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JANUARY 10TH, 2016
The Baptism of The Lord
Fr. Gerardo (Jerry) Arano-Ponce
Associate Pastor
Fr. Jesús René Pérez
Raymond Delgado
Office Manager
Mary Ann Pickering
Parish Secretary
Celia Bautista
Religious Ed. Director
Andrea Valdez
Daily Tuesday thru Friday/Martes a Viernes 8:00am
Wednesday 6:30pm & Thursday 6:30pm (Spanish)
Saturday/4:00pm (English) /6:00pm (Spanish)
Sunday/Domingo: 7:30am, 9:30am (English), 11:30am, 1:30pm (Spanish)
Office Hours/Horas de oficina: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm
School web
East: K-8, 1725 NE Seward Ave.
School Phone .................. (785)234-8980
School Fax ...................... (785)234-6778
Email ........
West: Pre-School, 210 NE Branner
School Phone .................. (785)233-9171
Email ........
Wednesday 5:15-6:15pm, Saturday
2:30pm to 3:30 pm, or anytime by
appointment if needed/ Miércoles 5:156:15pm, Sábado de 2:30pm a 3:30pm,
o por cita si necesita.
arrangements must be made with the
pastor at least six months prior to the
planned date. Planes de Matrimonio
llame al Sacerdote.
Arrangements need to be made with the
church office six months prior to planned
date./Acuerdos necesitan hacerse en la
oficina parroquial por lo menos 6 meses
antes de la fecha planeada.
Communion Calls
if anyone is sick at home for a period of
time, please notify the parish office.
Declaration of Nullity
Please call the parish office at
Baptism Preparation Session
Second Sunday of every month at
10:30am English and 3:00pm Spanish.
Call Parish Office to register./Segundo
Domingo de cada mes a las 10:30am en
ingles y 3:00pm en español. Llame para
Office Phone .......... (785)232-5088 Emergency Evening
Office Fax .............. (785)232-8834 Phone ....................... (785)215-6113
E-mail .......... Web Page .......
For the Sacrament of the Sick please call
the parish office.
Anointing of the Sick
A weekly publication of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 201 NE Chandler Street, Topeka, KS, 66616-1196
Please pray for the sick of the Parish, and all our
Military Troops,/ Por favor de orar por los enfermos de la parroquia y todos en las Fuerzas Armadas: Jennifer Delci, John Marlin, Lesa Martinez, Patrick
Please remember Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
in your will. Our legal title is:
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Topeka,
201 NE Chandler St., Topeka, KS 66616.
Hernandez, Margaret Toledo-Lopez, Maria Mendoza, Lisa
Motto, Gloria Ruddy, Anna Rose, Anna Hernandez-Reid,
Sarah Martinez, Liliana Gonzales, Carol Hernandez, Gerry
Gauthier, Sue Garcia Casebier, Russell Adam, Donna
Rodgers, Danielle Ritter, Ali Rivera, Jayden Moore,Olivia
Johnson, Gene Torres, Daniel de Jesus Anguiano Cedeno
Jr., Enrique Garcia, Tomee Flores Bradberry, Joseph Cervantes, Shirley Green, David M. Hernandez, Steve
Dominguez, Uriel Muñoz, Mary Frances Dallen, Riley
Robinson, Aiven Burkhart, Davonta Martinez, Heather
Richardson, John Marr, Brayan Cervantes, Virginia Ramos,
Molly Ann Motto, Brian Burkett, Martin Ortiz Jr., Guillermina G. Lopez, John Padilla, Molly Neal, Leocadia Navarro, Jason Blancas, Feliciano Canares, Raul Perez Torrez,
Elizabeth Adame, Ana Villegas, Marcelino Chavez, Reese
Lord, Pabla Soto, Virginia Ferrero, Debbie Lindsay, Sevarina Padilla, Roland Alonzo, Rita Otradovec, Roger Ortega,
Jeamine Crown, Joseph Roman, Ana Lynn Smith, Joe
Adame, Cruz Chavez, Philip Aguirre–-Bolin, Anne Rangel,
Martha Tellez, Juan Rodriguez De Avila, Victoria White.
01/12 8:00am +
01/13 8:00am
J ohn LS Navar r o
For Vocations to Holy Or -
01/14 8:00am
Para los Padres de Familia
For the Elder ly
01/15 8:00am
01/16 4:00pm
For the Pr iests
For the Par ish member s of
Frank & Molly Padilla
6:00pm +
01/17 7:30 am + Rito & Leonila Valdivia
9:30 am + Rafael D Mendez
Para la Paz del Mundo
Para Los Enfermos
Eucharistic adorers:
Our Lord gives us peace and gifts of the Holy Spirit as we pray
and spend time with Him. We are blessed with having our Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Please Contact Angel & Mary Valdivia
at 273-1629 for guardian hours from 6:00am-12:00 noon, John
and Lupe Jaramillo from 12:00 noon-6:00pm, John & Lupe Jaramillo at 234-5936 from 6:00pm-midnight, and Monica & Marcus
Ramirez from midnight-6:00am. Hours currently open: Monday;
8:00am, 3:00am Tuesday; 1:00 am, 2:00am, Wednesday; 3:00am,
4:00am, 8:00 am, 4:00pm Thursday: 2:00 am, 11:00 pm.
If you are sick/homebound
and would like to have a visit & Rosary said,
the Legion of Mary would gladly come to your
home. Please call Marcelino Gonzalez at 3576606 or Luis Del Real 267-2852 to set up a
day & time.
LITURGICAL MINISTRIES 01/16/15 & 01/17/2016
9:30 am
Bill & MaryAnn
Angeles Escobar
Ramona Herrera
Miguel Ramirez
Mary Jo Chavez
Sr. Rebecca
Mary Frances Dallen
Anabella Gallegos
Margarita Flores
Silvina Munoz
Israel Cortez
Jose Luis
Aracely Parra
Jose Martinez
Ministers of
Yvonne Herrera
Deacon Ray
Peter Gallego
Lourdes Trevizo
Nazaria Galicia
Isabel Gonzales
John & Lupe
Naya Balandran
Dolores Oliva
Deborah Ortega
Rosario Barranco
Lourdes Trivizo
Goyita Morales
Maria Gomez
Mass Servers
Susana Mosqueda
Yanelia Flores-Pagan
P.J. Vargas
Felix Valdez
Dominic Rodriguez
A weekly publication of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 201 NE Chandler Street, Topeka, KS, 66616-1196
CCD Religious Education
At SOR we ended our School Year celebrating the birth of Jesus,
on December 17 we celebrated Las Posadas. Thank you to The
KoC for setting up and preparing snacks for our celebration, we
appreciate all that you do for us! Thank you to Maria Stever for
her beautiful costumes, the first and second graders looked amazing! A Special Thank you to Celia Bautista and Rachelle VegaRetana for all their ideas, and hard work!
Thank you to all those who joined us, helped us, and especially
the students and parents for attending practice and making a successful Posadas!
2015 SOR Posadas Cast
Joseph – Rico Chavez
Mary – Eva Rivera
Donkey – Mathias Martinez
Inn Keepers – David Colon, Alex Hernandez & Michael Roman
Three Kings – Edgar Campos, Eduardo Lopez & Angel Ortiz
Angels – Jymmena Soto, Ximena Angeles, Genevy Fisher, Dulce
Medrano & Jasmine Zapata
Happy New Year to all !!
Thank you so much for your many expressions of sincere appreciation through the many Christmas cards, Baked goods, and
delicious food sent to the rectory during the Christmas week.
Many thanks to those who sent Hamilton’s, Jackson’s, Grant’s
and even Franklin!
Fr. Jesus Reñe is in Colombia, South America, since December
28 and will return on January 20th.
I will visit my parents in Veracruz for a week starting on January
I hope you all enjoyed the love of family and friends during the
holidays. I look forward to my late Christmas with my family at
the end of the month!
God bless,
Holy Family
Holy Family Catholic School boys’ basketball has begun. Booster Club will be selling concessions on Monday, January 11 beginning at 5:30 until 8:30p.m. at the
Marlo Cuevas Balandran Activity Center. The menu
will consist of tacos, tostadas, burritos, enchiladas, hot
dogs, chili dogs, nachos, popcorn, pop, Gatorade, water and candy. Please come support the teams and
booster club. We do carry out orders too!!
Altar Server Training
If you are interested in being an Altar server, there
will be training on January 11th,13th and 14th, 2016
in the church at 5pm.
For more information call the church office at
Thank you.
Are January 10th, 2016 after the 9:30am Mass
in the Church.
Both Parents and Sponsors are encouraged to
go to the class if your preparing to baptize in
the upcoming months. Call the Parish Office
for further information 232-5088
Its time to play some BINGO!
When: Tuesday January 12, 2016
Time: 6:30 pm
Where: Banquet Room in the Activity Center
next to the Church.
Bring your friends and family!
Fr. Jerry
Mexican Bread
and Cookie Sale
Pete Muñoz will be having a Mexican bread and cookie sale on Friday, January 22 and
Saturday, January 23 in the Downstairs Activity Center from
11am to 5pm.
Knight of Columbus
Fr. Jerry and Knight of Columbus will be sponsoring a Baby Diaper Drive from January 17th to Janury 31st in support of Mary’s
Choices. Please bring new packages of disposable diapers from
new born to size 5 and place them in the blue K of C container in
the vestibule at the front of the church. All diapers will be delivered to Mary’s choices for distribution to those that have chosen
life for their child. Thank you and may God bless you.
A weekly publication of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 201 NE Chandler Street, Topeka, KS, 66616-1196
Las Obras de Misericordia Coropral
para el...
Sed, dar de beber
Hambriento , compartir comida
Encarcelado , visitar y orar
Enfermo , atencion y visitar
Sin hogar , proporcionar refugio
Desnudo, Dar Ropa
Muerto, enterrar sus cuerpos
Obras de Misericordia Espirituales
Aguantar injusticias pacientemente
Oren por los vivos y los muertos
Amonestar a los pecadores
Asesorar a los dudosa
Ensenar a los ignorantes
Perdonar ofensas
Consolar los afligidos
CCD Educación Religiosa
A SOR terminamos nuestro año escolar que celebra delnacimiento de Jesús , el 17 de Diciembre celebramos Las Posadas .
Gracias a Los K of C para configurar y preparar bocadillos
para nuestra celebración , apreciamos todo lo que hacen por
nosotros! Gracias a María Stever por sus hermosos trajes , el
primer y segundo grado parecía increíble ! Gracias Un especial
a Celia Bautista y Rachelle Vega- Retana para todas sus ideas y
trabajo duro!
¡Gracias a todos los que se unieron a nosotros , nos ayudó , y
especialmente a los estudiantes y padres de familia para asistir a
la práctica y hacer las Posadas un éxito !
2015 SOR Posadas moldeada
Joseph - Rico Chávez
María - Eva Rivera
Burro - Mathias Martínez
Inn Keepers - David Colón , Alex Hernández y Michael Romano
Tres Reyes - Edgar Campos, Eduardo López y Ángel Ortiz
Angels - Jymmena Soto , Ximena Ángeles , Genevy Fisher ,
Dulce Medrano y Jasmine Zapata
Venta de Pan
Mexicano y Galletas
Pete Muñoz va tener una venta de pan y galletas Méxicano el Viernes 22 de Enero
y el Sábado, 23 de Enero en el Centro de Actividades
eb la planta de abajo de 11 a.m.-5 p.m. .
Si usted está interesado en ser Monaguillos, habrá
formación el 11, 13 y 14 de Enero 2016 en la Igelsa a
las 5pm . Para más información llama a la oficina de
la iglesia al 785-232-5088 .
~Clases Bautismales ~
son ofrecidas por parte de la parroquia para los papas
y padrinos, para ayudarles prepararse para la recepción del Sacramento del Bautismo. Ven y aprende el
por que bautizar a los bebes es lo normal en la Iglesia.
También, haga planes para asistir a la clase antes de
que nazca su bebe, y se alegrara de haber lo hecho. No
hay ningún costo para las clases.
Favor de llamar a la oficina parroquial al 785-2325088 para registrase. Clases en español son el 2o domingo del mes a las 3pm en el centr o de actividades. Necesitan registrase con la oficina de la iglesia
antes de tomar la platica de bautismo.
Se les reccuerda que para Bodas y Quinceañeras se
hace cita con el párrco “Gerardo”de la Iglesa. En la
oficina de la Iglesa. El párrco es quien autoriza la
feche. Si la fecha está disponible, no está garantizado
ningun feche y no se aparte feche sin autorizacion del
párrco. Para cita con el párrco llama al 785-232-5088.
Feliz Año a todos !!
Muchas gracias por sus muchas expresiones de sincero
agradecimiento por las muchas tarjetas de Navidad,
productos horneados , y la comida deliciosa enviados
a la rectoría durante la semana de Navidad .
Muchas gracias a quienes enviaron Hamilton , Jackson , Grant e incluso Franklin !
Padre Jesús Rene está en Colombia , Sur America ,
desde el 28 de Diciembre y regresará el 20 de Enero .
Voy a visitar a mis padres en Veracruz durante una
semana de partida el 28 de Enero .
Espero que hayan disfrutado el amor de la familia y
amigos durante los dias feistvos. Espero mi Navidad
retrasado con mi familia el fin de mes !
Dios los bendiga,
Padre Gerardo “Jerry”
A weekly publication of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 201 NE Chandler Street, Topeka, KS, 66616-1196
Holy Rosary Rally
Please Join us at the January Holy Rosary Rally in
Honor of Our Lady of Fatima– Which will be held on
Sunday January 17th from 3 pm to 4:15pm at St.
Mark/St Anthony Parish, 615 N. 7th Street Kansas
City, Ks 66101. We will pray the Joyful, Sorrowful
and Glorious mysteries of the Holy rosary followed by
Benediction and the opportunity for attendees to enroll
in the Brown Scapular. For driving instructions or future dates for the Kansas city monthly Holy rosary rallies, visit
2016 Regional Catholic Women’s Retreat
Resolve, Renew, Rejoice Featuring keynote speaker “Lisa Cotter”
Saturday, January 23rd at Christ the King Catholic Church at
5973 SW 25th Street in Topeka. Doors open at 6:30am-12:30
Register online at $20 per registration. For more
information contact Tonya Campbell at 785-221-8652 or tann-
Fertility Care Center
Year of Mercy
Parent and Parishioners:
As we all know Archbishop Naumann has called for
this to be the Year of Mercy. I have been volunteering
at the Catholic Charities food bank for a while and
have noticed that most of the time, the homeless have
lacked of proper footwear. To help with this problem
and to answer the Archbishop call, I have established
Sole Reason, a company that collects your used or
greatly used shoes and donates them to the homeless
and less fortunate in our community. It will be a non–
profit company that uses the communities love, compassion, and generosity to equip the less fortunate with
proper footwear. I will have donation boxes set up at
your parish, ( by the south door) the month of January
where you can drop off your shoes. I will also be able
to pick up your shoes if you would like, just call me,
Jerry, at (785) 338-2965 to set up a time and place.
This will be continuous project and I will have a website in the coming week which will be for mor e info. On behalf of
those less fortunate, God bless and thank you.
Engaged? Married? Need NFP? Infertility? The Fertility Care
System (Creighton Model) Introductory Session is offered
monthly at a variety of area locations and long distance. Fulfills
marriage policy requirement. Helpful for achieving pregnancy
plus medical applications. Better than IVF for infertility! Register
online at or call the Fertility Care of KC at
98160 858-0198 Para espanol llama Brooklynn Salazar, FCPI
(816) 398-9327
Looking for that special someone
Hayden Chili Feed!
The Hayden Catholic High School Student Council is
sponsoring a chili feed on Friday, January 15, 2016
from 4:30-7:30pm during the home basketball game
vs Topeka High… $6 will get you the following:
 All you can eat chili/ chili dogs
 Veggies
 Drink (tea or water)
 Cinnamon roll
Extra cinnamon rolls will be available for $1 each..
Come and enjoy some wonderful food and fellowship
for a good cause and stay to cheer on the Wildcats and
watch some excellent basketball!!!
We all think we are too busy to do one thing, but
Birthright is hoping you can spare just a few hours,
once a week. We are great need of additional volunteers to work in our office, meeting the needs of our
clients. Several of our current volunteers have had to
take leaves while they care for sick family members,
undergo surgery and even chemotherapy. So , we
need YOU!! Evening shifts are only two hours and
day time shift are 3 1/2 hours. You can work as little
as once a month! But please give prayful thought to
joining us in this very worthwhile cause! Training
provided!! If interested, call the office during open
hours at 785-234-0701 or call our Director, Lorraine,
at 758-224-8485. We look forward to hearing from
“ I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”
Helen Keller