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Eve Chase
A stunning, gothic debut novel set for lead title release in the UK
and the US and already sold in six languages on the basis of a
partial manuscript.
We spend our summers at Black Rabbit Hall. Where time goes
syrupy slow. Where nobody cares that the clocks are all set
wrong. And decisions don’t have consequences…
Beautiful, crumbling Pencraw Hall is known to locals as Black
Rabbit Hall – as the sun sets, wild rabbits are silhouetted sharply
against the horizon, casting a watchful eye over its vast grounds.
It is second home to the Alton family who holiday there every
summer. Their joke is that a Black Rabbit hour lasts twice as long
as a London one, but they don’t get a quarter of the things done.
Beyond lazy walks to the beach and building dens in woods,
nothing much ever happens.
UK: Michael Joseph - July 2nd 2015
UK Editor: Maxine Hitchcock
US: Penguin Putnam - Spring 2016
US Editor: Tara Singh Carlson
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Rights Sold:
French - Éditions Robert Laffont
German - Blanvalet
Italian - Rizzoli
Lithuanian - Alma Littera
Norwegian - Gyldendal Norsk
Polish - Swiat Ksiazki
Russian - AST
Spanish - Plaza y Janés
Swedish - TBC
Additional Info:
Extent - 354 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - page proofs
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
Until the very worst thing does.
After the awful events of that sticky summer day, time seems
to stop for good for the Alton children – little Kitty, five-year-old
Barney and fourteen-year-old twins Toby and Amber. In the wake
of their catastrophic loss, it doesn’t take long for the children to
run wild. But when Caroline Shawcross, along with her dark, angry
son Lucian, arrives at Black Rabbit Hall on their father’s arm, even
greater tragedy looms over the Alton family.
Decades later, Lorna Smith and her fiancé wind their way through
the Cornish countryside searching for the perfect wedding venue.
Lorna is drawn to the beautiful old house she remembers from
her childhood – in her eyes the dust chandeliers and wild flowers
growing through its floorboards are pure romance. But when she
finds Toby’s fearful message carved into a tree from years earlier,
she learns that Black Rabbit Hall’s history is as darkly tangled as its
wood, and that, much like her own past, it must be brought into
the light.
Eve Chase always wanted to write about families – ones that go
wrong but somehow survive – and big old houses, where family
secrets and untold stories seed in the crumbling stone walls. Black
Rabbit Hall is such a story. Eve is married with three young children
and lives in Oxfordshire.
“Black Rabbit Hall is a twisting gothic of family secrets, forbidden
lust, and a family of four extraordinary children who’ll stick with
you long after they’ve scattered off the page.” - Miranda BeverlyWhittemore, New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet
Literary & Upmarket Fiction 1
Ryan Gattis
A propulsive and ambitious novel as electrifying as the television
series The Wire, this is a mesmerising epic of crime and opportunity,
race, revenge and loyalty.
At 3:15 p.m. on April 29, 1992, a jury acquitted two Los Angeles
Police Department officers charged with using excessive force to
subdue civilian Rodney King. Less than two hours later, the city
of LA, a powder keg of racial tension, exploded in violence as
people took to the streets in a terrifying orgy of rioting that lasted
six days.
Official reports state that in 144 hours sixty lives were lost. But
what of the murders committed by gangbangers who used the
lawlessness of a city on fire to viciously settle scores.
UK: Picador - May 21st 2015
UK Editor: Paul Baggaley
US: Ecco - April 7th 2015
US Editor: Daniel Halpern
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Rights Sold:
Czech - Host
Dutch - Nijgh & Van Ditmar
Finnish - Like
French - Fayard
German - Rowohlt
Hungarian - Fumax
Italian - Ugo Guanda
Polish - Czarna Owca
Portuguese in Brazil - Intrinseca
Spanish - Planeta
Spanish in Mexico - Planeta
Swedish - Albert Bonniers Forlag
Additional Info:
Extent - 368 pages incl glossary
Illustrations - specially commissioned
Material Available - final files
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
A gritty and cinematic work of sourced fiction, All Involved vividly
recreates this turbulent and terrifying time through the stories of
interconnected lives caught up in extraordinary circumstances.
Focusing on a sliver of Los Angeles during the riots ignored by the
media, Ryan Gattis paints a portrait of modern America itself—
laying bare our history, our prejudices, and our complexities.
Divided into six parts - one for each day the riots raged - and
resonant with the voices of former gang members, firefighters,
nurses, grown-up graffiti kids, and others who survived that
infamous time, All Involved is a literary tour de force that catapults
this edgy writer into the ranks of such legendary talents as George
Pelacanos, Dennis Lehane, and Hubert Selby, Jr.
Ryan Gattis is a novelist, lecturer at Chapman University, and
Creative Director for urban art crew UGLAR (uglarworks.com). He
lives in Los Angeles.
Praise for ALL INVOLVED:
“All Involved is a monumental achievement. Ryan Gattis takes
the reader into the broken, outraged heart of Los Angeles during
the ‘92 riots and doesn’t blink once at what he finds there.”
- Dennis Lehane
“Corrosive, timely, vividly realized scenes of urban warfare
and thwarted dreams by a writer who clearly knows his
subject: the netherworld of Los Angeles in the early 1990’s.”
- Joyce Carol Oates
“All Involved is a symphonic, pitch-perfect, superlative novel. It
swallowed me whole.” - David Mitchell
Literary & Upmarket Fiction 2
Guinevere Glasfurd
A deeply moving debut novel for readers of Jo Baker’s
Longbourn, Nell Leyshon’s The Colour of Milk and Tracey
Chevalier’s Girl with A Pearl Earring.
This is the untold story of the hidden love between French
philosopher René Descartes and Dutch maid, Helena Jans van
der Strom. Set against the backdrop of the Scientific Revolution
– a time of change but also of great danger, when heretics and
transgressors are brutally punished. Descartes is a Catholic, Helena
a Calvinist; he is a man of means, she is a maid. Reputation is all.
Their affair could ruin them.
UK: Two Roads (Hachette) February 2016
UK Editor: Lisa Highton
US Rights: Hachette
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Rights Sold:
German - Ullstein Verlag
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - copyedited
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Van Lear Agency
Weaving together the story of Descartes’ quest for reason with
Helena’s struggle for literacy, the novel follows Helena’s journey
across the Dutch Republic as she tries to keep their young
daughter secret. It’s told in the first person from Helena’s point of
view, revealing her place in Descartes’ life and contribution to his
work. Through Helena’s story, everyday objects are transformed
into new ways of learning. Their worlds overlap yet remain sharply
divided; the only way of being together, is living unseen. Helena
and Descartes face a terrible tragedy, and ultimately have to
decide if their love is possible at all.
Guinevere Glasfurd was awarded a place on Writers’ Centre
Norwich Escalator programme in 2012. She has an MA in Creative
Writing (Distinction), and her short fiction has been published in
Mslexia, The Scotsman and in an anthology from the National
Galleries of Scotland. She received a grant from Arts Council
England to write and research The Words in My Hand and recently
won TLC’s Pen Factor Award. The Words in My Hand is her first
Literary & Upmarket Fiction 3
Alexander McCall Smith
An Isabel Dalhousie novel.
Isabel Dalhousie is one of Edinburgh’s most generous (but discreet)
philanthropists - but should she be more charitable? She wonders,
sometimes, if she is too judgmental about her niece’s amorous
exploits, too sharp about her housekeeper’s spiritual beliefs, too
ready to bristle in battle against her enemies.
As the editor of the Review of Applied Ethics, she doesn’t, of course,
allow herself actual enemies, but she does feel enmity - especially
towards two academics who have just arrived in the city. Isabel
feels they’re a highly destabilizing influence; little tremors in the
volcanic rock upon which an Enlightened Edinburgh perches.
UK: Little Brown - April 2nd 2015
UK Editor: Richard Beswick
US: Pantheon/ Random House
US Editor: Edward Kastenmeier
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Rights Sold:
French - Éditions des Deux Terres
Additional Info:
Extent - 256 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - final files
Equally troubling is the situation of the little boy who is convinced
he had a previous life. When Isabel is called upon to help, she finds
herself questioning her views on reincarnation. And the nature of
grief. And - crucially - the positioning of lighthouses.
Alexander McCall Smith is the author of over eighty books and for
many years was professor of Medical Law at Edinburgh University
and served on national and international bioethics bodies.
His books have been translated around the world. He lives in
Praise for the THE SUNDAY PHILOSOPHY CLUB series:
Italian - Ugo Guanda
Serbian - Samizdat
“What a breath of fresh air Alexander McCall Smith brings to
the detective story… The charm of the Isabel Dalhousie books is
their human warmth. You like the heroine because she is real.”
- Sunday Telegraph
All Titles and Previous Publishers in
the The Sunday Philosophy Club
“Isabel Dalhousie is vibrant, truthful, tolerant, empathetic… she
has the gift of an expansive, forgiving humanity which embraces
the world it inhabits.” - The Scotsman
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
Literary & Upmarket Fiction 4
Alexander McCall Smith
The latest from The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.
Fans of this bestselling series will be delighted to enjoy another
encounter with Mma Ramotswe, proprietor of Botswana’s most
famous Detective Agency.
From her office in Tlokweng Road - and with the invaluable
assistance of Mma Makutsi - Precious continues to help her clients
with their problems. However, when news comes of the founding
of a rival secretarial school in the area, Mma Makutsi is outraged
on behalf of her alma mater, the Botswana Secretarial College.
Imagine her consternation, then, when it transpires that the
founder of the new school is none other than the scheming Violet
Sephotho, whom everyone knows did not graduate with anything
like 97%...
UK: Little, Brown - September 2015
UK Editor: Richard Beswick
US: Pantheon/Random House
October 2015
US Editor: Edward Kastenmeier
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Additional Info:
Extent - 240 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - manuscript due
June 2015
Praise for the No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series:
“Such warmth that you find yourself laughing and crying.”
- New Statesman
“Totally addictive.” - Daily Mail
“A small slice of heaven.” - The Scotsman
Bulgarian - Iztok Zapad Publishers
Chinese Simplified - Guangdong
Yongheng Books
Danish - Rosinante & Co.
Finnish - Otava
French - 10/18
Icelandic - Forlagid
Italian - Ugo Guanda
Norwegian - Cappelen Damm
Russian - Ripol
Serbian - Samizdat
Swedish - Massolit/ Bonniers Audio
All Titles and Previous Publishers in
No 1 Ladies’ Series
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
Literary & Upmarket Fiction 5
Antonia Senior
A vivid, authentic tale of one man’s quest to secure his family
legacy through the ages.
In twelfth-century Scotland, far removed from the courtly manners
of the Lowland, the Winter Isles are riven by vicious warfare, plots
and battles.
Into this hard, seafaring life is born a boy called Somerled. The son
of an ageing chieftain, Somerled must prove his own worth as a
warrior. He will rise to lead his men into battle and claim the title
of Lord of the Isles – but what must he sacrifice to secure the glory
of his name?
An astonishingly vivid re-creation of the savage dynastic battles of
medieval Scotland, this is an absorbing, emotional and powerful
UK & US: Atlantic - November 5th
UK Editor: Louise Cullen
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Additional Info:
Extent - 384 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - unedited
Previous Titles:
Treason’s Daughter (2014)
Polish - Poznanskie
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Van Lear Agency
Antonia Senior writes frequently for the Guardian among other
newspapers, and before turning freelance was a leader writer
and then columnist for The Times, as well as editing their ‘Eureka’
Her first novel, Treason’s Daughter, is set during the English Civil
War and was published by Atlantic Books in summer 2014. It was
chosen for WH Smith’s ‘Fresh Talent’ promotion this year.
“A compelling book that truly gets under the skin of its characters,
and does so with compassion and passion…an exceptionally
good historical novel and I predict a glittering future for its hugely
talented author.” - Angus Donald, bestselling author of The Outlaw
“Senior’s fresh, forceful writing breathes new life and relevance
into the most destructive, dangerous era in English history. Totally
gripping.” - The Times
“Gripping…a complex and engaging story.” - BBC History Extra
Literary & Upmarket Fiction 6
Rebecca Chance
Sex, danger and luxury collide to make this a pulse-racing
journey you’ll never forget…
A luxury airplane on its first flight, is heading to LA, is packed with
famous stars and none more famous than the VIP singer, Catalina,
whose heart was broken by the ex-boyfriend who just happens
to be the air marshal. Then there’s the feuding crew, headed up
by a womanising handsome pilot. And amongst all this, there’s a
ruthless and determined stalker who’ll do literally anything to get
to and at that famous singer.
Mile High is a glorious, sexy, blockbusting thriller, set in the rarefied
air of First Class, and written with Rebecca Chance’s trademark
wit and panache. With this novel she moves into Harold Robbins
and Sidney Sheldon territory, fusing Jackie Collins’s glamour and
luxe with an unputdownable plot.
UK: Macmillan - August 13th 2015
UK Editor:Wayne Brookes
US Rights: DHA (AG)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - page proofs,
final files due June 18th 2015
Italian – Newton Compton
Swedish – E.A. Forlag
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
Rebecca Chance is the author of seven bestselling novels. Born
in London, she spent her twenties in Tuscany and her thirties in
Manhattan before returning to London with a handsome husband
in tow. Rebecca’s interests include trapeze, pole dancing and
cocktail drinking
Praise for Rebecca Chance:
“Rebecca Chance is a fabulous storyteller. Her people are not
perfect, thank God, but they’re fascinating, and they’re looking
for what we all want...a workable relationship with someone who
excites us. These novels will keep you reading long after you should
have turned off your light.” - Charlaine Harris
“I love Rebecca Chance’s books. Her bonkbusters scratch a very
particular reading itch that no one else can reach -- sexy, funny,
thrilling.”- Laura Lippman
“Sizzling sex scenes and plenty of steamy encounters make for a
very naughty but nice read....A blistering new bonkbuster.” - Sun
(on Bad Brides)
“Battling it out to win Style magazine’s coveted Bride Of The Year
tiara, Milly Gamble and Brianna Jade go head-to-head in this
hilarious new novel.” - OK (on Bad Brides)
“Best-selling author of last year’s Killer Heels is back with this
scandalous new page-turner. This brilliantly written novel is a
must-read.” - Closer (on Bad Brides)
“If you want sex and scandal, you can’t go too far wrong with
this gem.” - Woman’s Own (on Bad Brides)
Women’s Fiction 7
Rowan Coleman
The new novel from the bestselling author of The Memory Book.
What if you had just one chance, one letter you could leave
behind for the person you love? What would you write?
Thirty-two year old Stella nurse Carey works only the night shifts at
her local hospice, because she has good reason to not want to
be home at night.
During her nights at the hospice, Stella writes letters for her patients
containing their final wishes, thoughts and feelings – tender
domestic advice to thoughts on how to be a good parent – and
usually she delivers each letter after its author has died.
UK: Ebury - May 21st 2015
UK Editor: Gillian Green
US: Ballantine - Spring 2016
US Editor: Linda Marrow
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Rights Sold:
German - Piper
Additional Info:
Extent - 400 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - page proofs
Chinese Simplified - Guangxi
Science and Technology
French - Bragelonne
Italian - Sperling
Macedonian - Congress Service
Norwegian - Silke
Polish - Proszynski Media
Portuguese in Brazil - Record
Russian - Exmo
Serbian - Vulkan
Turkish - Altin Kitaplar
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
That is until Stella writes one letter that she feels compelled to deliver
in time to give her patient one final chance of redemption… but
was she right to interfere in a life she didn’t understand?
Set entirely at night during the hours of darkness except for the
very final scene which is set as the sun rises, We are All Made of
Stars is an incredibly moving story of one woman’s attempt to fix
everything but her own life...
Rowan Coleman lives with her husband, and five children in a
very full house in Hertfordshire. We Are All Made of Stars is Rowan’s
twelfth novel; others include The Sunday Times bestseller and
Richard & Judy Autumn Book Club pick The Memory Book; The
Accidental Mother and the award-winning Dearest Rose (soon to
be republished in the UK as Runaway Wife).
“Wonderful…a beautiful book, very moving.” - Marian Keyes
“This book is hugely loving, devastatingly sad, and yet oddly
hopeful. Claire’s fate is irreversible, her disease is terminal. Yet the
surprise twist at the end is joyous.” - Richard Madeley (Richard and
Judy Book Club)
“Painfully real and utterly heartbreaking, every page will leave you
an emotional wreck but, ultimately, this is a wonderfully uplifting
novel about mothers and daughters.” - Lisa Jewell
“This is a heart-rending story, it’s also completely absorbing,
uplifting, tender, sad and wise.” - Sunday Mirror
Women’s Fiction 8
Lucy Diamond
Pub date ? Finishes ?
Sun. Sea. Sand. Secrets...
Ever since they stumbled upon Shell Cottage on their honeymoon,
Alec and Olivia have spent the summer in the large seaside house
in Devon. Their children Freya and Robert are grown up now and
have families of their own and that makes the summers all the
more fun. But this year Alec died suddenly. Totally grief-stricken,
Olivia is persuaded that going back to Devon is just the distraction
she needs.
When Olivia arrives at Shell Cottage she has a huge shock to
absorb - nothing about her life or marriage is as she thought it
was. And then, just as her life falls apart, she meets a fabulous new
friend who might be able to make things better...
Sun. Sea. Sand. Secrets . . .
Sun. Sea. Sand. Secrets . . .
UK: Pan Macmillan - June 4th 2015
UK Editor: Caroline Hogg
US Rights: DHA (LK)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Additional Info:
Extent - 350 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - unedited
Czech - Domino
Bulgarian - Kragozor
German - Egmont LYX
Hungarian - Ulpius-haz Kiado
Italian - TEA (Trebo)
Polish - Czarne
Turkish - Altin Kitaplar
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Van Lear Agency
Freya also needs to get away from it all. She’s struggling with her
work, her marriage and the loss of her beloved dad and it doesn’t
help that her husband is so distant. Her brother Robert seems to
have a better handle on things, with a new family and exciting
career to boast of. But the truth is far from rosy - and Robert knows
he can’t hide it forever.
23/02/2015 18:24
Life is rarely postcard-perfect, but can their beautiful summer
house somehow be the setting for one last gorgeous summer
holiday together?
Lucy Diamond is the Sunday Times bestselling author of ten novels
including the top ten Sunday Times bestseller The Year of Taking
Chances. She lives in Bath with her husband and their three
Praise for Lucy Diamond:
“An utterly joyous novel.” - Miranda Dickinson
“The new queen of the gripping, light-hearted page-turner.”
- Easy Living
“Seamless, engaging, believable, fun and heartfelt.” - Heat
Women’s Fiction 9
Lucy Dillon
What can you do to make the world a better place?
Libby helps a stranger, and transforms her own life in the process.
Libby and her husband Jason have moved back to his hometown
to turn the family B&B into a boutique hotel. They have left London
behind and all the memories - good and bad - that went with it.
When a woman is hit by a car and knocked unconscious outside
the hotel, Libby offers to accompany her in the ambulance to the
hospital. When the stranger comes round, she’s suffered complete
temporary memory loss and can’t remember who she is, where
she’s come from and why she’s in Longhampton.
UK: Hodder and Stoughton - April
23rd 2015
UK Editor: Francesca Best
US Rights: Inkwell Management
(David Forrer)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Rights Sold:
German - Goldmann
Italian - Garzanti
Polish - Proszynski Media
Swedish - Forum bokförlag
Libby feels sorry for the scared woman and offers to put her up
for a few days. But as the women’s friendship blossoms, Pippa,
as they’re calling her, starts to get the feeling she was looking for
someone. Trying to find someone? And that she’s lost something.
Something important.
Libby’s one small act of kindness soon sets in motion a chain of
events that will change many people’s lives . . .
Lucy Dillon grew up in Cumbria and read English at Cambridge.
She now lives in a village outside Hereford with two basset hounds,
an old red Range Rover and too many books.
Additional Info:
Extent - 432 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - page proofs
“Bittersweet, lovely and ultimately redemptive; the kind of book
that makes you want to live your own life better.” - Jojo Moyes
All Titles and Previous Publishers
“Such a brilliant book. So satisfying and clever and deeply moving.”
- Sophie Kinsella
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
“I absolutely adored this wonderful, warm, truthful book.”
- Jenny Colgan
“An uplifting novel which will appeal to fans of David Nicholls.”
- Daily Mail
Women’s Fiction 10
Milly Johnson
Life is like a box of chocolates…
Connie Diamond has always been her husband Jimmy’s ‘best girl’
– or so she thought. But then she discovers that he’s been playing
away for the past twenty-four years, and that the chocolates she
believed he bought her as a sign of his love were just a cover-up,
and she is determined to get revenge.
Along with Della Frostick, Jimmy’s right-hand woman at his
cleaning firm, Diamond Shine, Connie decides to destroy Jimmy’s
life from the inside. Together they will set up a rival business called
Lady Muck, and along with the cleaning ladies who meet at the
Sunflower Café, they’ll make him wish he had never so much as
looked at another woman.
UK: Simon & Schuster - June 18th
UK Editor: Suzanne Baboneau
US Rights: DHA (LK)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - unedited
Catalan - Urano
Hungarian - Ulpius-haz
Indonesian - PT Kairos Gradien
Italian - Newton Compton
Spain - Urano
Turkish - Apagads Kontinent
Then Connie meets the charming Brandon Locke, a master
chocolatier, whose kind chocolate-brown eyes start to melt
her soul. Can Brandon cure Connie’s affliction and help heal
her broken heart…? And can the ladies of the Sunflower Café
overcome the odds to make Lady Muck a success…?
Milly Johnson is the sparkling and irrepressible author of ten
bestselling novels. She is also a columnist, greetings card
copywriter, poet and after-dinner speaker. Her books are about
the universal issues of friendship, family, betrayal, babies, rather
nice food and a little bit of that magic in life that sometimes visits
the unsuspecting.
Praise for Milly Johnson:
“Warm, optimistic and romantic.” - Katie Fforde
“Bursting with warmth and joie de vivre.” - Jill Mansell
“An irresistibly feel-good read.” - Jane Costello
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Van Lear Agency
Women’s Fiction 11
Marianne Kavanagh
A Pride and Prejudice for the modern era that will appeal to fans
of Jennifer Weiner, Jodi Picoult and David Nicholls.
Kim and Harry are total opposites who happen to have the same
favorite people in the world: Kim’s older sister, Eva, and her young
son Otis. Kim’s never seen what her free-spirited big sister sees in a
stuck-up stockbroker like Harry and has spent her childhood trying
to keep Harry out (MUST he always drive the most ostentatious cars
and insist on charming everyone he meets?), while Harry’s favorite
occupation is winding Kim up.
UK/ANZ: Text - September 2015
UK Editor:Michael Heyward
US Rights: Simon and Schuster - July
US Editors: Emily Bestler and Megan
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Rights sold:
Portuguese in Brazil - Editora Gente
Portuguese - 20/20
Both Harry and Kim are too stuck in their prejudices to care about
what’s really going on beneath the surface of each other’s lives.
They’ll never see eye to eye-- until the worst of all tragedy strikes.
Eva is diagnosed with cancer, and with the life of the person they
both love most hanging in the balance, long-buried secrets come
to a head in ways that will change both of them forever.
Marianne Kavanagh is a former deputy editor of Marie Claire and
has contributed to a wide variety of newspapers, magazines,
and websites, including the Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Guardian,
My Daily, Easy Living, and Red. Her last title was For Once In My
Life (2014). She lives in London and writes a weekly column for the
parenting site Parentdish.
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - unedited
“This book is fantastic. It’s hilarious, poignant and profound by
turns...Adorable.”- Daily Mail
German - Blanvalet
Italian - Garzanti
Lithuanian - Alma Littera
Turkish - Parodi Yayinlari
“Marianne Kavanagh’s debut is a glorious, heart-warming
romance...a read that is utterly compelling and page-turning.”We Love This Book
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
“Witty, summer-fresh debut.” - Independent
“Must read.” - Marie Claire
“Charming and summery first novel.” - Vogue.co.uk
Women’s Fiction 12
Carole Matthews
Christmas is just around the corner but the women of The
Chocolate Lovers’ Club have more to worry about than present
Lucy loves running Chocolate Heaven but she hasn’t spent time
with her boyfriend, Aiden, in weeks. And then her ex-fiancé turns
up and things become even more complicated.
Nadia hasn’t let herself get close to a man in a long time, yet she
can’t help feeling drawn to Jacob. Will he be her last chance for
a happy ending?
Chantal and her husband, Ted, are besotted with their baby
daughter Lana – but she’s not sure that’s enough to base a
marriage on.
UK: Little, Brown - October 2015
UK Editor: Catherine Burke
US Rights: DHA (LK)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - edited
Czech - Albatros
Greek - Harlenic Hellas
Hungarian - Ulpius-haz
Italian - Newton Compton
Latvian - Apagads Kontinent
Macedonian - Matica
Norwegian - Cappelen Damm
Romanian - Editura Alfa
Russian - Exmo
Slovenian - Zalozba KMS
Spanish - Punto de Lectura
Turkish - Eksik Parça
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
Autumn is dealing with a tragedy that has hit too close to home.
But when she doesn’t get the support she needs from her fiancé,
will she look elsewhere for comfort?
Can friendship overcome all in… The Chocolate Lovers’ Christmas.
Carole Matthews is the bestselling author of more than 25 hugely
successful romantic comedy novels. Her unique sense of humour
has won her legions of fans all over the world.
Her books, A Cottage by the Sea and Calling Mrs Christmas have
both appeared in the top ten of the Sunday Times bestseller list.
Her novels Welcome To The Real World and Wrapped Up In You
were shortlisted for the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year award.
She was also inducted into The Festival of Romance Hall of Fame
for her outstanding contribution to romantic fiction.
“Think Marian Keyes with a splash of Jane Green. If you’ve never
read any of Carole’s books, you are definitely missing out.” - Vito
“Matthews’ latest is a delicious confection- a guilty pleasure to
be savoured.”– People Magazine
“Calorie-free satisfaction.” - Kirkus
“This is serious chick-lit and will make you believe in friendship and
love all over again.” – News of the World
‘Chocolate and chick-lit – the ultimate combination.’- Heat
Women’s Fiction 13
Lucy Robinson
Two friends, two big secrets. Can you unravel the truth?
Annie’s life is about to change.
From the moment she meets Stephen Flint, things seem too good
to be true and she abandons her customary cautiousness for a
wild love affair that sets her on an unexpected path.
Kate is running from her demons. New surroundings and a new
job are just what she needs to put everything that has happened
behind her. Yet can you ever truly escape your past?
Scratch beneath the surface and nothing is as it seems. These
two old friends hold a secret, but how long can they hide before
the truth comes crashing into their lives?
A gripping and unpredictable story of two young women running
from their pasts. We defy you to guess the twist . . .
UK: Michael Joseph - March 24th
UK Editor: Maxine Hitchcock
US Rights: Inkwell Management
(David Forrer)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Lucy Robinson is the author of The Greatest Love Story of All Time
(2010), A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger (2012) and
The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me (2014). She lives in Bristol
with her partner, The Man, whom she met when she took off to
Buenos Aires to become a bohemian writer in 2010.
Rights Sold:
German - Egmont LYX
Slovak - Ikar
“Lucy Robinson combines the perfect blend of wit, warmth and
mystery, that will keep you hooked until the last page, and leave
you bereft once it’s turned.” - Rowan Coleman
Additional Info:
Extent - 440 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - final files
“Top-notch, unforgettable women’s fiction, The Day We
Disappeared is a rare gem, a novel that haunts, inspires and
captivates.” - Victoria Fox
Catalan - Urano
Italian - TEA
Serbian - Vulkan
Spanish - Urano
“I couldn’t put this book down: a fabulously original love story
that swoops and twists and wraps you in its big-hearted, funny
yet dark-edged world.” - Lucy Dillon
“Clear a space in your life for this awe-inspiring gem of a book.
Seriously, you’ll need a place for all the bits of shattered earth to
land... Please, please read it.” - Heat
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
Women’s Fiction 14
Paige Toon
Blinding sunshine… A bend in the road…What became of the
little girl with the sun in her eyes?
Amber was only three when a car crash stole her mother’s life.
She doesn’t remember the accident, but Doris, a stranger who
happened across the scene, has been unable to forget. She
made a promise to pass on a message and now, almost thirty
years’ later, she’s desperate to track Amber down.
Amber, meanwhile, is married to Ned and living on the other side
of the world in London. When her beloved father has a stroke,
she catches the next plane home to Australia to be by his side.
Away from her husband, Amber finds solace in her oldest friends,
but her feelings for Ethan Lockwood, the gorgeous, green-eyed
man she fell for as a young girl, have always been more than
UK: Simon & Schuster - May 21st
UK Editor: Suzanne Baboneau
US Rights: DHA (LK)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - manuscript due
March 2015
As Ethan and Amber grow closer, married life in London feels
very far away. And then Amber receives a letter that changes
‘Before your mother died, she asked me to tell you something’
Paige Toon was born in 1975 and grew up between England,
Australia and America. A philosophy graduate, she worked at
teen, film and women’s magazines, before ending up at Heat
magazine as Reviews Editor. Paige is married, has two small
children and lives in Cambridge.
German - Fischer
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese - Andrew Nunrberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Van Lear Agency
Praise for Paige Toon:
“It’s fresh, incredibly confident, with a very strong cast and sense
of place. This wonderful page-turner kept me guessing right until
the end.” - Marian Keyes
“Fun, summery, chick-lit with bite - if you want a bit of escapism,
this is perfect.” - Cosmopolitan
“Charming and compelling.” - Closer
Women’s Fiction 15
Rachel Abbott
The gripping new thriller from the million copy-selling
Rachel Abbott.
One dark secret. One act of revenge.
When Emma Joseph met her husband David, he was a man
shattered by grief. His first wife had been killed outright when
her car veered off the road. Just as tragically, their daughter
mysteriously vanished from the scene of the accident. Now, six
years later, Emma believes the painful years are behind them. She
and David have built a new life together and have a beautiful
baby son, Ollie.
Then a stranger walks into their lives, and their world tilts on its axis.
It seems it is time for justice to be served.
UK: Black Dot - eBook: February 24th
2015; Paperback (limited print run)
May 14th 2015
US Rights: Folio Literary
Management NYC (Michelle
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Rights Sold:
Polish - Filia
Additional Info:
Extent - 366 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - final files
Chinese Simplified - Thinkingdom
Czech - Mlada Fronta
Danish- Punktum
French - Belfond
German - Piper
Greek - Minoas
Italian - De Agostini
Portuguese in Brazil - Record
Russian - Centrepolygraph
Turkish - Altin Kitaplar
They say you should never trust a stranger. Maybe they’re right.
Rachel Abbott is the UK’s bestselling independently published
author. Her three previous titles are Only The Innocent, The Back
Road, and Sleep Tight, all of which have reached the top of the
Amazon Kindle chart. Her last novel Sleep Tight was published in
February 2014 and was a number one bestseller in the UK Kindle
chart with over 1,300 five star reviews.
Rachel lives in the Channel Islands where she writes full time.
Praise for Rachel Abbott:
“The epublishing sensation.” - Guardian
“Self-published authors such as Rachel Abbott are the trade’s
hottest property.” - Observer
“Rachel Abbott will keep you guessing long into the night and just
as soon as you’ve figured it out...think again!”- Suspense Magazine
“Abbott creates a tangled web of deception, secrets, and red
herrings.” – Booklist
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - English Agency Japan
Russian - Van Lear Agency
Crime, Suspense & Thriller 16
Sarah Duguid
A clever exploration of family and grief, the delicate balance
between moving forward and not quite being able to leave
someone behind, and how that can tip into misunderstanding
and madness, and acts of terrible, explosive consequences.
Dear Julian, This letter may come as a surprise to you. I am writing
to tell you that I believe you are my father. My name is Eunice.
I was born in Charing Cross Hospital in the unmarried mothers
UK: Tinder Press (Headline) - Spring
UK Editor: Imogen Taylor
US Rights: Fletcher & Co (Grainne
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - unedited
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Van Lear Agency
When Lizzy finds a letter in her father’s desk from someone claiming
to be his illegitimate daughter - her sister - she invites her into their
world in an act of outraged defiance. Almost immediately, she
realises her mistake. When she is with Eunice, Lizzy feels out of
control, and that isn’t a sensation she is used to. Eunice, with her
flammable cerise sweater and her clumsy attempts to charm the
family, is the outsider. But oddly it is Lizzy who feels uncomfortable,
misplaced. Bit by bit, she needs to regain the upper hand.
As the pressure builds and Lizzy’s patience wears thin, it’s clear
that there will be casualties; that when there is no moral code,
no sense of proportion, someone will get hurt.
In Lizzy, Sarah Duguid has invented a devastatingly brilliant
narrator who entrances and shocks by turn. We just can’t stop
ourselves from getting lost in her. As we read, we too want to
wander barefoot over the warped floorboards of their old home,
we too want to push Eunice down the cellar stairs.
Sarah Duguid grew up on a farm in North Lincolnshire and
currently lives in London. Look At Me is her debut novel
Crime, Suspense & Thriller 17
J.Jefferson Farjeon
Introduction by Martin Edwards
“Outsold rival paperbacks Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, and Donna
Tartt’s The Goldfinch on the high street, while Amazon temporarily
ran out of stock due to surging demand.” - Independent
The horror on the train, great though it may turn out to be, will not
compare with the horror that exists here, in this house.’
On Christmas Eve, heavy snowfall brings a train to a halt near
the village of Hemmersby. Several passengers take shelter in a
deserted country house, where the fire has been lit and the table
laid for tea - but no one is at home. Trapped together for Christmas,
the passengers are seeking to unravel the secrets of the empty
house when a murderer strikes in their midst.
UK: British Library - September 2014
UK Editor: Rob Davies
US Rights: British Library
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Additional Info:
Extent - 256 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - final files
Italian - Pollilo (TBC)
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian- Van Lear Agency
First published in 1937, Mystery in White has been republished as
part of the British Library Crime Classics series that is rekindling
interest in authors from the pre-Second World War “golden age”
of crime writing. More than 155,000 copies in the series have been
sold this year, but with Mystery in White accounting for 60,000 of
those sales.
Born in London in 1885 to a family of actors and writers, J.Jefferson
Farjeon wrote more than 80 novels and plays. He died in Hove,
aged 72, in 1955. His sister, Eleanor, was a renowned children’s
Praise for J.Jefferson Farjeon:
“Unsurpassed for
- Dorothy L Sayers
“Age has not diminished this wintry tale ... By the time the storm
ends, four people will have been murdered, and the survivors,
not the police, will deliver justice in the satisfying ending.”
- Publishers Weekly (on Mystery in White)
“Mystery In White is the perfect book for a winter’s evening, a cosy
chair and an open fire.” - Daily Mail (on Mystery in White)
Crime, Suspense & Thriller 18
Lauren Frankel
A stunning debut about a young teenager on the brink and a
parent desperate to uncover the truth before it’s too late.
Thirteen year old Callie is accused of bullying at school, but
Rebecca knows the gentle girl she’s raised must be innocent.
After Callie is exonerated, she begins to receive threatening
notes from the girl who accused her, and as these notes become
desperate, Rebecca feels compelled to intervene. As she tries
to save this unbalanced girl, Rebecca remembers her own
intense betrayals and best-friendships as a teenager, when her
failure to understand those closest to her led to tragedy. She’ll do
anything to make this story end differently. But Rebecca doesn’t
understand what’s happening or who is truly a victim, and now
Callie is in terrible danger.
US: Crown (Random House) - May
12th 2015
US Editor: Hillary Teeman
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Rights Sold:
German - Egmont LYX
Polish - Proszynski Media
Romanian - Editura Trei
Additional Info:
Extent - 292 pages
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - 4th page proofs
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
This raw and beautiful story about the intensity of adolescent
emotions and the complex identity of a teenage girl looks
unflinchingly at how cruelty exists in all of us, and how our worst
impulses can estrange us from ourselves - or even save us.
Hyacinth Girls is a raw and beautiful debut novel which spins the
reader down a dark path through teenage bullying to suicide.
Lauren Frankel received her BA in English from Vassar College.
She has worked with young people, as both an educator and
a librarian, in the US and the UK. She holds an MA in creative
writing from the University of East Anglia, where she won the David
Higham award. Born in Connecticut, she now lives with her family
in England.
“‘Do you know your children?’ Thus begins Hyacinth Girls, a book
with razor-sharp teeth, a pumping heart, and wide-open eyes ...
Frankel conjures up real girlhood, the kind you don’t read about in
storybooks: complicated, troubling, and true.”- Miranda BeverlyWhittemore, New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet
“Suspenseful and highly thought-provoking, Hyacinth Girls deftly
illuminates the potentially harrowing landscape of teenage
friendships while lending fresh perspective to the complex issue of
bullying.” - Kimberly McCreight, New York Times bestselling author
of Reconstructing Amelia
Crime, Suspense & Thriller
Paula Hawkins
- Two million English language copies sold worldwide
(print and ebook)!
Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning.
Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch
of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that
allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting
on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows
them. “Jess and Jason,” she calls them. Their life—as she
sees it—is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost.
UK: Transworld And then she sees something shocking. It’s only a minute
January 15th 2015
UK Editor: Sarah Adams until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything’s
US: Riverhead January 13th 2015
US Editor: Sarah
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights:
Dreamworks (DHA - GR)
Rights have now sold
into 40 territories
Rights sold
changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel offers
what she knows to the police, and becomes inextricably
entwined in what happens next, as well as in the lives of
everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good? Additional Info:
Extent - 320 pages
Paula Hawkins worked in journalism for fifteen years, Born Illustrations - NO
and brought up in Zimbabwe, Paula now lives in London. Material Available final files
“Really great suspense novel. Kept me up most of the
night. The alcoholic narrator is dead perfect.” - Stephen
“Gripping, enthralling - a top-notch thriller and a
compulsive read.” - S J Watson, bestselling author of
Before I Go To Sleep
Chinese - Bardon
Chinese Media
Japanese - TuttleMori
Russia - Van Lear
“The Girl on the Train was so thrilling and tense and
wildly unpredictable, it sucked up my entire afternoon.
I simply could not put it down. Not to be missed!” internationally bestselling author, Tess Gerritsen
“What a group of characters, what a situation, what a
book! It’s Alfred Hitchcock for a new generation and a
new era.” - Terry Hayes, author of I am Pilgrim
Crime, Suspense & Thriller 20
Craig Russell
Four victims. A shared death. A shared history with dark secrets.
Fabel must face the ghosts from his past to find their killer and
avoid their fate.
Four bodies are found. All killed the same way: quick, efficient and
bloodless, each victim stabbed with the same instrument.
The press call the killer ‘The Ghost’, as he leaves no trace. At first,
Fabel can see nothing to connect them, other than how they were
killed. But all the victims being roughly the same age soon leads
Fabel to suspect that the motive may be linked to their histories.
UK: Quercus - June 4th 2015
UK Editor: Jane Wood
US Rights: DHA (AMG)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (GR)
Rights Sold:
Danish - Hovedland
German - Aufbau
Turkish - Altinbilek Yayinlari
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - page proofs,
final files due April 2015
Danish - Hovedland
Polish - Buchmann
All Titles and Previous Publishers
Chinese -Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
Yet from the earliest stages of the investigation Fabel finds himself
the target of attempts on his own life from a hidden, unknown
assailant. For while Fabel is hunting one killer, he has become the
hunted of another: a spectre from his own past coming to claim
A killer who believes himself to be untouchable - because he
believes himself already dead.
Layered and chilling, this seventh novel in the Fabel series is a
masterful journey into gothic darkness.
Craig Russell served for several years as a police officer in Scotland,
before becoming an advertising copywriter and later creative
director. He has been translated into 23 languages, and his Lennox
and Jan Fabel series have both been highly acclaimed. He lives
in Scotland.
Praise for Craig Russell:
“A great writer at the top of his game.” - Peter James
“Russell scores equally highly with his atmospheric portrayal of
Hamburg…as with the intelligence of his plots.” - The Times
“...gorgeous, grisly serial-killer tales that will have you on the edge
of your seat, toes curling.” - Daily Express
Crime, Suspense & Thriller 21
William Ryan
Secrets, guilt and desperation fester as war and judgement come
ever closer.
A German soldier finally makes it home back from the Eastern Front.
Disabled and disillusioned, returning to a remote mountain village
suffering the deprivations of being on what looks increasingly like
the losing side, it is hardly a hero’s welcome.
With the war still on, despite his injuries he finds a job as a servant
at a grand ski lodge, the Sola Hut. A place where officers from a
nearby concentration camp come for weekends to get drunk, to
relax. To forget. A place, it transpires, where the other servants are
UK: Macmillan - October 2015
UK Editor: Sophie Orme
US Rights: DHA (AMG)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - unedited
French - Editions des Deux Terres
German - Heyne
All Titles and Previous Publishers in
the Korolev Series
Chinese - Bardon Chinese Media
Japanese - English Agency Japan
Russian - Synopsis Agency
As the artillery fire from the approaching Soviet army grows ever
louder, the Sola Hut is used less and less. But some remain: some
guilty, some innocent, all of them wondering how to survive –
either the coming onslaught, or each other.
Atmospheric, haunting and chilling, this is a standalone thriller that
unfurls its dark secrets to gripping effect.
William Ryan’s debut novel, The Holy Thief, the first in a series of
cases for Alexei Korolev, a detective working in 1930s Moscow,
was a finalist for the 2010 Crime Writers’ Association John Creasey
(New Blood) Dagger, and shortlisted for the Kerry Group Irish Fiction
Award and the 2011 Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Novel of the
Year. The Bloody Meadow (2011) and The Twelfth Department
(2013) followed in the Korolev series.
Praise for William Ryan:
“Impressive…Ryan, who merits comparison to Tom Rob Smith,
makes palpable the perpetual state of fear of being reported as
disloyal, besides dramatizing the difficulty of being an honest cop
in a repressive police state.” - Publishers’ Weekly (on The Holy
“Both thrillerishly pacey while also allowing his characters to grow
in moral stature.” - Spectator (on The Bloody Meadow)
“For some time the talented Ryan has been among the very
best crime novelists working in a period setting… the balance
of pungent period details and increasingly tense plotting are
handled with total authority.” - Daily Express (on The Twelfth
Crime, Suspense & Thriller 22
Coco Moodysson
Coco Moodysson’s wickedly funny and honest graphic novel
about DIY punk bands and growing up different.
Never Goodnight was adapted into the critically acclaimed and
much loved We Are the Best! directed by Lukas Moodysson.
Coco, Klara and Mathilda have known each other since primary
school where they met in Folk Dancing class. But now they’re
almost teenagers and their anarchist ideals set them apart from
the other girls at school. Despite the constant declaration from
all that punk is dead they dream of starting a punk band and
being as big as The Clash. The only problem is they can’t play any
instruments and mainly practice with pillows and pans.
UK: The Friday Project (Harper
Collins) - April 30th 2015
UK Editor: Tom Killingbeck
US Rights: The Friday Project
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: N/A
Additional Info:
Extent - 200 pages
Illustrations - YES, graphic novel
Material Available - sampler of first
chapter in English
Swedish - Kartago Förlag
Film/TV - ‘We Are the Best’ dir. Lukas
Chinese - Bardon Media Agency
Japanese - English Agency Japan
Russian - Van Lear Agency
Never Goodnight is a dark and witty depiction of growing up in a
dysfunctional family, when music, friends and boys offer up all the
possibilities in the world.
Coco Moodysson was born in Stockholm in 1970. She attended
the Comic Art School in Malmö and in 2002 she published Coco
Platina Titan Total (Optimal Press), an autobiographical comic
book about life in your late teens. In 2005 Coco published the more
experimental Vårdcentralen Fontanellen (Galago) with words by
her husband Lukas Moodysson.
In 2008 Kartago Förlag published Aldrig Godnatt, which was made
into a film called We Are the Best! directed by acclaimed Swedish
director Lukas Moodysson. The film was released to critical acclaim
and rave reviews around the world in 2013 and 2014.
Praise for We Are the Best!:
“We Are The Best! is warm, exuberant and almost absurdly
catchy. It’s the movie equivalent of one of those summer pop
songs that drifts out of shop fronts and car windows - you can’t
help humming along to it and it leaves you grinning like a fool.”
- Guardian
Graphic Novel 23
Niall Barr
An authoritative and dramatic behind-­the-­scenes history of ‘the
Atlantic Alliance’ during World War II, from high command down
to the soldiers on the ground.
In the mid-twentieth century the relationship between America
and Britain had a chequered past. Theirs was a history of
protection and oppression, of rebellion and ultimately war. Then
the shared crisis of World War II brought Britain and America closer
than ever before or since, and saw an unprecedented level of
military cooperation. How was such a radical shift possible?
To uncover how this historically fraught relationship recovered
from its inauspicious start, Niall Barr takes the unusual approach
of starting with the British colonisation of North America and the
resultant American War of Independence to show how these early
days had ramifications for the later crucial alliance.
UK: Jonathan Cape - July 2nd 2015
UK Editor: Dan Franklin
US Rights: Pegasus - August 15th
2015 as Eisenhower’s Armies: The
American-British Alliance During
World War II
US Editor: Claiborne Hancock
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Additional Info:
Extent - 352 pages, UK (400 pages,
Illustrations - 2 b&w plate sections /
16 pages in-line photographs
Material Available - first page proofs
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
Japanese - English Agency Japan
Russian - Synopsis Agency
Picking up the tale with America’s entry into the Second World
War, Niall Barr tells the story of these two armies as they fought
in the largest war in history, right from the upper echelons of the
relationship between Churchill and Roosevelt down to battlefield
level and the soldiers fighting side by side for a common cause.
Dr. Niall Barr is a Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies at King’s
College London, based at the Joint Services Command and Staff
College. Educated at the University of St. Andrews, he previously
taught military history at Sandhurst. He was published widely on
British military history and has conducted numerous battlefield
tours, including three to El Alamein. He is married with two children
and lives in Oxfordshire.
“Deserves to become the standard work on the desert war in
1942.” - Richard Holmes
“There is no doubting the author’s immense scholarship… He has
a first-class understanding of strategy and tactics.” - Simon Heffer,
Literary Review
“Excellent… a sophisticated, compelling and immensely readable
account… Thoroughly researched, controversial, convincing…
military history at its best.” - Daily Express
History & Economics 24
Will Iredale
A story of courage, valour and dogged determination, The
Kamikaze Hunters, is a gripping history in the vein of Bomber Boys
by Patrick Bishop and Dam Busters by James Holland
In May 1945, with victory in Europe established, World War II was
all but over. But on the other side of the world, the Allies were still
engaged in a bitter struggle to control the Pacific. It was then
that the Japanese unleashed a terrible new form of warfare: the
suicide pilots, or Kamikaze.
UK: Macmillan - May 7th 2015
UK Editor: Georgina Morley
US Rights: DHA (VB)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (NL)
Additional Info:
Extent - 346 pages
Illustrations - colour plate sections,
b&w in-line photographs
Material Available - first page proofs
Drawing on meticulous research and unique personal access to
the remaining survivors, Will Iredale follows a group of young men
from the moment they joined up through their initial training to the
terrifying reality of fighting against pilots who chose death rather
than risk their country’s dishonourable defeat. The Kamikazes
deliberately flew their planes into the Allies, destroying the ships
and killing their crews in the cruel last summer of the war.
Will Iredale joined The Sunday Times in 1999, working first on the
foreign news desk and subsequently the home news desk, where
he specialised in undercover investigations. Since 2007 he has
worked in media communications and currently advises businesses
and individuals on their relationship with Fleet Street and the wider
media. He lives in London with his wife.
Chinese - Bardon Media Agency
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - Synopsis Agency
History & Economics 25
John Rapley
A stunning re-appraisal of the ‘science’ of economics, showing it
to be more akin to a religious idea
Ever since mankind first worked out how to optimise the return
from a patch of land, or work out ways to balance tax revenue
and state expenditure, economic ideas have come and gone.
But as the methods, models and maths have become ever more
complicated, economics has elevated itself to the status of a
proper science, as if there were but one truth and all we had to
do was gradually eliminate the shrouds of ignorance.
UK: Simon and Schuster - TBC
UK Editor: Ian McGregor
US Rights: DHA (AMG)
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: DHA (TBC)
Additional Info:
Extent - TBC
Illustrations - NO
Material Available - outline
Chinese - TBA
Japanese - Tuttle-Mori
Russian - TBA
Arguing that economic ideas are more like religious dogma than
science that can be tested empirically, John Rapley, a lecturer
at Cambridge University’s Centre of Development Studies, takes
us on a breath-taking tour of economic thinking over the last 250
years. In showing how famous theories have risen to and fallen
from favour, sometimes influencing but often following events in
the ‘real world’, he shows how economics should be regarded
simply as a tool to inform better societies rather than some high
altar that demands obeisance from all. Radical, highly readable
and utterly original, THE MONEY CULT is polemical history writing
at its best.
John Rapley has worked at universities in Britain, the US, Canada,
France, South Africa and the Caribbean. From 2003-2011 he left
the classroom to create the Caribbean’s first independent think
tank, the Caribbean Policy Research Institute. He also has a long
history as a public scholar, and has published in a wide variety
of newspapers and magazines, from the Jamaica Gleaner to
Esquire. His Understanding Development remains in widespread
use around the world as a textbook in development studies.
History & Economics 26
John Gribbin
The most important fact in physics explored and explained: how
the age of stars correspond to the age of the Universe.
John Gribbin is adept and experienced at writing about the big
issues of science in a way that is accessible and engaging. We
know that stars are very slightly younger than the Universe. We
know this through the study of both quantum physics (the science
of the very small) and astronomy (the science of the very large).
Different though these sciences are, applied to this question, they
come to the same answer. Gribbin unravels the mysteries and
explains why this end result is so hugely significant.
UK: Icon - October 2015
UK Editor: Duncan Heath
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John Gribbin is the author of nearly 100 popular science books,
including the best-selling In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat, and eight
science fiction novels. He has received awards for his writing both
in the United States and in Britain, including the top UK sciencewriting award, administered by the Association of British Science
Writers. The World Conference of Science Journalists awarded him
their Lifetime Achievement Prize in 2009.
Gribbin has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of
Cambridge, and is a Visiting Fellow in Astronomy at the University
of Sussex, forming part of a team there that measured the age
of the Universe. While still a student, he received the prestigious
Annual Award of the Gravity Research Foundation in the United
States, the only student ever to receive this award.
Praise for John Gribbin:
“One of the finest and most prolific writers of popular science
around.” - Spectator (on Science: A History)
“Immensely readable…John Gribbin traverses the peek-a-boo
world of electrons and discombobulating possibilities of parallel
universes to shed some much-needed light on the imminent
technological revolution.” - The Times (on Computing with
Quantum Cats)
“Precise yet mysterious…as beautiful as a poem and as exciting as
a novel.” - Sunday Times (on In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat)
Science 27
Michael McCarthy
“A great, rhapsodic, urgent book full of joy, grief, rage and love.”
- Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk
Nature has many gifts for us, but perhaps the greatest of them
all is joy; the intense delight we can take in the natural world, in
the beauty, wonder and peace it provides. It is this joy, Michael
McCarthy argues, that should be used in a defence of a natural
world which is ever more threatened.
Drawing on a wealth of memorable experiences from a lifetime
of watching and thinking about wildlife and natural landscapes,
The Moth Snowstorm presents a new way of looking at the world
around us, and effortlessly blends with it a remarkable and moving
memoir of childhood trauma from which love of the natural world
UK: John Murray - May 21st 2015
UK Editor: Roland Phillipps
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Extent - 320 pages
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Previous Titles:
Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo (2010)
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
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It is a powerful, timely, and wholly original book which comes at
a time when nature has never needed it more. A book to inspire
sheer luminous joy at the wonder of the world around us, and
burning anger at the way we are treating it.
Michael McCarthy was Environment Correspondent of The Times,
and then Environment Editor of the Independent. The awards he
has won include the British Press Award’s Specialist Writer of the Year,
the Medal of the RSPB for ‘Outstanding Services to Conservation’,
the Dilys Breeze Medal of the British Trust for Ornithology and the
Silver Medal of the Zoological Society of London. In 2008 McCarthy
wrote Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo, a study of Britain’s declining
summer migrant birds.
“A beautiful and important book.” - Simon Barnes, author of How
to be a Bad Birdwatcher
“We owe a debt to a writer like McCarthy, who paints so well the
portrait of natural riches we think our birth right…McCarthy paints
a portrait of a magical bird universe.” - Daily Mail
“Vivid…especially affecting…a passionate primer on loss.”
- The Times Literary Supplement
“This is a joyful book.” - Daily Express
Nature 28
Eric Hobsbawm, edited by Professor Leslie Bethell
Writings from the great historian on the region where he had
hoped socialist revolution might flourish: Latin America.
A collection of essays on Latin America from the historian widely
acknowledged as the most important left-wing historian of
the twentieth century. A pre-eminent scholar in this field, good
friends with Eric Hobsbawm for half a century, editor Leslie Bethell
brings an intimate knowledge of Hobsbawm’s feelings about
this fascinating part of the world to this task as well as specialist
historical knowledge.
UK: Little Brown - Spring 2016
UK Editor: Richard Beswick
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Born in 1917, Eric Hobsbawm grew up in Vienna and Berlin in the
1930s. After coming to Britain he taught at Birkbeck College,
University of London, where he eventually became Emeritus
Professor, as well as holding visiting fellowships at universities
around the world. He had seventeen honorary doctorates and
many other awards and honours.
His books on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including a
memoir, have been translated into many languages. He died in
“Hobsbawm is a historian of exceptional lucidity, with a staggering
range and ease of reference...the essays catch fire.” - Spectator
“How did he manage to convey this extraordinarily panoptic
and rather subtle historical vision to so many people? Gaining
encyclopaedic knowledge was impressive enough; knowing how
to convey its essence to a vast audience involved the rarest kind
of authorial talent.” - Financial Times
“There are many reasons why Hobsbawm managed to achieve
such worldwide eminence and popularity. He wrote with
extraordinary wit, grace and power…His ability to see the big
picture and devise a framing concept to sort out the diverse and
unruly detail of history was breathtaking.” - Guardian
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Memoirs, Letters & Essays 29
Rosy Edwards
The laugh-out-loud true story of one girl’s search for love, one
swipe at a time.
Rosy is the epitome of a contradictory twenty-something year
old. She’s frugal when it comes to food shopping, but is willing to
spend £18 on shampoo. She’s career-minded, if she could only
just choose a career. And although she’s happy being single, a
part of her kind of wants a boyfriend.
So after a few unsuccessful dates with friends of friends (read:
being forced to date their shortest/dullest/oddest acquaintance),
she put herself on Tinder, the app that has transformed the world
of online dating…and so begins the adventure.
UK: Random House - May 21st 2015
UK Editor: Francesca Pathak
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German - Goldmann
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Follow Rosy as she swings through her love-life on the trapeze of
Tinder. She falls for the wrong guys, ditches the nice ones, but will
she finally find her happy ending?
Brilliantly honest, hilariously funny, feisty yet vulnerable, Rosy shows
us that love, or at the very least a juicy anecdote, could just be a
swipe away.
Rosy Edwards was born in Greenwich in a decade when A-Ha
were still scoring Number Ones. Upon graduating from Durham
University, Rosy found her way back to London, to a flat-share with
friends and a job as a Junior Executive in a media PR firm. With a
relationship coming to an end, Rosie threw herself into London life
– she even went to the roller disco at Vauxhall – and got back into
running, Pilates and vintage Kate Bush. In 2013 she joined Tinder.
Chinese - Andrew Nurnberg
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Memoirs, Letters & Essays 30
Roald Dahl, edited by Donald Sturrock
Edited by Donald Sturrock, author of Storyteller, the critically
acclaimed authorised biography of Roald Dahl.
Roald Dahl is widely recognised as one of the greatest storytellers
of all time. More than twenty years after his death, his popularity
around the world continues to grow and his books are sold into
over fifty languages. What his fans might not know is that Dahl
was a prolific letter-writer. From the age of ten when, under the
glittering eye of a corrupt headmaster, he stumbled painfully
through scribbling his first note home from boarding-school,
through to his death sixty-four years later in 1990, his life was filled
with correspondence. And when he died, he left tens of thousands
of letters behind him.
UK: John Murray - September 2016
UK Editor: TBC
US: Penguin - TBC
Translation Rights: DHA
Film/TV Rights: Casarotto Ramsay
Additional Info:
Extent - approx 120,000 words
Illustrations - 45 photographs
Material Available - outline,
unedited manuscript due June 2015
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Often comic, sometimes serious, they contain opinion and
advice, anecdote and confession, fantasy and reportage. They
are sometimes harsh, and sometimes loving. They are often
perceptive and frequently outrageous. Above all they entertain,
telling his remarkable life story in his own words and in a tone that
is always utterly honest and unguarded.
The son of Norwegian parents, Roald Dahl was born in Wales in 1916
and educated at Repton. He was a fighter pilot for the RAF during
World War Two, and it was while writing about his experiences
during this time that he started his career as an author. His
fabulously popular children’s books are read by children all over
the world. Some of his better-known works include James and the
Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox,
Matilda, The Witches, and The BFG. He died in November 1990.
Donald Sturrock grew up in England and South America and,
after leaving Oxford University, joined BBC Television’s Music and
Arts Department in 1983, where he worked as writer, producer
and director. He has made more than 30 documentaries,
including biographical features about William Trevor, Robert
Graves, Jennifer Johnston and Roald Dahl.
Praise for Donald Sturrock’s biography of Roald Dahl, STORYTELLER:
“A tremendously assured piece of work…Deftly, and with
great acuity, [Sturrock] manages to embrace Dahl’s numerous
contradictions.”- Spectator
“Sturrock has done a fine job of memorialising this extraordinary
curmudgeon.”- Evening Standard
”It’s hard to imagine anyone do a better job on him than Donald
Sturrock.” - Daily Mail
Memoirs, Letters & Essays 31
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