm
1-8 pm
12-7 pm
9 am-12 pm
1-8 pm
Holy Family Catholic School
Escuela Católica Sagrada Familia
Mr. Christopher Tiritilli - School Principal
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Web Site -
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330 East Fullerton Avenue
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