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November 2, 2014
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Monday, November 3rd
8:00 a.m. People of the Parish
Tuesday, November 4th
8:00 a.m. Magdalen Plominski
Wednesday, November 5th
8:00 a.m. Gene Wright
Thursday, November 6th
8:00 a.m. Marie Butcher
Friday, November 7th
8:00 a.m. Anthony Luccaro
Saturday, Novenber 8th
5:00 p.m. Giuseppe & Filomina Spinelli
7:00 p.m. All Saints Novena
Sunday, November 9th
8:00 a.m. Valleverde Puzzolo
10:00 a.m. Joseph Gergyes
11:30 a.m. The Murphy Family
On the Feast of All Souls we pray for
those who have gone before us and
stand in judgment before God. May
we share with each other the
treasure of love’s memory and
console one another with the hope
of resurrection.
Prayers For
the Sick
Vicky Affrunti, Ryan Armstrong,
Rose Bennett, Michele Bischoff,
Baby: Darian James Bogin, John
Bradley, Virginia Cantino,
Raleigh Capozzi, Mary Cianca, Mary St. John Clark,
Anne Keily-Cohen, Gary Dardia, Donald Dardi,
Charlie Fertitta, Rae De Franco, Michael DiLeo,
Robert Dishuc, Patrick Finnegan, Kathryn Giulitti,
Kathleen Grace, Florence Gramarossa, Marie Hayes,
Kevin Jaye, Michael Katz, Kathleen Lewis, Rita
Marchese, Andy & Ronnie Mosby, Angela Mazzella,
Norma Mazzeo, Katherine Mitchelle, Melba Molson,
Don Mochwart, Charles Murphy, Jesse Nesbit, Brent
Nelson, Bob O’Brien, Philip Occhipinte, George
O’Krepkie, John Orr, Glenn Petersons, Gia Pometta,
Harold Poole, Nancy Scialpi, Diana Schmeltzer, Justin
Simeon, Jim Simonsen, Amy Smith, Eileen Smith, Joan
Smith, Linda Crum Smith, Tess Smith, Angela Starchich,
Francis St. John, Annie Tolentino, Carlos Torres,
Marilyn Zahn-Veritzan, Mary Whol, Andrew Wykowski
and all who are homebound or have special needs.
Thank you for your generous sacrificial giving!
Your faithful sacrificial giving each week helps
Our Lady of Fatima to continue our Pastoral
Ministries and care for our parish buildings.
Fr. Steve
Mass Schedule
November 8th
November 9th
5:00 PM ~ Fr. Steve
7:00 PM ~ Misa Español
8:00 AM ~ Fr. Steve
10:00 AM ~ Fr. Steve
11:30 AM ~ Fr. Steve
November 2, 2014
Readings for the Week
Monday, November 3rd
x Philippians 2:1-4
x Luke 14:12-14
Tuesday, November 4th
x Philippians 2:5-11
x Luke 14:15-24
Wednesday, November 5th
x Philippians 2:12-18
x Luke 14:25-33
Thursday, November 6th
x Philippians 3:3-8a
x Luke 15:1-10
Friday, November 7th
x Philippians 3:17—4:1
x Luke 16:1-8
Saturday, November 8th
x Philippians 4:10-19
x Luke 16:9-15
Sunday, November 9th, 2014 – The
Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
First Reading: Ezekiel 47:1-2, 8-9, 12
The angel brings Ezekiel to the heavenly
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 3:9c-11, 16-17
Saint Paul, today, reminds us that we are
temples of the Holy Spirit.
Gospel: John 2:13-22
In the Gospel today, the money changers
desecrate the temple and Jesus confronts
them. He turns the table on them, saying he
will rebuild the “temple” in three days,
alluding to his death and resurrection.
The reflection question for this week is:
Jesus promises an unending relationship with God
when we die.
Another question to ponder on this All Soul’s Day:
Page 2
meet on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, at 7:15 PM in
the Parish Office. Any adult who had not
celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation and
would like to do so is very welcome to join the
group. Confirmation for those who are a part of this
group will be celebrated on Pentecost (May 24th,
x The LITURGY COMMITTEE will meet on
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, at 7:30 PM in the
x CENTERING PRAYER will be prayed on
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9th, at 3:00 PM in the
CHURCH. All are welcome to this time of quiet
OF THE SICK will be celebrated on SUNDAY,
NOVEMBER 23rd, at the 11:30 AM Mass. All are
most welcome to celebrate this sacrament of
healing and forgiveness.
celebrated on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26th, at
8:00 PM. This year OUR LADY OF FATIMA
PARISH is the host faith community for the InterFaith Thanksgiving Prayer Service. All are
welcome to this annual community Thanksgiving
Prayer Service. Please bring a donation for the
food pantries of the community. A free will offering
will also be taken up during the Prayer Service.
Refreshments and fellowship will follow the Prayer
Service in the Parish Center
THURSDAY, NOVEMEBR 27th, at 10:30 AM. All
are most welcome to join in the celebration of the
Eucharist on Thanksgiving Day morning. Please
bring along a donation of non perishable food for
Our Lady Fatima Food Pantry. Don’t forget that
you are invited to write a prayer of Thanksgiving on
one of the cutouT leaves in the back of the church
and place it in the basket on the weekend. It will be
a part of our Thanksgiving Day celebration.
November 2, 2014
FAITH DIRECT: Why not make a change
this Fall in the way you support Our Lady of Fatima
Parish? Sign up with eGiving through FAITH
DIRECT, which is the most convenient and secure
way for you to make your weekly offering to Our
Lady of Fatima Parish. Making either a one time or
automatic contributions through Faith Direct will
also save valuable time for both you and the parish
staff. To enroll please visit Faith Direct’s website at, and use our parish code
NY303. You can also fill out and mail a Faith Direct
enrollment form from the parish office.
x STEWARDSHIP – We remember all those
who have gone before us in faith, believing with joy
as they shared their gifts! We reflect upon our own
giftedness and on how future generations will look
at our joy filled response. Last week you received
AND COMMITMENT CARD. You are asked to
prayerfully reflect on how you may make or renew
your commitment to sharing your financial gifts with
our parish and others. What return will you make to
the Lord for all you have received? Please bring
this Commitment Card to Mass next weekend.
x Please remember that this TUESDAY,
NOVEMBER 4th, is Election Day.
meet on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, at 7:00 PM
PARISH OFFICE will be closed on VETERANS
x The PASTORAL COUNCIL will meet on
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12th, at 7:30 PM in
will meet on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMEBR 19th, at
7:30 PM in the Parish Center.
Page 3
x SECOND COLLECTION . On the weekend
of NOVEMBEER 23rd, there will be a second
collection for the CATHOLIC CAMPAIGN FOR
Please be a generous as possible.
meet on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25th, at 7:30 PM
in the SACRISTY.
x The PARISH OFFICE will be closed at
Noon on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26th, for
be closed on NOVEMEBER 27th, Thanksgiving
Day and on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28th. The
PARISH OFFIICE will be open on Saturday,
November 29th from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM and on
Sunday, November 30th from 9:00 AM until 1:00
Community Life
Dear Friends,
This weekend we celebrate the Feast of All Souls.
Today this feast is officially known as The
Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed. Today
we remember and celebrate the lives of those who
have gone before us, “that great crowd of witnesses
who surround us” (Hebrews 12:1) and support us with
their prayers. One of the scripture commentators
writes; “Of course there is sadness when a friend or
family member dies, but, in the end, it is faith that
enables us to surrender our mourning and be joyful in
our memories.” It takes time to heal from the death of
a loved one. I remember reading at one time that the
healing process takes a few years. It’s not something
that we just move on from in a few weeks or a few
months. Grieving is an important process and it does
take time. In a culture that moves so quickly from one
moment to the next it can be hard to give ourselves
the time we need to grieve the death of a loved one.
St. Ambrose many centuries ago wrote this; “We
loved them so much in life, we must never forget
them, not even in death.” We believe that our loved
ones who have died are a part of our life. They
continue to be with us even as they share in the gift of
eternal life.
November 2, 2014
When we celebrate the Mass of Christian Burial we
surround ourselves with symbols of faith: holy water
as a reminder of the life giving water poured upon us
on the day of our baptism; the white funeral pall
placed on the casket, a reminder of our baptism
garments; the Easter candle, a reminder that the Lord
Jesus has risen from the dead and that we also share
in his Resurrection; the incense, a sign of the
sacredness of the gift of life. All the symbols are
meant to help us look beyond our grief and find
strength and consolation in our faith that proclaims
that God’s infinite love conquers the mystery of death
and fills us with the mystery of eternity. It doesn’t
ease our sorrow, but it invites us to look beyond our
grief and look to the Resurrection that we all share in.
There is a story that I share many times with those
who are mourning the death of a loved one, either at
the Vigil Prayers or at the Mass of Christian Burial. I
love to swim in the ocean and some years ago I was in
Montauk with two of my friends for about a week. I
was sitting on the beach and it was a perfect summer
day. It was warm and clear, not a cloud in the sky. The
waves were perfect. There was a group of young boys
in the ocean riding the waves in for hours. Every time
they rode a wave into the beach their faces would
light up in a smile from ear to ear. I was fascinated
just watching them, and then it came to me. At the
end of life, when the waves of God’s infinite love
wash over us and we come to see our God face to face
and experience the fullness of God’s love we will be
delighted. We will smile as those young teenagers did
on that perfect summer day in Montauk.
Death is an incredibly profound mystery. It can leave
us incredibly empty and speechless. But the power of
God’s love is truly more powerful. It transforms the
sorrow that fills us into something else. I don’t say
that it is joy, because it isn’t. It is more like peace, for
we know that our loved ones are with our God and
that they remain a part of our lives in a most profound
way. As we gather today we remember all of our
loves ones who have died. We thank God for the gift
of their life and their love that has touched us in such
a profound way. We ask that our loving God will
continue to console us with the gift of our faith that
proclaims that life is never ended, but life is changed.
Paul proclaims: “Death is swallowed up in victory! O
death where is your victory, where is your sting? For
the power of death is sin, and the power of sin is the
law. But thanks be to God who has given us the
victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Page 4
The final prayers at the graveside on the day of the
Mass of Christian Burial conclude with these beautiful
Eternal rest grant unto all of our loved ones, O God.
May your gracious light always shine upon them.
May they always rest in your loving and never ending
May the love of God and the peace of the Lord Jesus
Christ bless us and console us and gently wipe away
every tear from our eyes!
Let us go forth in peace.
Fr. Steve
Please remember that if you ordered a DVD for our
65th ANNIVERSARY YEAR that you may pick up
your copy in the Parish Office.
on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30th, following the
celebration of Sunday Mass. Please come over to
the Parish Center following Mass for some great
desserts and fellowship. All are always welcome!
MAKING EVENT is scheduled for FRIDAY,
NOVEMBER 21st at 6:30 PM in the Parish Center.
All are most welcome! The First Sunday of Advent
will be on November 30th.
x LOOKING AHEAD: Each year Our Lady of
Fatima Parish sets aside a few days to prepare for
the coming seasons of Advent and Christmas. Last
year Fr. Jim Di Luzio, CSP, led us through three
evenings centered on the gospel of Luke. This year
Jim Ryan will be with us on NOVEMBER 17th and
NOVEMBER 18th to prepare us for the Advent
and Christmas season. Each evening will
begin at 7:30 PM .The theme of the evenings
is SIMPLE HAPPINESS. On Monday Evening,
Jim will focus on the EIGHT MARKS OF
HAPPY PEOPLE. On Tuesday evening,
Jim’s theme will be MANAGE YOUR
ON EARTH. All are welcome. A free will
offering will be taken up each evening.
November 2, 2014
Page 5
Faith formation
x The READING GROUP will meet on
SUNDAY,, NOVEMBER 23rd, at 3:00 PM in the
SACRISTY. The book for November is: THE
JOURNALISM by Doris Kearns Goodwin.
Please remember to pray for all those who
are preparing to celebrate the sacrament of
confirmation in the coming spring and who
celebrated their Confirmation Commitment
Ceremony last weekend. Please also remember
the youngsters who are preparing to celebrate their
First Eucharist in the coming spring and who
celebrated their Rite of Enrollment at Mass this
weekend. Please remember to pray also for their
families, their catechists and their faith partners
throughout these coming months.
Parish Social Ministry
FOOD PANTRY – Thank you to all those who
have donated to Our Lady of Fatima Food Pantry.
Please remember to check the expiration
dates on all your donated items.
-Toiletries are always welcome! -
CaringHands Corner
Over two years ago we had a young father of four added
to our prayer list in the Fatima Focus. He was diagnosed
with a severe brain tumor. The doctors were not very
optimistic of the outcome of this very difficult surgery. As
weeks turned into months, our prayers continued and
cards were sent to him as we tried to ease the family’s
pain. Our cards helped to brightened his day as well as
knowledge that our parish really cared about their family
during this challenging time in their life.
We have now received information that our young dad
has fully recovered and has been able to resume his
duties back at work. He is currently coaching his son’s
football team and living his life. These stories are
wonderful to hear but do we need to be rewarded for the
things we do in life? Do we need the accolades?
In the scripture readings this week, Jesus makes it very
clear the importance of caring for people who will not be
able to pay us back whether it be with their stories or
another way. What selfless act can I do today? How
about prayers for our sick and homebound?
Become a CaringHands prayer warrior NOW…….
Call Marge Walsh 516- 767-2936 or email:
Alicia McCarvill
516- 883-9073
“When on a sick bed you cared for my needs. When
I was weary you helped me find rest. Whatsoever
you do to the least of my people that you do unto
November 2, 2014
Page 6
Looking Ahead to
Christmas so you can plan –
Our Christmas Tree will go up
Thanksgiving weekend. On the tree
will be the ornaments that have on them the
families who need assistance this year. The
Christmas Gift Collection will be the weekend of
December 13th & 14th, when we will be asking you
to return the stars from the tree with your gift
certificates. If you are not going to be around the
weekend of the Gift Collection you can drop the
ornament with the gift certificate at the rectory
anytime before the collection. It is very important
that we have all the gift certificates on or before,
the Sunday of the Gift Collection because that
afternoon (Dec. 14th) the certificates are given to
the families. Please understand that if we do not
have your gift certificate on time the family will go
without their gift certificate.
Alcoholic Anonymous
Meet for a closed step meeting
every Sunday starting at 7:00 PM
in the Parish Center.
“Welcome to a New Life
Living Stewardship
We are grateful this week for all stewards
in our parish who express their
discipleship by praying daily for the
repose of all the faithful departed.
Any young girl or boy who has received their First Holy Communion is
invited to become an altar server at our Saturday and Sunday
If you are interested in becoming an important part of our Mass and in
serving Jesus or if you have any questions, please call Deacon Art or Jane at
516-883- 8032. The email is
So...before you head out trick or treating...give us a call.
You'll be glad you did...and so will Jesus.
Our training will be Thursday, November 6th, at 7:00 PM
in the church.
November 2, 2014
Queridos amigos,
Este fin de semana se celebra la Fiesta de Todos los
Difuntos. Hoy en día esta fiesta se conoce
oficialmente como la Conmemoración de Todos los
Fieles Difuntos. Hoy recordamos y celebramos las
vidas de aquellos que nos han precedido, "la gran
multitud de testigos que nos rodean" (Hebreos 12:
1) y nos apoyan con sus oraciones. Una de los
comentaristas de las Escrituras escribe; "Por
supuesto hay tristeza cuando un amigo o miembro
de la familia muere, pero, al final, es la fe que nos
permite ceder nuestro luto y alegrarnos en nuestros
recuerdos." Se necesita tiempo para recuperarse de
la muerte de un querido. Recuerdo que leí en algún
momento que el proceso de curación dura algunos
años. No es algo que podemos dejar después de
unas semanas o unos meses. El duelo es un proceso
importante y lleva tiempo. En una cultura que se
mueve tan rápidamente de un momento a otro
puede ser difícil darnos el tiempo que necesitamos
para llorar la muerte de un querido. Hace muchos
siglos San Ambrosio escribió esto; "Les amamos
tanto en la vida, no debemos olvidarlos nunca, ni
siquiera en la muerte." Creemos que nuestros
queridos que han muerto son una parte de nuestra
vida, que permanecen con nosotros, aún cuando ya
comparten el don de la vida eterna.
Cuando celebramos la Misa de Sepelio Cristiano
nos rodeamos con símbolos de la fe: agua bendita
para recordarnos del agua vivificante derramada
sobre nosotros el día de nuestro bautismo; el paño
fúnebre blanco colocado en el ataúd, recuerdo de
nuestros vestidos bautismales; la vela pascual,
recordatorio de que el Señor Jesús ha resucitado de
entre los muertos y que nosotros también
participamos de su resurrección; el incienso, signo
de la santidad del don de la vida. Todos los
Page 7
símbolos quieren ayudarnos a mirar más allá de
nuestro dolor para encontrar fuerza y consuelo en
nuestra fe que proclama que el amor infinito de
Dios vence el misterio de la muerte y nos llena con
el misterio de la eternidad. No alivia nuestro dolor,
sino nos invita a ver más allá de nuestro dolor y
mirar la resurrección que todos compartimos.
Hay una historia que comparto muchas veces con
los que están de luto por la muerte de un querido,
ya sea en la Oración Vigilia o en la Misa de Sepelio
Cristiano. Me encanta nadar en el océano y hace
unos años yo estaba en Montauk con dos amigos
míos por una semana. Yo estaba sentado en la
playa un día de verano perfecto. Era un día cálido y
claro, sin una nube en el cielo. Las olas eran
perfectas. Hubo un grupo de chicos jóvenes en el
océano montando las olas por horas. Cada vez que
montaron una ola hasta la playa sus rostros se
iluminaban con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja. Me
fascinaba simplemente observándolos y pues llegó
algo a mi mente. Al final de la vida, cuando las olas
del amor infinito de Dios nos cubren y llegamos a
ver nuestro Dios cara a cara y experimentar la
plenitud del amor de Dios, seremos encantados,
vamos a sonreír como hicieron esos adolescentes en
ese día del verano perfecto en Montauk.
La muerte es un misterio increíblemente profundo.
Puede dejarnos increíblemente vacíos y sin
palabras. Pero el poder del amor de Dios es
verdaderamente más potente. Transforma la tristeza
que nos llena en otra cosa. No digo que es alegría,
porque no lo es. Se parece más a la paz, porque
sabemos que nuestros seres queridos están con
nuestro Dios y que ellos permanecen partes de
nuestras vidas de una manera muy profunda. Al
reunirnos hoy recordamos todos nuestros queridos
que han muerto. Damos gracias a Dios por el don
de sus vidas y por su amor que nos ha tocado de
una manera tan profunda. Pedimos que nuestro
Dios amoroso siga consolándonos con el don de
nuestra fe que proclama que la vida nunca se
November 2, 2014
termina, sino que la vida se cambia. Pablo
proclama: “¡Qué victoria tan grande! La muerte ha
sido devorada. ¿Dónde está, oh muerte, tu
victoria? ¿Dónde está, oh muerte, tu aguijón? El
aguijón de la muerte es el pecado, y la Ley lo hacía
más poderoso. Pero demos gracias a Dios que nos
da la victoria por medio de Cristo Jesús, nuestro
Las oraciones finales al lado de la tumba en el día
de la Misa de Sepelio Cristiano concluyen con estas
hermosas palabras:
Dale, Señor, eterno descanso a todos nuestros
queridos, O Dios.
Que tu luz graciosa brille siempre sobre ellos.
Que siempre descansen en tu paz amorosa y eterna.
Que el amor de Dios y la paz del Señor Jesucristo
nos bendiga y nos consuele y limpie suavemente
toda lágrima de nuestros ojos.
Salgamos en paz.
Padre Steve
SEMANALES – Por favor continúen
ayudándonos y hagan un esfuerzo de traer al menos
una lata de comida cuando vengan a la Misa.
Harían una gran diferencia para nuestra despensa.
Necesitamos tuna, salsa para espagueti, cereal,
aceite, frijoles, lentejas, garbanzos, macarrón con
queso, frutas y vegetales enlatados, arroz,
mantequilla de maní, jugo. Mil gracias por su
apoyo tan grande
x VOLUNTARIOS: Nuestra Iglesia está
en necesidad de voluntarios para hacer
Lector, Ministro de Eucaristía, Acomodadores,
y Monaguillos(as). También tenemos
oportunidades para que sea miembro del
Consejo Hispano. Por favor, llamar a José al
883-6910 para más información o puede pasar
por la Rectoría de la Parroquia y hablar con el
Padre Steve.
Page 8
Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Fátima
Declaración de Misión Parroquial
Arraigados firmemente en nuestra tradición
católica romana, nosotros, la parroquia de
Nuestra Señora de Fátima, somos una
comunidad de creyentes que acoge a todos,
cuida de todos e incluye a todos.
Intentamos dar evidencia del amor de Cristo
para todos en nuestras vidas, en nuestra
comunidad y en todo nuestro mundo.
Nos esforzamos en continuar la misión de
Jesús por medio del culto y por medio de
nuestros programas de educación,
espiritualidad y justicia social y en nuestro
compromiso de corresponsabilidad de la vida
Somos una parroquia colaboradora, diversa y
multicultural, dedicada a extenderse a todo el
pueblo de, especialmente a los más
necesitados. ¡Todos son bienvenidos a esta
el DÍA DE ACCIÓN DE GRACIAS se celebrará el
Jueves, 27 de NOVIEMBRE, comenzando a las
10:30 AM. ¡Todos son bienvenidos! Por favor
traiga al menos una donación para nuestra
despensa de alimentos. No se olvide de anotar en
una hoja de papel una breve oración en acción de
gracias. Por favor, devuelva las hojas durante la
colecta de las misas durante el mes de Noviembre.
Las oraciones serán parte de nuestra celebración
para el Día de Acción de Gracias y la Misa.
DVD. Si usted está interesada en obtener una
copia del DVD de la Parroquia de Fátima, por
favor vengan a la Oficina de la Parroquia. El
costo por cada copia del DVD es de $20
November 2nd, 2014
Page |9
All Saints
Tabor Retreat Center,
60 Anchor Ave,
Oceanside, NY 11572
Tel. (516) 536-3004
The Hearts Journey Through the
November 7-8, 2014
Friday 7:30pm - Saturday 7:30pm
This retreat focuses on the autumn
section of the book, "The Circle of Life" by
Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr. We take
time to reflect on the lessons of this season as we
explore the surrender, transformation, and
thanksgiving called for in our lives. Together we
find joy and celebrate each of these lessons as
part of the natural rhythm of growing and being.
"Sitting in autumn's quiet sunlight can be a
sonnet without words." Join us!
Presenter: Sr. Anne Rodgers, OP
has been a Dominican Sister of
Amityville for over 58 years. She has served
in schools and parishes primarily on Long
Island and Louisiana in the ministries of
teaching, religious education, spirituality and
retreat work. "My goal is to have fun and to
allow God's presence to embrace me in every
situation of my life. I am deeply grateful for the
astonishing ways that I have been cared for by
a most loving and gracious God!"
Donation: Overnight $145.
(room & meals)
Commuter $110. (lunch & dinner)
Since the fourth century various Eastern
churches have commemorated a feast of
all martyrs. By the sixth century this
commemoration was celebrated at Rome.
November 1 as the date for the celebration
in the West seems to have originated in
Ireland and/or Britain where it was seen as
“harvest feast” at the close of the
liturgical year. In 844, Pope Gregory IV
established this date for all the Roman
church. Joined to the day was the
commemoration of the dedication of the
Pantheon as the church of St. Mary and
All Martyrs.
Saint Andrew, Bible Missal
All Souls
Let us turn to Christ Jesus with confidence and
faith in the power of his cross and resurrection.
Risen Lord, pattern of our life forever:
Lord, have mercy.
Promise and image of what we shall be:
Lord, have mercy.
Son of God who came to destroy sin and death:
Lord, have mercy.
Word of God who delivered us from the fear of
Lord, have mercy.
Crucified Lord, forsake in death, raised in glory:
Lord, have mercy.
Lord Jesus, gentle Shepherd who bring rest to our
souls, give peace to our community for ever:
Lord, have mercy.
Lord Jesus, you bless those who mourn and are in
pain. Bless Our family Community and friends
who gather around us today.
Lord, have mercy.
Stewardship News
~ Reflection Weekend~
“And here the first word that I wish to say to you: joy! Do not be men and women of
sadness: a Christian can never be sad! Never give way to discouragement! Ours is not a joy
born of having many possessions, but of having encountered a Person: Jesus, in our midst.”
Pope Francis: Palm Sunday Homily: March 24, 2013
We reflect on those stewards who have gone before us.
reflection noun \ri-ƍflek-shԥn\
: a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation
: consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose
Adapted from Webster’s Dictionary
Today, we remember.
All Soul’s Day invites us to
remember all those who have gone
before us in faith.
the present generation have
received and cared for the gifts
that have been left to us. We
reflect upon what we are doing to
build up our parish and further
the mission of Christ so as to gift
it to the generations yet to come.
Each one of us has a unique
contribution to make in the
Church’s journey of faith. There is
no one - past, present, or future who is meant to make the
contribution that we are
meant to make.
During this time, we remember
family, friends and all the faithful
departed. We remember these and
all of the members of the
Communion of Saints who shared
their gifts so that we might have
the world in which we
live today. Each person
who has gone before us
This joy is a
contributed to this
state of
present world in some
being in
As responsible
stewards, we strive to
discover each day what
that contribution is and
we seek to fulfill it.
Each successful step we
make on the journey
brings us closer to God
and we are blessed with
As stewards of our
faith, we reflect on the
with a God
example given to us by
who loves us
those who have come
more than we
before us. We remember
can imagine!
their acts of kindness in
caring for the sick,
feeding the hungry and
This joy is present
sheltering the homeless; their
whether we are experiencing
promotion of justice and peace;
happiness or sadness. This joy is
their financial sacrifices for the
a state of being...of being in
poor and for the parishes they
relationship with a God who loves
built up; their protection of all life;
us more than we can imagine!
and, entrusting all of this to the
Let us learn from and
next generation. For many, they
remember the example of those
served with gladness and a joy
who came before us. May we, too
that can only be realized as a true
know the joy that comes from
follower of Christ.
living as stewards, and may our
Today, we remember.
good works serve as witness to
Christ for those around us now,
At this time and as responsible
and for those who are still to
stewards ourselves, we also take
the time to reflect upon how we,
Today, we remember and pray...
Loving God, help us to be
ever conscious of the sacrifices and
good works of those
who went before us.
May we honor their contributions
by being responsible and
accountable for what
we have received.
May we, too, make sacrifices and
perform good works
in the name of our faith
so as to leave our Church
strong and vibrant
for those who are still to come.
We ask this through
Christ our Lord.
We are Invited to Reflect
and Remember those who:
♦ Fought for religious freedom so we
may worship in safety.
♦ Sacrificed to secure the land and
build the buildings in which we
gather, learn and strengthen our
♦ Shared their gifts in order to
establish, care for and build up this
parish community.
♦ First introduced us to Jesus Christ
and those who fostered the