Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston Served by Oratorians

October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston
Served by Oratorians
1694 Bird Street ● Rock Hill, SC 29730 ● Phone: (803) 329-2662 ● Fax: (803) 329-2190
Office Hours: Monday—Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm ● Email:
Sacramental Emergency (803) 329-2662 Ext.7 ●
WELCOME to saint anne
We celebrate our cultural diversity and invite everyone in our community to share their unique gifts.
Rev. Fabio Refosco, C.O., Pastor
Rev. Paul Nguyen, C.O., Parochial Vicar
Deacon Ray Moore (803) 684-5621
Deacon Jim Hyland (803) 327-5080
Mrs. Pat Fedele, Parish Manager
Mrs. Christina Pascual, Parish Secretary
Ms. Margie Blair, Facility Operations
Mrs. Maria Perez, Parish Bookkeeper
Mrs. Elena Ziegler, DRE
Mrs. Kendra Foos, Youth Minister
Mr. Jermaine Evans, Music Director
Mr. Dan Taylor, FLC Coordinator
Saint Anne Catholic School
Phone: (803) 324-4814
Mrs. Shaileen Riginos, Principal
Mrs. Melita Talbot-Hill, Secretary
Mrs. Michelle Hatchett, Marketing
Mrs. Terrah Shene, Nurse
Saint Anne Catholic Parish is a Eucharistic community
blessed with a diversity of cultures all united in the Body of Christ.
Formed in Faith and nourished by the Sacraments,
we continue to grow in our call to Evangelization.
Saturday Masses
5:30pm and 7:30pm (Vietnamese Mass)
Sunday Masses
7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am
12:30pm (Spanish Mass) and 5:00pm (Contemporary Mass)
Weekday Mass
7:00am (Monday - Friday)
Baptism—Contact the office before or after the child’s birth. Baptism Class
is on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Church Meeting Room.
Holy Eucharist—Please call the church for Communion to be brought to
the homebound, the sick or the hospitalized.
Reconciliation—Saturday at 4:45pm — 5:15pm or by appointment.
Confirmation—Call the DRE for more information.
Marriage—Bride and Groom must schedule with the pastor a minimum of
one year prior to intended date of marriage.
Holy Orders—If you feel a call to the priesthood or the diaconate, contact
our priests or deacons.
Anointing of the Sick—If you are in need of this sacrament, contact one of
our priests.
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Altar Server Lauren Switzer (803) 517 7415
Annulments Jim Hyland (803) 327 5080
Apostles of Divine Mercy Bill Griesbauer (803) 327 4300
Bereavement Ministry Marian Craig (803) 327 1458
Boy Scouts Dan D'Agostino (803) 628 0150
Building Committee Rob Worley (803) 328 9399
Confirmation Kendra Foos (803) 372 5808
Craft Group Mary Sacco (803) 328 3244
Cub Scouts Todd Cook (803) 327 0420
Daily Morning Mass Marian Shulgay (803) 327 7676
Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen Beverly Carroll (803) 366 2963
Extraordinary Ministers Bill Rife (803) 980 5483
Family Promise Jan Richards (803) 328 6535
Finance Council Ralph Domenick (803) 324 4250
Girl Scouts Pat Swoope (803) 329 3439
Greeters Chuck Villani (803) 524 6637
Hispanic Ministry Ángel Juarez (803) 327 2548
Knights of Columbus Ray Howard (803) 325 1086
Lectors Pat Gann (803) 366 2168
Little Flowers Group Kristine Patterson (803) 327 1333
Men’s Organization Ed FitzGerald (803) 366 2774
Music Director Jermaine Evans (803) 517 4537
Parish Manager Pat Fedele (803) 329 2662
Pastoral Council Pat Swoope (803) 329 3439
Perpetual Adoration Bud & Carol Marlow (803) 328 9745
Religious Education Elena Ziegler (803) 372 5865
Respect For Life Kristine Lenti (803) 328 5810
Rosary Group (M.M.P.) Maureen Johnson (803) 366 1588
Sacristan Bill Rife (803) 980 5483
Safe Environment Elena Ziegler (803) 372 5865
Secretary Christina Pascual (803) 329 2662
St. Anne Festival Kendra Foos (803) 792 1442
St. Martha’s Circle Mary Lou Fellows (803) 980 6271
St. Vincent De Paul Debi Noce (803) 327 2099
St. Vincent De Paul Youth Donna Willis ( 803) 324 2724
Stewardship Committee Charlie Grobusky (803) 366 1501
Ushers Chuck Villani (803) 524 6637
Vietnamese Ministry Jenny Nguyen (803) 389 9516
Wedding Advisor Diane Hinton (803) 366 6652
Welcome Committee Pat Swoope (803) 329 3439
Worship Committee Fr. Paul Nguyen (803) 329 2662
Youth Ministry Kendra Foos (803) 372 5808
Oficina Parroquial Christina Pascual (803) 329-2662
Caballeros de Colón Rigoberto Félix (803) 980-4990
Coro de la Iglesia Jesús Román (803) 324-9784
Catecismo Denise Kizer, Coordinadora (803) 324-8260
Bautizos Gerardo Arroyo (803) 412-1859
Matrimonio Ángel Juarez (803) 327-2548
Quinceañera Coi Juarez (803) 242-2985
Ministerio de Eucaristía Luis Lozano (803) 371-7210
Lectores María Quiroz (803) 487-8682
Grupo de Oración Elvia Trujillo (803) 678-9961
Legión de María Chela Arzaluz (803) 324-2088
Mục Vụ Công Giáo Việt Nam
Mọi vấn đề liên quan đến mục vụ Công Giáo Việt Nam
xin trực tiếp liên lạc với Ông Gioan Nguyễn Văn
Chuyên (324-7532), Ông Nguyễn Văn Toán (803)3671990, Bà Phạm Thị Liễu (803-325-5260), Bà Nguyễn
Jenny Nhung (803-389-9516), Bà Nguyễn Thị Huyền
(803-412-2759), hoặc Phạm Thị Loan (803-328-5100).
Các vấn đề liên quan tới phép bí tích xin liên lạc với
Cha Xứ hoặc các vị dưới đây.
Bí Tích Rửa Tội
Cha mẹ muốn cho con chịu phép Rửa Tội cần phải (1)
gia nhập giáo xứ và (2) tham dự khóa hướng dẫn về Bí
Tích Rửa Tội. Xin liên lạc văn phòng giáo xứ (803-3292662 ext. 3) để ghi danh.
Bí Tích Hôn Phối
Theo luật Ðịa Phận Charleston, những ai muốn lãnh nhận
Bí Tích Hôn Phối cần phải học khóa dự bị hôn nhân với
cha xứ ít nhất là 6 tháng trước ngày lễ cưới.
Liên lạc: Cha Phaolô Hiền
Xin liên lạc với bà Diane Hinton (366-6652) để biết
những việc cần làm và tập dợt cho ngày lễ cưới.
Pat Swoope - Chair
2012-2015 - Pat Swoope, Ángel Juarez, Elena Ziegler
2013-2016 - Denise Kizer, Bud Marlow, Jenny Nguyen
2014-2017 - Ed FitzGerald, Joe Geraci, Jamie Raad
If you would like to serve in the Parish Council,
please contact the Parish Office.
Chương Trình Giáo Lý
Mọi chi tiết về chương trình Giáo Lý xin trực tiếp liên lạc
với bà Elena Ziegler (329-2662 ext. 4).
Chương Trình Giới Trẻ
Ralph Domenick - Chair
Pat Fedele, Shaileen Riginos, Andrew Shene,
Ray Howard, Michael Radl, Mark Eddie
Mọi chi tiết về Nhóm Trẻ (Youth Group) xin liên lạc với
bà Elena Ziegler (329-2662 ext. 4).
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
First Reading — On this mountain the LORD will make for all
peoples a feast of rich food and choice wines (Isaiah 25:6-10a).
Psalm — I shall live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life
(Psalm 23).
Second Reading — God will supply whatever you need
(Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20).
Gospel — I have prepared my banquet, and everything is ready.
Come to the feast! (Matthew 22:1-14 [1-10]).
Primera lectura — El Señor preparará un banquete y secará
las lágrimas de todos los rostros (Isaías 25:6-10a).
Salmo — Viviré en la casa del Señor todos los días de mi
vida (Salmo 23 [22]).
Segunda lectura — No importa las circunstancias, nuestras
necesidades se resolverán en Cristo Jesús (Fil 4:12-14, 19-20).
Evangelio — La invitación se ha enviado; todo está listo;
vengan a la fiesta (Mateo 22:1-14 [1-10]).
The English translation of the Psalm Responses from Lectionary for Mass © 1969,
1981, 1997,International Commission on English
in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.
This hour still needs an adorer—
might you help fill it? 1:00am
Thurs. If you wish to be a
substitute adorer, please call Bud
Marlow at (803) 328-9745.
La siguiente hora todavia está
abierta ¿usted puede ayudar?
Los jueves a la 1:00am. Si le
gustaria ser sustituto, llame a
Felipe Uribe (803) 985-3850.
Porter, Jr.
Diego Perez
SUNDAY - October 12 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Vincent de Paul - Gathering Space
Knights of Columbus Breakfast - Cafeteria
7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 5:00pm - Sunday Masses
Faith Formation & F.U.E.L. K4 — 12th Grade
Adult Bible Study - “A Cultural Tour of the Bible”
SVDP Youth - Church Mtg. Room
Parish Prayer List
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Los lectores se reúnen el segundo jueves de cada mes
a las 7:00pm en la iglesia.
MONDAY - October 13
Mass - Daily Chapel
Girl Scouts # 2670 - Music Room
Liturgical Ministers Training - Church
Rosary (Spanish) - Daily Chapel
Boy Scouts # 277 - Cafeteria
CORE Team Mtg - Religion Room
Hispanic Prayer Group - Sacristy
TUESDAY - October 14 - St. Callistus
Mass - Daily Chapel
Rosary (M.M.P.) - Church
WEDNESDAY - October 15 - St. Teresa de Jesus
Mass - Daily Chapel
School Mass - Church
Bible Study - “The Gospel of Mark” - FLC Mtg Room
Faith Formation K4 — 8th Grade - FLC
Adult Bible Study - “Catholic Beliefs that Guide you”
Confirmation Class - Religion Room
Adult Choir - Music Room
Haunted House Mtg. - Religion Room
Legion of Mary (Spanish) - Sacristy
Choir (Spanish) - Church
THURSDAY - October 16 - St. Hedwig/St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Mass - Daily Chapel
Parish Finance Council - FLC Conference Room
VIRTUS Program Training - FLC Mtg Room
Cub Den Meeting - Cafeteria, Mtg&Music Room
FRIDAY - October 17 - St. Ignatius of Antioch
Mass - Daily Chapel
Divine Mercy Chaplet - Daily Chapel
Stations of the Cross - Daily Chapel
Little Flowers Catholic Girls - Cafeteria
Hispanic Prayer Group - Church
SATURDAY - October 18 - St. Luke, Evangelist
Vigil Masses at 5:30pm and 7:30pm (Vietnamese)
Those who died (los difuntos)
Jackie Haynes
Mass Intentions
Sunday Oct.12
9:00am † Eileen Keefe
10:30am † Edythe Weiss
Monday Oct.13
7:00am Special Intention for Susie Hinton
Flowers for the Altar
Your thoughtful flower donation
enhances weekend Masses while
being a special remembrance.
If you would to donate flowers,
please call the church office at
329-2662 or send an e-mail to
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saint Anne: Committed to Safe Environment
The policy requires any adult who has regular contact with children or vulnerable adults and all employees of the Church to attend awareness
training, be background screened, sign a volunteer/employee code of conduct and acknowledgement of receipt of our diocesan policy.
Please go to to register for one of the upcoming classes.
Elena Ziegler (DRE) (803) 372 5865
Kendra Foos (Youth Minister) (803) 372 5808
“Over 60s” is now “First Friday Friends”
Many young folks have hesitated attending because of the name. Any
age is welcomed! We meet on the first Friday of the month and have
some great discussions and interesting study sessions. This year we
are talking about spirituality.
Youth Group members and their families enjoyed food and
games together—like this Flag Football game between parents
and students! Our next Family Fun Night will be in December!
Weekly Faith Formation Classes for Children
Classes are entering the sixth week of instruction. We will have already completed one fourth of the year! We have been promoting and
accepting registrations for classes since April. If you have not yet
registered your child, do so now. Sunday classes are full, so please
register for Wednesdays. Forms are at the welcome desk and online
for your convenience:
Sacraments for Adults!!!
Are you a baptized Catholic adult who has never been Confirmed or
who has not made First Communion? It’s never too late!
Sunday Morning F.U.E.L.
All 9-12 grade students are invited to come and engage in lively
discussions about our Faith—Sundays 10:30am-12:30pm in the
Religion Room.
The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
If you interested in becoming Catholic or are a spouse of a Catholic…
if you are a “returning Catholic” … if you are curious about how a
person becomes a Catholic… or if you know someone who is… We
hold meetings to help you in your journey towards Catholicism. These
meetings are ongoing and the process is tailored to your individual
Need Service Hours?
Our service project this month will be helping at the St. Vincent
de Paul Halloween Festival. Contact Kendra if you are interested.
Fall session is underway! Please contact Kendra and/or visit
Technology Safety is everyone’s concern, but most especially for
parents of children. The USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) has developed a simple, practical website for parents: Remember this one thing: Internet safety
isn't about the right software or service. Rather, real safety in the digital world is all about active, involved, loving parenting. It's a team
effort that builds a strong Christian family! Check out this website for
help dealing with the internet, social media, mobile and gaming devices.
6th and 8th Grade Students: Youth Rally!
Flyers and forms for the Annual Diocesan Jr. High Youth Rally
are in the Gathering Space and on the website.
Upcoming VIRTUS training sessions:
Go to to register: Oct.16, 8:30am (St. Anne,
Rock Hill); Oct. 22, 6:30pm (Divine Saviour, York); Oct. 30,
7:00pm (St. Philip Neri, Fort Mill); Nov 13, 7:00pm (St. Philip
Neri, Fort Mill); Nov. 20, 8:30am (St. Anne, Rock Hill).
“At Home with the Word” and “Workbook for Lectors”
“Palabra de Dios” and “Manual para Proclamadores de la Palabra”
Time to order for the upcoming year. The sign-up sheets are on the Welcome Desk
in the Gathering Space. The cost for “At Home with the Word” is $8 for the standard type and $12 for large print. ”Workbook for Lectors” is $12.00. The deadline for
ordering is this Sunday, October 12th, so please be sure to sign up!
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
“Active Parishioner” is determined by three things:
●Being properly registered in the parish—faithfully attending Mass on the weekends and Holy Days of Obligation
●Regularly supporting the parish by using any identifiable donation (such as envelope system, loose check, or electronic donation)
●Being active in at least one parish program, ministry, or organization.
Stewardship of Treasure
Corresponsabilidad Financiera
From the beginning of time, our Creator has given humankind the gifts of life and unconditional love. One day, our God
saw fit to give the first fruit of love for us: the sacrificial gift of
an only son, Jesus. Jesus gave his own life for us on the cross.
He set an example for us of giving unconditionally and of sacrificing so that others might live. We walk in the footsteps of
Christ when we sacrificially give a part of our substance so that
others might live. The starting point for Sacrificial Giving is
the basic principle of Christian stewardship—that everything
we have is a gift from God. In gratitude for God’s generosity,
we dedicate a portion of these gifts—our TIME, TALENT and
TREASURE—to furthering God’s Kingdom. If we truly believe that God gives us all that we have, gratitude is one response. Trust is another. When we realize that God has provided for us and will continue to do so, we recognize that our real
security lies in God. Our God, who has given us all, will take
care of our future.
Oct 5, 2014 Collection
Online Contributions
Other Income
Religious Education
Catholic Schools
Facilities Improvement
Did you know? Stationery, stamps, paper and pens are
just a few of the items necessary for running an efficient office. Last fiscal year, our average monthly cost for office supplies, printing and postage was $1,265.80.
Place God first in all things
This means making God’s priorities our priorities. When we
place our loving Creator at the center of our life, we become
more prayerful, more focused on loving and caring for our
families and our neighbor in need, and less preoccupied with
material things. In short, we find the true source of happiness
and fulfillment that we all seek and that the Lord alone can
provide. It’s been said that “People make the time and find the
money for what they value most.” We must challenge each
other, as disciples of Jesus Christ, to value God above all else.
This belief will lead us to put our faith in action by finding the
time and money to promote God’s priorities because we have
made them our priorities as well.
.Second Collections
THIS WEEK- Catholic Schools
This week’s Second Collection helps to offset tuition assistance. Catholic Schools empower students through an academic, Christ-centered education. We invite you to participate in
this ministry by supporting this collection which helps schools
to remain a place where our Faith is taught and lived.
NEXT WEEK - Mission Sunday
Your prayers and donations will help support churches, hospitals, schools and vocations in countries where the Church is
beginning and where it is new. By sharing the gift of faith and
your contributions towards promoting it, we can bring hope
and love to those who need it most.
“Sacrifice, surrender, and suffering are
not a popular topic nowadays. Our culture makes us believe that we can have
it all … that with the right technology
all pain and problems can be overcome.
This is not my attitude toward sacrifice.
I know that it is impossible to relieve
the world’s suffering unless God’s people are willing to surrender to God, to
make sacrifices, and to suffer along
with the poor. From the beginning of
time, the human heart has felt the need
to offer God a sacrifice.” Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Parish Council & Finance Council
Saint Anne will be selecting 3 new members for the Parish
Council and one new member for the Finance Council in December 2014. Their term will begin in January 2015. To be
considered for this position, one must be a Saint Anne Active
Parishioner (registered, serving, contributing) in good standing
and at least 18 years old of age. The application form may be
found at
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
2014 Synod on the Family
Gala 2014
Pope Francis has written a special prayer
for the Synod on the Family.
SAS Gala 2014 is coming November 8th! St. Anne Gala 2014‘s
theme is “START SPREADING THE NEWS” at the Rock
Hill Country Club on Saturday, November 8th. And, if you're
looking for some “heavenly items” and fun, this party will have
it! To reserve tickets, donate, sponsor, or volunteer, please email! Remember, sponsorships at the $2,500
AT ST. ANNE SCHOOL. Thank you to the following sponsors:
Michele Boyne Pediatric Dentistry, CVC Consulting and
Founders, FCU- $5000; HM2 Consulting, Kirol Family
Dentistry, Resolute, Ribald Events and the Waterstone
Group- $2500, Comporium, First Citizens Bank and The
Rick and Demaso Families- $1500 so far…
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
in you we contemplate the splendor of true love,
to you we turn with trust.
Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families too
may be places of communion and prayer,
authentic schools of the Gospel and
small domestic churches.
Holy Family of Nazareth, may families
never again experience violence,
rejection and division: may all who
have been hurt or scandalized
find ready comfort and healing.
Holy Family of Nazareth, may the approaching Synod of Bishops
make us once more mindful of the sacredness and inviolability of the
family, and its beauty in God's plan. Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
graciously hear our prayer.
2014 Gala Tickets now on sale!
$50 each or $600 for a table of 8
Is St. Anne High School right for you?
Families, read the BIBLE, says Pope Francis
An informational meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 28th
at 6:30pm at St. Anne School. Students in 7th and 8th grade (and
parents of these students) are invited to attend. Come and hear
about our inaugural class! Come and be a part of this story!
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has asked for prayers for the
bishops who are about to begin work in the two-week Synod on
the Family and invited all families to keep a Bible handy in
their homes, and read it often. “For the family to be able to
proceed well, with trust and with hope, it must be nurtured by
the Word of God” he said. Pope Francis continued: “Today, as
the Synod for the Family opens, with the help of the Pauline
brothers there is a Bible for every family! Not to just put it on a
shelf, but to keep it on hand, dip into it often, both individually
and together, husband and wife, parents and children, perhaps
in the evening, especially on Sundays. In this way the family
will grow and walk in the light and the strength of God’s
Take-Out Tuesdays
Benefitting St. Anne School Development
Get out of the kitchen on Tuesdays! J. Scotts Catering is offering ready-to-cook meals (in
throw away tins) every Tuesday
for as little as $16.50 (for
2)! Order by 10am on Tuesday
and pick up at St. Anne School
on Tuesday afternoon (between
3:15 and 6pm). 10% of proceeds
benefit SAS Development.
A Saint in New Jersey?
Venerable Sister Miriam Teresa Demjanovich (1901-1927)
Who is Sister Miriam Teresa? Teresa
Demjanovich, a 20th Century American
girl, was born in Bayonne, New Jersey
in 1901, the youngest of seven children
of Alexander and Johanna (Suchy)
Demjanovich—Ruthenian immigrants
to the United States from what is now
Eastern Slovakia. Teresa received Baptism, Confirmation, and her First Holy
Communion in the ByzantineRuthenian rite of her parents. Why is
she being considered for Sainthood?
Because of her saintly life, her striving for perfection in her
religious life, her spiritual writings, the mystical privileges accorded her by God during life, and the favors received by others
after her death through her intercession with God, the Sisters of
Charity petitioned Rome for permission to open her Cause for
Beatification and Canonization. (
Our Gifts
“Everyone has a special gift to offer the whole church, just
make sure it is used to serve everyone and
not to puff up one's own pride or
to create division”, Pope Francis said.
" It is a gift that God has given
to someone not because he or she
is a better person than someone else
or because she or he deserves it,"
the Pope said at his general audience
in St. Peter's Square Oct. 1.
God gives gifts freely, out of love,
so that they can be p" ut at the service
of the whole community for
the good of all people," he said.
(excerpt from
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saint Martha’s Gift Shop shares...
Pope Francis’ call to families:
Catholic New American Bible, only $10
Knights of Columbus Breakfast
Filipino Couples For Christ
A breakfast sponsored by the Knights of Columbus will be held
on Sunday, October 12 at the St. Anne Family Life Center from
7:30am until noon—everyone is welcome! The proceeds from
the breakfast will support the Boy Scouts. The tasty breakfast
includes pancakes, eggs, hash browns, meats and drinks.
Filipino Couples for Christ will meet November 8, 2014 at 4:30
p.m. at Prince of Peace, Greer, SC.
Conference for Mothers!
All mothers are invited to attend a one-day conference, “God
Equips the Called." Come experience renewal in your vocation
through inspiring talks, prayer, and Holy Mass! Featuring talks
by Fr. Patrick Winslow and popular author Danielle Bean.
Saturday, November 8, 8:30am-3:30pm at St. Thomas Aquinas
Catholic Church, Charlotte. Tickets are $35 (before October 5)
and $45 (after October 5). Infants welcome! The conference
includes lunch. Advance registration required. To reserve your
seat today please visit
Hospitality Luncheon!
Join us at the Five and Dine Restaurant located in lovely downtown Rock Hill at 135 E. Main St. on Tues. Oct. 14th at 1:00pm.
Come and enjoy this “Dutch Treat” gathering with your fellow
parishioners, family, and friends.
St. Mary’s Annual Revival
St. Mary Catholic Church will be hosting their
Annual Revival , October 19 -21, 2014 each night
at 7 pm. This Revival is opened to ALL people,
Catholic and Non-Catholics, you are welcome. For
more information, contact the Church Office at
(803) 329-1008.
Catholic Days at the Capital
Join Catholics from across South Carolina as they gather in Columbia for Catholic Days at the Capitol, January 28, 2015. This
annual event provides an opportunity to put into action our
Faith’s call to political responsibility and gives Catholics a voice
in shaping our state laws. Activities include:
♦ A legislative briefing on policy issues affecting human life
and dignity
♦ Pre-scheduled meetings with elected officials
♦ Group photos of each diocesan delegation with their bishop
♦ A breakfast for Catholic Days participants with the Bishop
of Charleston and legislators
SC Charismatic Conference
“Give Thanks I Have Chosen You By Name” (Ephesians 4:1-6)
This conference will promote the experience of the power of the
Holy Spirit and the use of one’s gifts. It invites all people to
experience the Holy Spirit who opens us to life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ and the Love of the Father. It also
emphasizes praise and worship of God through song and word
as the Holy Spirit empowers us for personal holiness and renewed Catholic life. The Conference is Oct. 24-26 in Myrtle
Beach. See
October — Respect Life Month
October is annually observed as Respect Life Month in Catholic
Churches across our nation. This provides a wonderful opportunity for catechists to teach children and youth the truth about
the dignity of the human person. Human life is under constant
attack in our culture today—from the moment of conception to
natural death. Life is threatened because we no longer understand what it means to be human, and what our humanity calls
forth from us in our responsibility to care for others. John Paul II
in his encyclical The Gospel of Life (Evangelium Vitae, EV) tells
us that “For the Christian, it is an absolute imperative to respect,
love and promote the life of every
brother and sister, in accordance with
the requirements of God’s bountiful
love in Jesus Christ.”
Retreat at St. Thomas Aquinas Church
“Jesus is the Son of God, Our Healer”
On October 25, 2014, Saturday from 9:15am – 3:30pm, you are
warmly invited to participate in this retreat at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church: 1400 Suther Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213. The
event features international evangelist Alan Ames. He will share
his “Saul to Paul” conversion story and powerful healing ministry. For details, you may visit or
contact Sherr Siplon at You may
also go to “Jesus is the Son of God our Healer” on Facebook
Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat
Our next weekend that assists post-abortive women and men to
find healing from their abortion experience will be Nov. 7-9,
2014 in Rock Hill, SC. For more information, contact Christy
(803) 554-6088 or Kathy (803) 546-6010 or send an email to
“In every child which is born
and in every person who lives
or dies we see the image of
God’s glory. “
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Bienvenidos a la Página de Información Hispana
Esta página contiene información para la Communidad Hispana. Los invitamos a formar parte de nuestra parroquia,
a crecer espiritualmente, a integrarse a algunos de nuestros ministerios, y a leer todas las páginas del boletín.
Lecturas y Calendário, página 3 - Finanzas, página 5 - Evangelización, página 6
Clases de Confirmación
Clases de Catecismo
Jóvenes, si han estado un año en el Youth Group, pueden
comenzar las clases de confirmación. Las primeras clases
empiezan en octubre, cada miércoles de las 6 hasta las 7:30 en
la escuela de St. Anne. Para mas detalles, favor de contactar a
la directora del ministerio juvenil, Kendra Foos al (803) 3725808.
Las clases de catecismo de los miércoles o los domingos son
especialmente para los niños de Kinder (5 años) hasta el 8 año
escolar. No son solamente para que los niños se preparen los
sacramentos sino también para que puedan continuar creciendo
en la fe. Las clases empezaron en septiembre. El costo es de
$50 por niño. Para procesar su aplicación, la familia tiene que
ser miembro de St. Anne. Se tiene que llenar la inscripción
completamente y entregar la donación para reservar su lugar.
Para más preguntas, pueden contactar a Denise Kizer (803)
Programa de F.U.E.L.
Este es un programa para los jóvenes en el High School.
F.U.E.L. (Finding Understanding in Everyday Living) es una
clase dinámica donde los jóvenes pueden hablar sobre
diferentes temas de la fe católica. Vengan a participar y dialogar para entender mejor varios aspectos de la fe. Esta clase
cuenta como requisito de confirmación pero no es solamente
para los de confirmación: es para todos los jóvenes en el High
School que quieren aprender más.
Aviso: Hay una clase especial para todos los padres de familia. Para los niños que van a celebrar su primera comunión,
las reuniones son requisitos del programa y son una vez al mes.
VIRTUS - Protección para los niños
Cada año, todos los niños y jóvenes tienen una clase especial
(durante el mismo horario de clase) donde los catequistas les
hablan sobre como protegerse contra cualquier abuso. Todos
los adultos (personas mayor de 18 años de edad) quienes participan en St. Anne como voluntarios y trabajan con niños
tienen que tomar el curso de VIRTUS de la diócesis. Favor de
hablar con Denise Kizer (803) 324-8260 si eres voluntario y
necesitas tomar la clase. En la página 4 de este boletín se
encuentran las próximas fechas de Virtus.
Caballeros de Colón
¡Hay un almuerzo para todos este domingo! Tambien hay venta de comida después de la Misa. El dinero recaudaudo se donará a caridades especiales.
COMPARE - Tienda en Charlotte
¿Sabias que al guardar tus recibos de COMPARE, tu iglesia de
St. Anne puede obtener un 3% de reembolso sobre el valor
del recibo? Favor de juntarlos y ponerlos en la caja que dice
COMPARE que se encuentra al entrar en la iglesia al lado de
la sacristía.
Fútbol para niños de kinder a cuarto año
La escuela de St. Anne invita a todos los niños de la parroquia
a integrarse a la liga de fútbol. El costo
es $50 para registrar y recibir una camisa. Los partidos empezaron el 27 de
septiembre. Pueden contactar a Coach
Maynard al e-mail
ÚLTIMA OPORTUNIDAD! Por favor, apúntense
este fin de semana en la lista que se encuentra en la entrada de
la iglesia para recibir su copia de “Palabra de Dios” y “Manual
para Proclamadores de la Palabra”. El costo para“Palabra de
Dios” es $8 para el pequeño y $12 para el grande. El “Manual”
cuesta $12.00. El último día es este domingo, el 12 de octubre.
Catecismo de Adultos
La Pastorela - Obra de Teatro Navideña
Los adultos quienes quieren recibir algún sacramento, favor de
inscribirse para asistir a las clases del domingo por la mañana
de las 10:30 a las 12pm. ¡Nunca es tarde!
Se estará organizando una pastorela con
la participación de nuestros niños. La
pastorela será sábado, el 20 de diciembre.
Más detalles vendran pronto—mientras
tanto, por favor hablen con Coi Juarez
(803) 242- 2985.
La reunión de monaguillos es el próximo domingo después de la misa, el
19 de octubre. Para que los niños participen como monaguillos en la Misa,
tienen que asistir a esta reunión que
se trata de cosas prácticas tanto como
la espiritualidad de servir a Dios. Por
favor, hable con Felipe Uribe (803)
985-3850 para más información.
Novenas para Nuestra Sra.
de Guadalupe
Las novenas para la Virgen empiezan el 3
de diciembre en la iglesia. Si su familia le
gustaría tomar un día para coordinar el
rosario, por favor hable con Berta Uribe
al (803) 985-3850.
(CN XXVIII Thng Niên – Nm A)
“i sã sn, mi quý v
n d tic ci”
Bài c I (Is 25,6-9)
a tic mà ngôn s
Isaia mô t có nhng nét áng
chú ý sau ây:
x Ngi tht ãi là "Chúa các o binh"
x Khách c mi d là tt c các dân
x Ni dn tic là "trên núi này", t
c là núi Sion.
x Trong ba tic ó, ngi d không ch c
thng th
c nhng th
c n ngon, mà còn c
t khi mi bun su, ti h, tang ch.
ó chính là hnh phúc Nc Tri c Thiên Chúa
ban cho tt c mi ngi không phân bit ai.
Bài c II (Pl 4,12-14.19-20)
Trong thi gian Phaolô b cm tù, tín hu Philipphê
ã r!ng rãi giúp # ông. Trong lá th cám n gi
cho h, Phaolô nói 2 ý. Thc ra ông c$ng không
n nhng giúp # v%t cht y, vì m!t m&t ông ã
quen thích nghi vi mi hoàn cnh, và m&t khác ông
còn c Chúa tr giúp, cho nên "Tôi có th' làm
c mi s trong ng ban s
c mnh cho tôi".
Tuy nhiên vic tín hu Philipphê tr giúp v%t cht
cho ông là m!t *+u rt quý. Phaolô xin Thiên Chúa
+n áp li x
ng áng cho h.
Bài Tin Mng (Mt 22,1-14
Ý ngh-a ca d/ ngôn ba tic trong bài Tin M0ng
hôm nay là: Thiên Chúa ban hnh phúc Nc Tri
trc tiên cho dân Do Thái, nhng hã t0 ch1i vì
chu!ng nhng giá tr trn gian hn. Thiên Chúa li
ban hnh phúc y cho muôn dân. Tuy nhiên, c$ng
nh ngi d tic ci phi m&c áo ci, ngi
c mi gia nh%p Nc Tri c$ng phi có m!t np
31ng mi phù hp vi Tin M0ng.
Trong tun, xin hip ý cu cho nhng ý
nguyn sau:
ƒ Cu cho các linh hn
ƒ Cu cho các bnh nhân
i Nguyn Tháng Mân Côi
y M, nhng gng tôn sùng Kinh Mân Côi
mãnh lit quá, hp d
n quá, không th không
lôi kéo mnh chúng con c. Chúng con
nguyn luôn luôn dâng li chào M qua Kinh
Mân Côi.
Phân Nhim Cho Tha Tác Viên:
11 tháng 10, 2014 Æ 7:30 PM
Tha Tác Viên Li Chúa
o Ô. aminh Uông Sn (Bài c I)
o Ô. Giuse Nguy4n Vn Thành (Bài c II)
Tha Tác Viên Thánh Th
o Ô. Giuse Hoàng Vn Phát
o Ô. Giuse Nguy4n Vn ông
o Ô. Giuse Nguy4n Vit Xuyên
18 tháng 10, 2014 Æ 7:30 PM
Tha Tác Viên Li Chúa
o B. Maria Nguy4n Th Ti (Bài c I)
o B. Maria Nguy4n Th Lan (Bài c II)
Tha Tác Viên Thánh Th
o B. Maria V$ Th Hoa
o B. Maria Phm Thào
o B. Maria Phm Th Loan
Thông Báo:
Các Thánh To Vit Nam
5m nay, L4 Các Thánh T6 o Vit Nam s7 c t
c ti Columbia, SC vào ngày 16 tháng 11 lúc 2:30
PM. Gn ngày l4, chúng tôi s7 ph bin chi tit. Xin quí
= theo dõi bn tin giáo x
hàng tun.
Các danh nhân Ln Ht Mân Côi
Có rt nhiu danh nhân ht sc tôn sùng Kinh Mân Côi, dù
cám d có rt nhiu giai thoi v ni
m châu ca vô s
danh nhân, nhng xin hn ch sau ây mt ít mu n hình.
c Leô XIII khng nh: “Mun c n soi sáng u
khin Giáo Hi, phng phán linh nghi
m hn c là c
Kinh Mân Côi.”
Dù rt bn rn, c Piô XI cng tìm ra c thi gi mi
ngày ln 3 chui. Ngài tuyên b: “Ngày nào không c ht
Kinh Mân Côi, ngày ó coi nh vô ích”.
c Piô XII là v Giáo Hoàng c toàn th th gii khâm
phc nhiu ln qui t c thiu nhi La Mã n n Vatican
qu! chung quanh Ngài c Kinh Mân Côi. Khi Ngài b"ng
hà, ngi ta qun tràng ht Ngài thng dùng vào tay nói
lên ý chí dù sng dù cht, Ngài không ri tràng ht thân yêu.
Ông Franco, quc tr#ng Tây Ban Nha, trc khi gii quyt
$t vn quan trng, n ln ht trong nguy
n ng
khi khô lá úa, c khi trí loãng mây trôi, c
khi lòng bc nh vôi: có M lu ý ri!
%&ng Thng Ngô ình Di
m, khi còn là Ph Tr#ng Hi
'"ng, thng i chân không hành hng n La Vang ln
nhiu chui mi v.
(trích t
Thi s) Hàn M*c T+, ti nhà thng phung Qui Hòa luôn luôn
-n ht và ã ca tng M/ b0ng mt ki
t tác Ave Maria.
October 12, 2014 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time